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Top 8 Ways to Fix an Acer Monitor Showing ‘No Signal’ Issue


Quick Overview
  • Acer monitor users facing 'No Signal' issue can follow these troubleshooting steps:
  • Restart the monitor and PC to resolve signal connection issues.
  • Check for faulty cables, switch ports, or reset display adapter to fix the problem.

Having an Acer monitor but not able to connect it to your PC? This has been an issue for many users having Acer Monitor. Users have reported that they get the ‘No Signal’ message whenever they try connecting their monitor to their PC. 

Connecting a monitor to a PC is not a big deal, all you have to do is use the display cable (HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort Cable, etc) to connect your monitor and your PC. But if it is that simple then why is the Acer Monitor showing a ‘No Signal’ issue? 

There can be a lot of reasons that can cause this issue with your monitor. Worry not, this article will guide you with all the ways to fix the Acer monitor no signal issue. 

Fix Acer Monitor Showing ‘No Signal’ Issue

This is a common issue that users using monitors can often face. It can be caused due to multiple reasons such as faulty/damaged cable, loose connection, wrong input port, faulty monitor, etc. We will be guiding you with what you can do to fix Acer monitor no signal issue, and what to do if it is still not fixed by following these steps. 

1. Restart the Monitor and PC

The first thing that you can do is restart your monitor as well as your PC. As cleared by the error message, this issue is caused when the monitor does not get a signal from the PC. You can try restarting your monitor and your PC and that can help fix the issue. 

2. Check for Faulty Display Cable or Loose Connection

HDMI Cable

You can face the issue there’s some issue with the display cable. Check whether the cable is damaged or not. Look for the signs of physical damage and if it is damaged, then replace the cable. 

If your cable is not damaged, then here’s what you can do-

  • Turn off your PC and your monitor. 
  • Now, unplug the display cable from the monitor and the PC. 
  • Clean both ends of the cable with the cotton swab. Similarly, clean the ports with the cotton swab and the toothpick. Ensure you do it gently and do not damage the port. 
  • Once done, plug the cable back into the monitor and your PC. Ensure the cable fits into the port without any loose connection. 
  • Turn on your monitor and your PC and see if you still face the issue. 

3. Switch Port

The next thing to do is switch the port on the monitor and the PC. Many monitors have more than one port. Try switching the port on the monitor and then check if the issue is fixed or not. 

Switch the port on your PC if you still face the issue. If you have a Windows PC, then plug the cable into the graphics card. 

If that still doesn’t help then try resetting the display adapter driver on your PC. Do this by pressing Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B key combo. Do note that this only works for Windows PCs. When you reset the display adapter driver, you may hear a beep sound. 

4. Check for Loose RAM (on Windows)

How to Fix an Acer Monitor Showing 'No Signal' Issue?

You can face an Acer monitor with no signal error if the RAM on your PC is loose and not fitted properly into the slot. For this, you can remove the RAM sticks from the slot and then plug them in again. The steps given below will help you with that-

  • Turn off your PC and unplug it from the power source. 
  • Disconnect all the cables and accessories connected to your PC. 
  • Unscrew all the crews from the side panel of the CPU cabinet and remove the side panel. 
  • Now pull the lock on the memory slot outward, and remove the RAM stick. If you have more than one RAM stick, then remove it.
  • Clean the RAM with a cloth, and reinsert it back into the RAM slot. 
  • Once done, put back the side panel, connect all the accessories, and plug the CPU into the power source. 
  • Turn on your PC and see if the monitor still shows the ‘no signal’ message. 

5. Reset NVRAM/PRAM (on Mac)

Unlike on Windows, you cannot check for a loose RAM connection on a Mac. If you are facing a problem connecting your Acer monitor to your Mac, then you can try resetting the NVRAM/PRAM. You need not reset NVRAM/PRAM on Macs with Apple Silicon. For Intel-based Mac, you can follow the steps given below to reset NVRAM/PRAM-

  • First, turn off your Mac. 
  • Once your Mac is off, press and hold the Option + Command + P + R keys together. How to Fix an Acer Monitor Showing 'No Signal' Issue?
  • Keep holding the keys for 20 seconds and your Mac will automatically turn on after that. 
  • Once done, your monitor should connect to the PC. 

6. Check with the Adapter (Optional)

If you are using an adapter/converter to connect your monitor to your PC then ensure the adapter is a compatible one. For instance, if your monitor supports Type-C cable while your PC has the HDMI port, then you will have to use the HDMI to Type-C converter or adapter to connect your PC to your monitor. 

The adapter you are buying should be compatible with the monitor. Adapters have different specifications, some support high-resolution displays whereas some are limited to low-resolution displays. Ensure the adapter is compatible with your display type. 

7. Reset Monitor

The next thing to do is reset the monitor. No signal issue can be faced if you tweak some settings of your monitor. Resetting the monitor will restore all its settings to the factory version. Below are the steps to reset the monitor-

  • While your monitor is on, press the Menu button to open the monitor menu. 
  • Now, navigate to the Factory Restore Settings (or Reset) using the buttons on the monitor. 

Reset Monitor

  • Confirm resetting the monitor to continue. 
  • Once done, you should be able to connect your monitor to your PC. 

8. Check for Faulty Monitor or PC

If the issue is still not solved then probably there’s some issue with your monitor or your PC. To check it you will have to connect your PC to a different monitor, and then do the same with the monitor by connecting it to some other source. 

First, connect your monitor to some other source. You can connect it to a tablet or some other PC. If the monitor does not work with the other source then there’s some issue with the monitor itself and you can contact Acer customer support to get the issue fixed. 

How to Fix an Acer Monitor Showing 'No Signal' Issue?

If your monitor works fine with some other source then check the PC for the issue. Connect your PC to some other monitor or a TV. If you face the same issue with some other monitor, then there’s some issue with your PC. In that case, you can take your PC to a PC repair specialist and get it fixed. If you are using a laptop, Mac, or PC from a particular brand, then you can contact the customer support of the brand. 

Bottom Line

If you are facing an Acer Monitor no signal issue then it is because your monitor is not able to get the input signals from your PC. If you are stuck with this issue and not able to use your Acer monitor then you can follow the steps given above. Lastly, if nothing helps then you will have to get a technician’s help as mentioned in the last step. 


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