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How to Access AA Inflight Entertainment to Watch Movies


There are a number of airlines in the world, but American Airlines (A.A.) is one of the largest. It served more passengers in 2021 than any other airline, serving 165.7 million passengers and holding over 19% of the U.S. domestic market. 

In addition to its regional airline partner American Eagle, A.A. has aircraft operating to approximately 55 countries on any given day. But do you know that you can use aa inflight entertainment to watch movies?

Yes, you can now use the American Airlines Inflight to watch movies, but in case you don’t know how simply read this guide until the end.

How to Access American Airlines Inflight Entertainment to Watch Movies

What Will Be Streaming on AA Inflight Entertainment App?

Americans do not need to wait until they step on board to discover what’s on display. Travelers can use the carrier’s website to check out everything available on the day of their flight, based on their flight number, by entering the flight number.

You might not be able to watch them all this year with the release of movies like Baywatch, The Beguiled, and Guardians of the Galaxy. There’s more to America than you’ve seen just because you’ve flown American recently.

However, new movies are added to the American Airlines in-flight entertainment library every month, and classics and music channels are dedicated to famous artists.

Is Flying with AA American Airlines Safe?

How Do I Access American Airlines Inflight to Watch Movies? | aainflight.com Movies Login

Since American Airlines was established as a pioneering legacy airline, it has demonstrated a consistent record of safe and efficient flight operations for many decades. There are very few incidents reported on the airline’s over two million flights each year, which transported hundreds of millions of passengers across the globe.

In terms of safety and efficiency, American Airlines has given immeasurably the large and efficient airline system we have today. It is very safe to fly with American Airlines due to its sheer size and long operating history.

How to Watch Movies on American Airlines Inflight 2023?

If you fly with A.A., you’ll be able to stream movies, and T.V. shows to your phone, tablet, or laptop without paying for WiFi. You will only need an American Airlines smartphone or tablet to use the app. However, you can watch all the entertainment you want on American Airlines flights equipped with WiFi. You can find out what entertainment will be on your flight by clicking on What’s On My Flight above and entering your flight details.

American Airlines Inflight Entertainment to Watch Movies


  1. Join the AA-Inflight WiFi network.
  2. You can open a browser and enter aainflight.com if you are not redirected.
  3. Click on View free entertainment or the entertainment button/icon.
  4. Choose your movie or T.V. show.

Phone or Tablet

  1. Before you fly, you should download the American Airlines app.
  2. To connect to the AA-Inflight signal, enable airplane mode.
  3. You can open a browser and enter aainflight.com if you are not redirected.
  4. Click the entertainment button/icon or select View free entertainment.
  5. Choose a movie or T.V. show. Until the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet, entertainment may not be available.

How to Login AA Inflight Movies via aainflight.com

How To Log Into A.A. inflight via (Www aainflight com)?

You can access A.A. inflight through your browser if you aren’t redirected to the A.A. inflight page after connecting with Viasat WiFi. Let’s fly for a few minutes.

Phone/tablet: You might be redirected to the aa-inflight page after connecting your phone or tablet to the inflight WiFi connection. You should disable the airplane mode and join the WiFi if you don’t already. To get to entertainment.aa.com/en/, open your default browser and let your clipboard and paste option take the lead.

Laptop: A laptop does not require any airplane mode to be switched off, so that makes all the difference. You can move on with the browser to entertainment.aa.com/en/ if you’re not redirected to the given link after connecting to the AA-inflight WiFi.

Some Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does American Airlines (AA) give free WiFi for in-flight Movies?

For the time being, American Airlines’ aircraft cannot be equipped with free WiFi. It was announced that the airline would soon offer free WiFi on all flights. If you want to lower the costs of your inflight Internet, you can sign up for a Gogo subscription plan. It is especially useful for frequent flyers.

How Good is American Airlines WiFi?

Through Gogo, American Airlines passes this expense on to consumers. There may not be a very good connection, and it isn’t free, but 550 mph is still the Internet.

How Does AA In-flight Entertainment Works?

During a flight, passengers can enjoy in-flight entertainment (IFE). For the two-and-a-half-day flight between Europe and America in 1936, the Hindenburg provided passengers with a piano, lounge, dining room, smoking area, and bar.

IFE was provided after World War II through food and beverage services as well as occasional movie showings on long flights. In 1985, the first personal audio player and noise-canceling headphones were introduced to passengers. Aircraft cabin designs were influenced greatly by demands for better IFE during the 1990s.

It used to be that passengers could watch movies projected on a screen at the front of the cabin, which was heard via headphone sockets. In most aircraft now, passengers can watch IFE television on their own screens.

Do You Need Something Extra Other Than Money To Purchase WiFi Subscription?

To purchase an AA-inflight WiFi subscription, you must be/have a few things, including money, of course! Check out the remaining clues to find out what they are.

You can earn points, often referred to as “miles,” by frequently taking flights as an AAdvantage® member. With more mileage collected, more benefits such as free checked baggage and seat upgrades become available. To top it off, you can join AAdvantage® for free.

It is required that you save your email address in your AAdvantage® account.

A U.S. billing address credit card saved in your AAdvantage® account – Last but not least, you need to provide a U.S. billing address credit card.

Do American Airlines Let You Enjoy Movies For Free While You Fly?

There is no trade-off for entertainment; they let you enjoy it for free. Newcomers to the site can watch their favorite shows and go through the flight watching their favorite romance-genre movies.

Sum Up | aainflight.com WiFi

So, that’s how you can easily access aa inflight to watch movies. We hope that this guide has helped you. But, in case you need more info, comment below and let us know.


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