There are rumors of the Windows 13 operating system. You might be searching for the details of Windows 13. So, here we are with all the details on Windows 13 rumors. The first thing you must know is Microsoft going to bring a new Windows 13 OS? The answer is NO, as there is no confirmed news about Windows 13 release date.

Windows 13 Rumors, Leaks, Features, News - Is this really coming?

Microsoft has not yet announced its next big project. It is bringing new updates for Windows 10. Windows 10 is the best Operating system that has all the elements which clients need.

Windows 10 launch was a big success and then also people are excited about Windows 11 and Windows 12. However, the rumors of the Windows 13 operating system is not true. Microsoft is not going to release any Windows 13 OS.

Windows 13 

Windows will bring another version after Windows 10. But it is not bringing Windows 13 anytime soon as the company has confirmed that Windows 10 will not be replaced. Instead of the other version, Microsoft will release two Windows 10 OS updates every year. For a long time, most of them are waiting for confirmation whether it will bring new windows or not.

Windows 13 Release Date

As we have said, Microsoft does not have any plan to release a new operating system Windows 13. So, if you are also one of them who are searching for Windows 13 release date and much more then do not waste your time as it is not going to come.

Microsoft is working on a big Windows 10 update. There is news about the upcoming windows from Microsoft. It says Microsoft is planning to rebrand Windows 10 and is preparing for it.

Windows 13 Rumours

Is this really coming?

You may have found a couple of websites on Google that is claiming something like Windows 13 Release Date, Features and Other Details, Windows 13 Download Iso File 32 bit 64 bit, and what not? They made people to just land on their webpages and end up by getting some fake hypes that never excite anyone here.

So there is no such question of “Windows 13” by any official leaks and as soon as Google announces something related to this. We at itechhacks covers such cool news before others. So please do not fall for any fake website claiming for Windows 13 download links. It can be a malware or infectious website that can steal your data too.

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If you are also from them who are waiting for Windows 13, then do not waste your time. As Microsoft has already told, it is not going to bring any other operating system. Instead, it will update Windows 10.

Comment down below, what do you think about this rumor? and if you found any of your friends claiming about Windows 13 please share and forward this article to him/her. This is all you need to know about Windows 13, and all the expected new features which it will bring along with it! Cheers!

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