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20 Latest Windows 10 Skins and Themes Pack 2024 (FREE)


Quick Overview
  • Windows 10 is a recommended and secure OS, with the latest version offering a fresh look and regular updates.
  • Customizing Windows 10 with Themes and Skins can enhance the appearance of UI elements like Start Menu and Control Panel.
  • Top 20 Best Windows 10 Themes and Skins Packs for free download in 2024 are available, including Game of Thrones, macOS Sierra, Silk, and more.

Are you looking for Cool best Themes and Skins for your Windows 10 OS? Then you are on the right post. Here we have listed some of the top 20 best Windows 10 Themes and Windows 10 Skins Packages that you can download for free and improve your Windows 10 Appearance.

Windows is the ONLY Operating system that every 8th user out of 10 are currently using. Though, Windows 10 is the latest version by Microsoft that has been launched with an astonishing fresh look and features. After serious vulnerabilities and bugs on the old windows version, Windows 10 is a recommended version by Microsoft that is secured and coming up with the latest updates every month.

However, The inbuilt fresh look of Windows 10 looks very charming and premium itself. But Many of us loves to customize each and everything. So Why to worry? We are always come with something new and awesome stuff right on itechhacks. And today, we have listed top best Windows 10 Themes and Skins Pack that every single user fell in love 😛 Whereas if you are still using old versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, then you can Download Windows 10 Full Free in 2024.

Best Windows 10 Skins and Themes: Windows 10 is now available free of cost and I hope you have installed the latest version of Windows 10 on your laptop/PC. By use of Custom Themes, you can easily change the old UI (User Interface) of Windows 10 Like Start Menu, Folder Option, Control Panel, and almost everything.

I am the kind of boy who feels trouble after using the Laptop interface within a month so what should I do? Should I Buy a New Laptop? or Should I buy some paid Theme packs? or Should I shift to another OS? Well, that’s not a smart choice? So changing the old GUI/Theme to a new and fashionable one can be a good choice?

Yes, might be. In my case, I have regularly installed the latest and new upcoming Windows 10 Themes. And here in this article, we have shortlisted some of our personal used top 10 Best Windows 10 Themes and Skin Packs Available for Free and Looks Premium.

Best Themes For Windows 10 and Skins

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Best Windows 10 Skins or Themes

Well, it’s time to make your Home Screen more awesome and attractive. So You can do that using These Best Windows 10 Themes and Skins packs listed below.

#1 Games Of Throne Windows 10 Skins

Best Windows 10 Themes and Skins 2019
Best Windows 10 Themes and Skins 2021

Are you love Games? Well, this is an amazing skin and theme for Windows 10,8, 8.1 PC. You can download and install this package from the below link. If you have watched all those game of Thrones episodes on HBO then you may know how cool the characters there were. And you can get all of them on this Windows 10 Theme Packages. windows 10 anime themes


#2 Apple macOS Sierra ThemeBest Themes For Windows 10 and Skins

if you want to look at your PC screen the same as Apple Mac OS X then this would be the right choice for you. Using this amazing Windows 10 theme pack you can easily change your old UI to the latest macOS X one and it will look more glossy than the old one. And yes, it’s free to use. windows 10 skins 2017


#3 Silk: Best Windows 10 Theme

Like real Silk, This theme works perfectly on your Windows version it has sleek and amazing features. It is a beautiful theme and helps your PC looks like a notebook. You can also download it free of cost.


#4 Licorice Theme

Best Themes For Windows 10 and SkinsLicorice is a theme for Windows 10 Technical Preview. These Best Windows 10 Skins are just an amazing, just covering this theme. I am personally using these Skin packs. A clean theme with lots of customization options. you can use this theme but before applying any theme make sure you have to take a backup to prevent loss of data.


#5 Vanilla

Best Themes For Windows 10 and SkinsIt is another attractive theme for Windows 10 that is fresh and rich. The vanilla theme is borderless, and it shares the similar look like any online cloud services. It will change and overall enhance your operating system look. You just need to download Vanilla theme and enjoy.


#6 Oxford Theme

Best Themes For Windows 10 and SkinsOxford theme is built by keeping simplicity in mind. This minimalistic theme is the best theme you can apply to your Windows 10 computer. Oxford theme looks for glossy for students’ laptops and college guys.


#7 Ades Theme for Windows 10#7 Ades Theme for Windows 10

Just look at the image! Weww! If it looks so cool in a picture, imagine how trendy it will look on your PC/Laptop? This is another dark Skin for Windows 10 which you can apply to your computer. This theme uses various shades of gray and adds some color to it. This is another best theme you can have on your Windows 10 Laptop and Desktop as well.


#8 FootPaths ThemeBest Windows 10 Themes and Skins 2019

Looking for a trendy Nature Theme? Then you will love this Skin Pack. Based on nature, this theme gives images of country lanes, wooden stairs, forest trails, and other scenic paths. This theme contains eleven HD wallpapers of nature that will ultimately change your Windows 10 experience.


#9 Mac OS X El Capitan Skin for Windows 10

Fascinated by MacBook? Love iOS? Well, This is the theme that suits perfectly on your Windows 10 Platform PC or Laptop. How? With this theme, you will get almost 80% features similar to Mac OS. The app drawer and much other similar to Mac OS X. You can get Mac OS X El Capitan Windows 10 themes free download from itechhacks.


#10  FlattasticBest Windows 10 Themes and Skins 2019

This is one of my best themes for windows that has a minimalistic appearance but looks impressive when used on your Windows 10 workstation. This theme has 16 versions, which includes 8 versions of the Flattastic Light theme and 8 versions of a Flattastic Dark theme. I recommended you to download this theme 🙂


#11 AERO GLASS:Windows 10 Themes and Skins

Another unique looking theme for Windows 10 which gets all the job done. It has all the features that others in this list have. Other than that this is a very cool looking theme that gives a very unique look to your window machine. It is filled with transparency all around the corner which is fantastic for many people.  You can also customize many things with this theme which is another great thing to have. This theme is a kind of mixed which some people crazily love this theme and others don’t. If you are someone who doesn’t like this theme, don’t worry we have a lot more themes for you to try.

#12 UBUNTU SKIN PACK:Windows 10 Themes and Skins

Any Linux fans here? I know there are many geeks out there who are in love with Linux but using windows as it is more versatile and many applications are available for Windows than Linux. If you are someone I have good news for you. You can still get that cool looking ubuntu user Interface in your window 10 pc using this theme. It will definitely shock you once you installed this theme on your computer. It is a no-brainer for all the geeks out there and there is no doubt it will definitely turn your window machine into Ubuntu for sure.

#13 NOME:Windows 10 Themes and Skins

Nome is one of the underrated themes in this list. It has better visuals and user Interface than many other themes in this list. If you are someone who always wants to try out new things or someone who loves minimal things on your computer then Nome is the only theme you need to check out. It not only provides you a minimal user interface, but it is also very functional and classic. Definitely check out the Nome theme and it won’t disappoint you.

#14. SIMPLIFY 10:Windows 10 Themes and Skins

As the name suggests, simplify 10 is the simplest theme available in this list. They want to make things as simple as possible. The colors used in this theme is the perfect example of how the developers take the simplest thing seriously. It has only the classy sober colors which give this theme an upper hand over other themes in this list. It is no doubt, this theme is filled with blue color. If you hate blue, then you may check out other themes in this list. But if you are a blue lover, then this theme is for you.

#15 NVIDIA THEME:Windows 10 Themes and Skins

Are you a serious gamer? And want to take your setup to the next level. Then you may check this theme. If you are a gamer, you are familiar with Nvidia’s control panel. Isn’t it? That Neon green is the soul color for many players. In this Windows 10 Skins, they are taking this thing to the next stage by converting every elements and window in the windows 10 to Nvidia’s control panel like scheme. It is again not suite for every person but for all the gamers this theme is a treasure hunt.

#16 3D THEME:

It is the most trending theme for windows 10. Recently, many people liked this theme so much which gets this theme a mention in this list. Personally, we are not a great fan of 3D wallpapers and icons which are more colors than the native icon. Don’t get me wrong, this theme has all the features and other cool things. But for me, I prefer minimal design over trending design and that’s why this theme is not our favorite theme of choice. If you love trendy and swaggy things, do check this  3D theme.


It is not a complete skin but the improved version of the default windows theme. It basically fills all the gap which the windows theme has. It also adds a new feature to the existing windows theme and makes it more versatile and vibrant. Also, it adds a pink color to the overall feel of the computer. It just converts many colors in the default theme to pink color and creates a new look for your windows machine. If you want the same windows theme with an all-new flavor to it, then definitely check this out. You will be surprised!


Diversity VX is another great looking skin that has all the necessary features and its User Interface is also looking cool. It gives your computer a unique look which gives this theme an extra hand than others in this list. This theme is filled with a greyish tone which adds some classic tone to your entire pc. If you want to have a fresh theme, then Diversity vx is the one for you. Do check this out.


Star Align theme is one of the underrated themes in this list. This is underrated because the number of people who loves colors like grey or light shades of white and black is very less in number. This is the only reason that this theme is not a huge hit. This theme changes your complete color scheme to light greyish tone which is dope in our opinion. It gives some new and cool feel to your desktop. Want to check out some different themes? Download and install this theme and thank me later.

#20 ANIME THEMES:Windows 10 Themes and Skins

Last but not least. Finally, there is something which is very well known to you. Is there someone alive who doesn’t watch an anime show or movie? There may be no person in this world who doesn’t watch anime. If you want to get the old cool feelings of your animes in your desktop then you can surely try this anime theme which works fantastic in many environments.  I personally like the HD wallpapers which comes with this theme which is fantastic and surely takes you back to your childhood. That’s pretty much it for this best themes for Windows 10 article.

2024 Theme for Windows 10

Glad to announce that finally, Microsoft Corporation‬ has released the theme of the year for all the Windows 10 users. They are calling is “New Year 2021 Windows 10 Theme”

You can download this theme from here.

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Final Words:

Right above are the list of best Windows 10 Themes and Windows 10 Skins packs of 2024. if you are looking for more Windows 10 themes, do let me know in a comment. if we get a good response, we will definitely add more Themes for Windows 10 for you. Don’t forget to share it with your Windows users.

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