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What Does Pending Means on Snapchat and How to Fix it?


Key Takeaways
  • Snapchat pending messages indicate that the message has not been delivered, identified by a gray icon.
  • Reasons for pending messages include app glitches, being blocked or unfriended, deleted accounts, poor internet connection, server issues, or the recipient's phone being off.
  • Solutions include clearing cache, checking friends list, waiting for reactivation, using mobile data, restarting the app, or waiting for the recipient to come back online.

On Snapchat, you may find yourself sending a snap or a text message to someone. There is a gray arrow beside Pending instead of a blue one next to Delivered. And this is because your snap or message has not yet been delivered. So, what does Snapchat’s pending status mean? What causes it to happen? It is important to explore the possible reasons for these issues and find a solution.

What Does Pending Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat pending messages are messages that have not yet been delivered to their recipients. Pending messages have a gray icon next to them. The icons on delivered messages and Snaps differ from the usual blue, purple, and pink ones.

Messages and Snaps can be marked as “pending” for many reasons. The following are possible causes and solutions for pending messages in the app:

What Does Pending Means on Snapchat and How to Fix it?

How to Fix ‘Pending’ on Snapchat?

This may be due to a variety of factors. The good news is that there are plenty of quick fixes as well. And, there’s no need to worry.

Snapchat App Glitch

Social media platforms like Snapchat are usually seamless and efficient.

There are, however, some downsides to it every now and then. Sometimes, there are glitches in the app. This might result in a random Pending status appearing. You may experience app glitches for a variety of reasons. There are several reasons for this, including a lack of storage or overuse of software updates.

In the settings of your phone, you can clear some storage, remove the cache from Snapchat, and update the software. The following steps will help you clear your cache:

1. You can change your Bitmoji or avatar by tapping on the top left corner.

2. The Settings icon is located at the top right corner of the screen.

3. Under Account Actions, scroll down and tap on Clear Cache.

4. And, once you have selected Clear, you are done.

Blocked on Snapchat

If and when you are blocked by someone, Snapchat does not notify you. When someone blocks you on Snapchat, you can tell by seeing Pending.

It may be helpful to know if the contact has blocked you or just unfriended you. You can search for their username in the Search Bar if that is the case.

The user will pop up if you have been unfriended. Also, they may have blocked you if you do not see them at all.

Unfriended on Snapchat

It is possible that they unfriended you if you used to receive messages and suddenly start seeing pending statuses for them.

To find out if they’ve unfriended you, check their friends list. You’ll have to wait until they add you back if that’s the case.

If it is an emergency, you can message them elsewhere until then.

Snapchat Account Deleted

Snapchat may just have been deleted by your friend. Thus, you will not receive your snaps. A ban could also have been imposed on the account. Due to this, it no longer exists.

If your snaps are back, they’ll go from Pending to Delivered automatically, and recovering a Snapchat account is relatively simple. To reactivate your account, simply log in within 30 days.

No Internet Connection

Poor internet connections might be causing Snapchat’s “Pending” status. Using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi can be an option when connected to Wi-Fi.

Restarting your router is another option. Your photos won’t get lost in the mix, so don’t worry.

Other times, the recipient might not have a reliable internet connection. It could also have been turned off. You will need to wait until they are back online if this is the case.

Snapchat Server is Down

The app usually shuts down in a mass shutdown, and no one can use it properly thereafter. If the app crashes or produces errors like this, it will crash.

Snapchat is up and running again after a short period of time. The issue will be resolved as soon as your snaps and messages are delivered.

Try restarting the app a couple of times in the meantime. And it may also be worth trying to delete the app and reinstall it.

Recipient’s Phone Is Off

On a personal level, the recipient may not have any issues with you.

Furthermore, there may not be any connectivity issues. Your snap might appear as “Pending” because the user isn’t using their phone.

Perhaps the recipient turned off their phone to focus on something important, or maybe their battery died.

And you should be able to deliver your snap once they have turned their device back on and are connected to the internet again.

Final Words

Snapchat’s Pending status can be caused by a variety of factors. There is a possibility that your request has not been accepted. And it is also possible that you have been blocked or unfriended. You might also have an internet connection issue or a glitch with your app. And you must also respect the decision if someone blocks or unfriends you.


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