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What Channel Is Peacock on DIRECTV: Detailed Guide


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find your favorite content in the middle of a labyrinth. You’re likely to get lost in the sea of choices when there are so many options, each with its own exclusive shows and movies.

Its streaming service Peacock, which offers NBC, Universal Pictures, and other content from its partners, has emerged as a prominent player in this market. You don’t have to look far if you are a DIRECTV subscriber wondering what channel Peacock is on. So, in this article, we will explain to you about What Channel Is Peacock on DIRECTV?

What is Peacock?

What Channel Is Peacock on DIRECTV: Detailed Guide

With Peacock, NBCUniversal offers two streaming plans: Peacock Free and Peacock Premium. With a Premium subscription, you can watch live sports, original series, and more.

Users can access it on a variety of devices, including Comcast subscribers with limited advertisements. Also, DirecTV customers can take advantage of a 40% discount on Peacock Premium. Although DirecTV does not have a streaming channel, Smart TVs can be installed with the app.

It’s easy to find Peacock’s original content by looking at Natasha Lyonne’s thumbnail in the “Poker Face” trailer. So, now, without any further ado, let’s jump into the main part, i.e., what channel is peacock on Directv.

What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV – A Detailed Guide

What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV - A Detailed Guide

There are no fixed channels on Peacock, making it different from other streaming services. DIRECTV Stream provides a number of channels, but Peacock originals typically aren’t included among those 65.

Peacock can be accessed on your smart TV by going to the Apps section and searching for it. You can watch Peacock’s content as much as you want once you download, sign up, and log in.

It is similar to most streaming sites where Peacock offers ads-sponsored content. Peacock allows you to stream a wide variety of TV and movie shows, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Downton Abbey, American Pie, and Jaws.

There are commercial reports and opinion panels broadcast throughout the day on the channel. On DIRECTV, the channel is 359 with ID 359. According to reports from February 2015, Fox Business Network is available in 74,224,000 US Pay TV homes.

For just $4.99/month, Peacock’s plan offers tons of streaming, sports, movies, news, TV shows, original content, and kid’s content! With a variety of offerings such as comedies, dramas, the Yellowstone series, and reality shows such as True Crime, Peacock has something to offer people of all ages.

In addition to action and adventure, comedy, and horror movies, Peacock also offers family-friendly movies like Drama. Through DIRECTV, you can now enjoy Peacock at home. So, now you know what channel is peacock on Directv. Therefore, let’s check out the further details. 

Why Peacock Premium Plus Is Different?

More than 62K videos will be available to you with Peacock TV Premium, which doesn’t come with Peacock TV Free. In addition to live sports broadcasts from a venue, Peacock Original movies and live events are also available through Peacock Originals.

As long as the price of Peacock Premium does not include the extra content, you will still be able to see ads. You will need to purchase Peacock Premium Plus if you want all content without interruptions. Moreover, content can be downloaded so it can be viewed offline.

Is Peacock free with DirecTV?

It is true that DirecTV offers a free peacock. DirectTV customers are able to access Peacock Premium at no extra charge. Through Peacock’s streaming platform, DirecTV subscribers can access an extensive library of TV shows, movies, sports events, and news.

It offers viewers a wide variety of genres to choose from and the ability to discover new favorites without incurring additional charges. In collaboration with Peacock, DirecTV subscribers have access to a diverse range of entertainment options customized to their preferences through this enhanced entertainment experience.

With DirecTV, you can enjoy Peacock’s extensive offerings without paying an additional monthly fee, whether you enjoy gripping dramas, hilarious comedies, or captivating documentaries.


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