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Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Download, Cast


Eager to discover season 4 of Stranger Things?  Sorry, but it’s not for now.  However, to help you wait, we give you the latest information to know! The number of episodes, plot, new characters, here is everything you need to know about Stranger Things Season 4 today!

Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Rumors, Cast
Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Rumors, Cast

The shooting of season 4 of Stranger Things on standby due to COVID epedemic:

Like all Netflix productions in progress, Stranger Things is put on standby by the Coronavirus pandemic.  This decision came when the start of filming was imminent.  Actors, screenwriters, and directors had also been meeting for several days to rehearse and read the script collectively. This necessary cut will last at least two weeks, starting on March 16, and is likely to be extended.

This should, of course, push back the release date of the next season of the flagship series from Netflix.

I think the new episodes were supposed to arrive early next year, but it will probably be postponed.” Here’s what David Harbor (Sheriff Hopper) said in an impromptu Q&A session on his Instagram account.  It will therefore surely still have to take its pain in patience.

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A longer Stranger Things Season 4

Instead of 8 episodes like the previous three seasons, Stranger Things season 4 would include 9 episodes, just one more, the TV Line editor says.  According to rumors, this last episode would be used to explore the origins and the career of one of the main characters in the series.  But of course, all of this remains to be confirmed.  In any case, we do not say no to one more episode, whatever it is!

Hopper Returns

It was believed dead at the end of season 3, toasted by the explosion of the portal, but it is alive!  Netflix has released the first teaser for season 4 of Stranger Things, showing workers in a Russian camp and one of them is none other than Jim Hopper, the ball at zero and without his beard, forced to build a  railway line.  The portal would, therefore, have teleported him to Russia, and that is not to displease us.

His role there will be necessary, according to the creators of the series Matt and Ross Duffer. “He is imprisoned far from his home in the snowy desert of Kamchatka, where he will have to face dangers both human … and others,” added the latter, promising crisp adventures for our sheriff.

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The rest plot of Stranger Things 4

But what about the adventures of Eleven, Mike, et cie. Will they go and save Jim Hopper?  Not immediately anyway, because they will have other threats to face during this season 4. The creators of the series have also given us a little clue about what to expect, especially speaking” of new terror surfacing, something long-buried, something that connects everything. “And to add that season 4 would be “the biggest, scariest, most daring and most complex season of all”.  It will no longer happen in Hawkins, as we heard in the first teaser.

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But then, where will season 4 take place

We can already predict that part of season 4 will take place in Russia, where Jim Hopper is and where Russian scientists are plotting to unravel the mysteries of the Upside Down.  One of the filming locations for the series would also be located at the same location where the Chernobyl series was filmed.  But part of season 4 will also take place in the United States.  Netflix has confirmed with the Deadline site that part of the intrigue will be filmed in several cities in the state of New Mexico.

An intriguing first episode title

Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Rumors, Cast
Stranger Things Season 4: Release Date, Rumors, Cast

A screenwriter of the series revealed the title of the first episode of season 4 in a tweet posting a photo of the script of the latter.  It will be called “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club”.  A name that fans of the X-Men know well since it refers to the Club of the Damned.  As a reminder, this group brings together powerful politicians and financiers who oppose the X-Men. They notably manage to manipulate Jean Gray, before she escapes their control and becomes the Dark Phoenix.  Could this have something to do with Eleven, who has telekinetic powers like Jean Gray?

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Download Stranger Things 4

If the original cast is back, we should discover new faces in this fourth season. What’s On Netflix notably revealed their profile.  We will meet a certain Fred, passionate about journalism, Chrissy, an ultra-popular cheerleader, Vicky, a cool but clumsy girl, Eddie, a high school student, Jason, a handsome kid, Argyle, a  dude stone, Angela, a 15-year-old teenager who likes to piss off others and a certain Jake, a teenager, will have a recurring role in the sequel.

On the adult side, we will meet Ms. Kelley, a guidance counselor, gentle and attentive, but also Hatchen Hach, the head of a limited and pretentious psychiatric hospital and a lieutenant by the name of Sullivan,  described as intelligent, cold, intimidating and who swears by force.  Finally, a sure Dimitri will be of Russian origin.  He could be a guard in the prison where Hopper is staying, or potentially another prisoner with whom the sheriff befriends. We prefer the latter option!

Stranger Things 4 Release Date

Expected in July 2022

Unfortunately, at the moment, no release date for the episodes of season 4 has been released.  It will undoubtedly be necessary to wait until the second half of 2020, or even the beginning of the year 2021, to discover the new adventures of Eleven et Cie.  But in the meantime, you can still take our test to find out which Stranger Things character suits you best! But as far as itechhacks prediction, it will be ready to stream in June or July 2022. Let’s see what updates we get further.

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The audience is already crazy over Stranger Things 4 English subtitles download and can’t wait to see him return from Hell with a bang. This superhit series is a staple for those who love thrillers with a hint of fun. It’s summer already, and we fans are looking forward to its season 4 to air.

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