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How to Get Walmart Fishing License Online: Its Cost & Need (2024)


Fishing is one of the many outdoor activities which is being pursued as a hobby by people from almost every age group. Fishing can be done in freshwater bodies and the ocean. Today here at itechhacks, We discussed Walmart Fishing License, it’s cost and why do you have a fishing license in 2023.

It is essential to have a fishing license before you go for any type of fishing. However, getting a fishing license is neither difficult nor expensive.

You can easily procure your fishing license from Walmart, and these fishing licenses cost between $10 and $40 only. Walmart has agreements with the states due to which it can issue fishing licenses to people on behalf of the government.

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Why do you need a Fishing License?

How To Get Walmart Fishing License: Its Cost & Need

Fishing licenses are used to protect fish populations through some fishing regulations enforced by the Government.

Fishing licenses also limit the number of fishes one can catch. If anyone illegally holds more than the limit, they can be reported to authorities as poachers.

Also, the revenue generated by fishing licenses can be used to fund marine life research and state wildlife departments.

How to Purchase your fishing license through Walmart?

To purchase a fishing license through Walmart, visit your nearest Walmart store and contact the administration.

Do carry your Photo ID and proof of your residency. You will be asked to fill specific forms that have all the conditions listed. Also, you will have to make the payment of the fee.

Walmart Fishing License Cost

How much does Walmart’s fishing license cost?

The cost is different for different states. Below, we have listed the price of the fishing licenses of some countries.

Cost of Fishing Licenses in Walmart, New York:

  • Annual License resident fee for ages 16-69 is $25.
  • Annual License resident fee for ages 16-70+ is $5.
  • The annual License nonresident fee is $50.
  • Lifetime License (for residents only) is $28.

Cost of Fishing Licenses in Walmart, Florida:

  • Freshwater Resident Annual is $17.
  • Freshwater Resident Five-Year is $79.
  • Freshwater Non-Resident Annual is $47.
  • Freshwater Non-Resident 3-Day is $17.
  • Freshwater Non-Resident 7-Day is $30.

Prices of Fishing Licenses in Walmart, Pennsylvania:

  • Resident Annual between the ages 16-64 is $22.90.
  • Senior Resident Annual for age above 65 is $11.90.
  • Senior Resident for Lifetime is $51.90.
  • Non-resident annual for above 16 years of age is $52.90.
  • 3-day tourist is $26.90.
  • 7-day tourist is $34.90.

Which States Offer Fishing License from Walmart?

States Offering Fishing Licenses from Walmart

1. Alabama.

2. Alaska.

3. Arizona.

4. Arkansas.

5. California.

6. Colorado.

7. Connecticut.

8. Delaware.

9. Florida.

10. Georgia.

11. Hawaii.

12. Idaho.

13. Illinois.

14. Indiana.

15. Iowa.

16. Kansas.

17. Kentucky.

18. Louisiana.

19. Mae.

20. Maryland.

21. Massachusetts.

22. Michigan.

23. Minnesota.

24. Mississippi.

25. Missouri.

26. Montana.

27. Nebraska.

28. Nevada.

29. New Hampshire.

30. New Jersey.

31. New Mexico.

32. New York.

33. North Carola.

34. North Dakota.

35. Ohio.

36. Oklahoma.

37. Oregon.

38. Pennsylvania.

39. Rhode Island.

40. South Carola.

41. South Dakota.

42. Tennessee.

43. Texas.

44. Utah.

45. Vermont.

46. Virginia.

47. Washington.

48. West Virginia.

49. Wisconsin.

50. Wyoming.

Guidelines After Getting Walmart Fishing License

Some guidelines to be followed after getting your Walmart fishing license are:

1. A booklet containing the various do’s and don’ts is given by Walmart while using your fishing license. It should be read in detail and followed while fishing.

2. Ensure that no pollution is done due to littering or urinating in the pond, lake, or river or wherever you are fishing, as this can disturb marine life.

3. Ensure the safety norms while fishing in areas such as oceans, where the level of danger is higher. Also, take responsibility for the fellow members of your group.

4. Fishing in dangerous circumstances is strictly prohibited. Check the weather forecast before going out fishing.

5. Having a fishing license does not mean that you can fish in prohibited areas. Doing so is illegal, and this could lead to a lifetime cancellation of your fishing license.

6. It is equally important to carry a first aid box along with your fishing equipment. In case of any mishap, you should be ready for a quick response.

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This is all you need to know about Walmart’s fishing license, its cost, and the process. It is a hassle-free process and requires your necessary documents and payment of a minimal fee. If we have missed out on any such useful information about WalMart’s fishing license, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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