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Vampire Survivors Wiki Guide 2024: Full Guide


Key Takeaways
  • Vampire Survivors is an action roguelike game available on Steam for $4.99, featuring various characters, weapons, and gameplay elements essential for optimal performance.
  • The game requires strategic gameplay, knowing enemy types, and utilizing collected coins and in-game items effectively to progress and upgrade weapons.
  • The guide offers detailed information on gameplay, characters, and weapons, including unlocking requirements and strategies for maximizing weapon potential and evolving them for enhanced abilities.

Vampire Survivors is an enthralling action roguelike game that was initially in a web version, but after getting appreciation worldwide, the developers made this game available on Steam for $2.99. But the price is now $4.99, and you can start playing it instantly after purchasing and downloading it.

It has many characters, weapons, and features you should know before playing it, or you’ll undoubtedly face problems using them, resulting in downgrading your gaming performance. 

So, if you’re a beginner, this Vampire Survivors Wiki Guide will help you learn everything about this game quickly.

Vampire Survivors Wiki Guide 2024

Vampire Survivors Wiki Guide

Vampire Survivors is an engaging game with many cool features that you can explore. I have discussed its gameplay, some tips & strategy, and available characters & weapons to help you learn about the game in detail.


In the Vampire Survivors game, you select a playable character among many available, and it takes you to a vast field where aggressive enemies attack you. Your main task is to kill them and survive by killing all of them.

It only gives you access to a single weapon, but as you progress in the game, you unlock additional weapons that help you fight your enemies.

You also get coins and essential in-game items after your enemies die. These coins will allow you to upgrade your weapons and purchase power-ups in the game.

Tips & Strategy

Before you start playing the game, remember the following things to perform better.

Don’t Be Defensive: In Vampire Survivors, enemies keep coming toward you as the game progresses. So, if you try to flee from them and play defensively, they’ll kill you ultimately, as they will be in a considerable number. This is why you should start killing all the enemies that come your way.

You’ll also get rewards by killing them, which will help you many with in-game items and improve your game status. 

Know Your Enemies: Vampire Survivors offers different types of enemies. They have additional power and techniques that you have to know to face them better. Killing the weak enemies will help you thin the horde, and then you can roam around the stronger enemies to attack them multiple times. Those bigger enemies also have a positive side; they leave gems and high-tier items behind that you can collect after they die.

Use Collected Coins: In this game, you collect coins from the floor and enemies’ chests. After you die, you’ll find the coins in the lobby that you can use to purchase many items like PowerUps. But many users will not do that to spend those hard-earned coins, but this game provides a full refund on every purchase.

Collect Floor Items: Apart from those coins, you also get many floor items, like a flamethrower, freezer, etc., that are pretty powerful. So, collect and store them in your account and wait for the right time to use them.


Vampire Survivors have 49 playable characters, 16 are secret, and 8 are DLC. All these characters have different stats and unique weapons.

You need to complete a few achievements to unlock some characters, and a few are available by default; you’ll find the conditions for unlocking in the menu.

Standard Characters:

  • Antonio Belpaese
  • Imelda Belpaese
  • Pasqualina Belpaese
  • Gennaro Belpaese
  • Arca Ladonna
  • Porta Ladonna
  • Lama Ladonna
  • Poe Ratcho
  • Suor Clerici
  • Dommario
  • Krochi Freetto
  • Christine Davain
  • Pugnala Provola
  • Giovanna Grana
  • Poppea Pecorina
  • Concetta Caciotta
  • Mortaccio
  • Yatta Cavallo
  • Bianca Ramba
  • O’Sole Meeo
  • Sir Ambrojoe
  • Iguana Gallo Valletto
  • Divano Thelma
  • Zi’Assunta Belpaese
  • Queen Sigma
  • Miang Moonspell
  • Menya Moonspell
  • Syuuto Moonspell
  • Babi-Onna
  • McCoy-Oni
  • Megalo Menya Moonspell
  • Megalo Syuuto Moonspell
  • Gav’Et-Oni

Secret Characters:

These characters are hidden in the menu, and the game doesn’t mention any information about unlocking them. However, you’ll quickly unlock them by killing certain enemies, finding easter eggs, etc.

  • Exdash Exiviiq
  • Toastie
  • Smith IV
  • Random
  • Boon Marrabbio
  • Avatar Infernas
  • Minnah Mannarah
  • Leda
  • Cosmo Pavone
  • Peppino
  • Big Trouser
  • missingN
  • Gains Boros
  • Gyorunton
  • Mask of the Red Death
  • Scorej-Oni


Weapons are the most crucial part of Vampire Survivors as they help you kill enemies. In this game, you can unlock many weapons and use them on the battlefield. You should know that a character can hold up to 6 weapons at a time, and all work differently and deal damage.

You only have one weapon when you start playing the game, but you can use additional weapons as you level up.

Weapon Description Unlocking Requirements
Whip Attacks horizontally pass through enemies. Available by default
Magic Wand Fires at the nearest enemy. Available by default
Knife Fires quickly in the faced direction. Available by default
Axe High damage, high area scaling. Available by default
Cross Aims at the nearest enemy and has a boomerang effect. Finding a Rosery
King Bible Orbits around the character. Available by default
Fire Wand Fires at a random enemy and deals heavy damage. Destroying 20 light sources
Garlic Damages nearby enemies. Reduces resistance to knockback and freeze. Consuming 5 floor chickens
Santa Water Generates damaging zones. Available by default
Runetracer Passes through enemies and bounces around. Surviving for 5 minutes with Pasqualina
Lightning Ring Strikes at random enemies. Defeating a total of 5000 enemies
Pentagram Erases everything in sight. Surviving for 20 minutes with any character
Peachone Bombards in a circular area. Surviving for 10 minutes with any character
Ebony Wings Bombards in a circular area. Getting the Peachone to level 7
Phiera Der Tuphello Fires quickly in four fixed directions. Surviving for 10 minutes with Pugnala
Eight The Sparrow Fires quickly in four fixed directions. Surviving for 15 minutes with Pugnala
Gatti Amari Summons capricious projectiles. Might interact with pickups. Surviving for 15 minutes with Giovanna
Song of Mana Attacks vertically passes through enemies. Surviving for 15 minutes with Poppea
Shadow Pinion Generating damaging zones when moving strikes when stopping. Surviving for 15 minutes with Concetta
Clock Lancet Chance to freeze enemies in time. Finding an Orologion
Laurel Shields from damage while active. Available by default
Vento Sacro Stronger with continuous movement. Can deal critical damage. Surviving for 15 minutes with Zi’Assunta
Bone Throws a bouncing projectile. Unlocking Mortaccio
Cherry Bomb Throws a bouncing projectile that explodes after some time. Unlocking Cavallo
Carréllo Throws a bouncing projectile. The number of bounces is affected by the Amount. Unlocking Bianca Ramba
Celestial Dusting Throws a bouncing projectile. Cooldown reduces when moving. Unlocking O’Sole
La Robba Generates bouncing projectiles. Unlocking Ambrohoe
Greatest Jubilee Has a chance to summon light sources. Complete Eudaimonia Machine after having started and exited a run in Endless mode and a run in Inverse mode.
Bracelet Fires three projectiles at a random enemy. Survive 30 minutes with either Gallo or Divano.
Candybox Allows you to choose any unlocked base weapon. Discover every standard evolution and union
Victory Sword Strikes with a combo attack at the nearest enemy. Retaliates. Defeating 100,000 enemies in a single run with Queen Sigma.
Flames of Misspell Emits cones of flames. Unlock Avatar
Silver Wind Defeated enemies might drop hearts. Surviving for 15 minutes with Miang
Four Seasons Generates 4 explosions. Amount and Duration affect damage instead. Surviving for 15 minutes with Menya
Summon Night Generates damaging zones above the character. Surviving for 15 minutes with Syuuto
Mirage Robe Generates freezing mines with a chance to explode. Surviving for 15 minutes with Babi-Onna
Mille Bolle Blu Fires lingering projectiles. Unlocking Gav’Et Oni
Night Sword Dangerous, cursed weapon. Retaliates. Might steal hearts. Find it and pick it up on Mt.Moonspell
108 Bocce Actually it’s just 8. Damages nearby enemies. Surviving for 15 minutes with McCoy-Oni


You should also keep in mind that you keep upgrading your weapons to level their power up.

After you level up a weapon to the max level and own all its necessary items, you can open Treasure Chest to transform it into an evolved weapon. But you should note that you can’t transform all weapons. 


Hopefully, this Vampire Survivors Wiki Guide helped you understand the game in depth. Here, I shared its gameplay, characters, and weapons in detail. If you want to ask any questions, please drop your queries in the comments below.


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