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How to Unlock All Characters in Risk Of Rain 2 (Guide)


Quick Overview
  • Risk Of Rain 2 is a popular game with nine playable characters, but not all are unlocked by default.
  • Each character offers unique skills and play styles, and unlocking them requires completing specific challenges or stages.
  • From the default Commando to the challenging Acrid, players must follow specific steps to unlock each character and advance their gameplay in Risk Of Rain 2.

Risk Of Rain 2 is a third-person shooting game that has gained a lot of popularity on Steam and among gamers. It has interesting gameplay with nine playable characters. Not every character is unlocked by default. One character is unlocked by default and using it, you need to complete challenges and stages to unlock other characters.

How to Unlock All Characters in Risk Of Rain 2 (Guide)

The benefit of unlocking and using the characters is that each character offers a unique style of play and a unique set of skills. Thus, here we are with a list of all the characters provided by Risk Of Rain 2 and the challenges/stages you need to complete to unlock these characters.

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How to Unlock Characters in Risk Of Rain 2?

1. Commando.

This is the character that is unlocked by default. You do not have to complete any stage/challenge to unlock it. All you need to do is start playing the game.

This character has some impressive skills and features. But, you need to unlock new characters if you wish to advance in your game.

2. Huntress.

To unlock this character, you need to complete three levels without dying. Thus, you have to make it through the first and the second level and complete the teleporter event.

This character adds a lot of mobility. But, it comes at the price of your health. You can use the mobility to bounce up in the air and shoot your enemies while taking minimum damage.

3. MUL-T.

Unlocking MUL-T is not very difficult. All you need to do is, beat the first level five times. You can set any environment or difficulty but, you must beat the boss and charge the teleporter in the first level to beat it once.

This character comes with two primary attacks. Namely, Auto-Nailgun and Rebar Puncher. The Rebar Puncher gives 600% damage with a single shot.

4. Engineer.

To unlock this character, you must best a total of 30 levels. These 30 levels do not have to be from the same run. You can complete the first level 30 times or 10 three-stage runs to unlock Engineer.

Using this character, you can place dual-turrets, shields, and mines to attack the enemies. You can use its features to have a good time in the game.

5. Mercenary.

To unlock this character, you need to reach the ‘A Moment, Fractured’ environment, which is accessible only via the Celestial Portal. Once you complete a fourth stage environment, you will be looped back to a first stage environment, where you can open the Celestial Portal in a third stage environment. Beat the environment boss and go through the Celestial Portal.

Once in the new environment, follow the floating platforms until you reach the Obelisk. This will unlock the Mercenary and five Lunar Coins.

This character is preferred by players who perform close-range combat. This is because the Mercenary is equipped with a sword along with high mobility, inflicting heavy damage on the enemy.

6. Artificer.

Lunar Coins are rare drops that you can collect from the enemies. To unlock this character, you need to collect and spend 10 Lunar Coins.

Once you have collected the Coins, open a portal to the Bazaar Between Time through a Newt Altar. This will cost 1 Lunar Coin. In the Bazaar, head to the merchant and purchase the Artificer by surrendering 10 Lunar Coins.

Thus, you must collect 11 Lunar Coins before unlocking this character.

7. Rex.

You need exceptional survivor skills if you wish to unlock this character. You need to bring a Fuel Array to Rex, who’s located in the Abyssal Depths. The challenge here is that you have to carry the Fuel Array in one of your usable item slots. Also, if your health drops below 50%, it will explode and kill you.

Right after you drop in the first environment, examine the back of your escape pod to pick it up. Once you reach the Abyssal Depths with the Fuel Array, give it to Rex.

8. Loader.

In the fourth stage environment, which is the Siren’s Call, you have to destroy five to six egg nests. You will notice the message ‘the whirring grows loud’ in your chatbox. Then, head to the center of the map to find the Alloy Worship Unit boss. Defeat the boss, and the Loader is will be unlocked.

The process seems easy but, it takes quite some effort to unlock the Loader. Its flying punch can deliver 2,700% damage. Also, its Knuckleboom delivers 320% damage. The only drawback of this character is that it is slow on the ground.

9. Acrid.

This is one of the most difficult characters to unlock. First, you need to travel to the Bazaar Between Time, walk forward a few steps, and look down. You will see a yellow-green glow along with a series of tubes. Jump toward one of the tubes. Once you reach the bottom, there is only one path forward. At the end of it, you will find a Null Portal, leading to the Void Fields.

In the Void Fields, you need to activate nine Void Cells. A small semi-circle surrounds each cell, which expands once you activate the cell. If you leave this zone, you’ll continually take damage. Once you activate nine cells, you will unlock the Acrid.

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This is all you need to know about the characters of ‘Risk of Rain 2’ and how to unlock them. You can now go ahead and start unlocking these playable characters on Risk of Rain 2. If you have any queries regarding the methods to unlock Risk of Rain 2 characters, then please let us know about them in the comments section below.

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