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Top 7 Tips to Create an Effective Email Signature


Quick Overview
  • Create a concise email signature with all necessary details in three to four lines, including links to social media accounts.
  • Enhance credibility by adding links to achievements or blog posts, and end with a call to action to prompt recipient engagement.
  • Keep the signature short, simple, and professional with a company logo or image, and consider using services like NEWOLDSTAMP for efficient signature creation.

In the modern day, people make use of smartphones for communicating on the go. However, have you ever wondered how to make your conversation effective while you are sending out mails from your phones? You can certainly leave an impression if you make use of e-mail signatures, so that it leaves a doting impression on the recipient when they read your message. We bring to you a few tips that will come handy in creating an effective signature that helps you to leave a mark in all your communications:

Top 7 Tips to Create an Effective Email Signature

#1 All the details should be filled within three or four lines

If you have to write about your name, designation, company and social links, you will have to make sure that you fill it all within four lines, so that it does not look bulky. You can also add links to your social media accounts. Also, make sure that none of the signatures from your professional email point to any personal stuff, so that you can keep them separate.

#2 Add links that might increase your credibility

If you have any achievements that might add to your credibility or if you have any blog posts where people can get to know more about you, add it in your email signature as people can connect to you better.

#3 End it with a call to action

If you are looking forward to an action from the recipient’s end, add a hyperlink pointing to the event or link that you want them to visit. This will make it easy for them and the chances that they open it are relatively higher.

#4 Keep it short and simple

Do not add multiple contacts, multiple websites and multiple designations, as it does not look professional and might end up confusing the reader on how to reach you.

#5 Add an Image

You can add your company logo or image towards the end of your email signature, making it look professional and organized. A single color contrast and not more than few lines of content will make the mail look professional to a great extent. Do not try using black and white images as they are no longer attractive.

#6 ‘Sent from XXXX Phone’ is a great signature too!

When you have this signature for your phone, it clearly implies that you are replying to mails on the go and even if you do not have access to your system, you still have taken time out to reply to an e-mail, which is considered highly professional by itself.

#7 Use services for creating email signature

There are multiple solutions available for creating email signatures, which include NEWOLDSTAMP, WiseStamp or HTML sign, and all of them come with different features that might help you in creating a signature effectively. You will have to choose the one that best suits your requirement.

So why wait? Now that you know what to do, go ahead and create an effective signature that is impressive!

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