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Threema vs Signal: Which One is the Best Safest Messaging App


Key Takeaways
  • Threema and Signal are top messaging apps known for privacy and security, prompting users to consider switching from WhatsApp.
  • Threema offers more secure account setup without requiring personal information, while Signal uses a phone number for authentication.
  • Threema prioritizes privacy by allowing anonymous chatting and GDPR compliance, while Signal focuses on widespread availability and end-to-end encryption.

Privacy is a big concern among users and businesses. Every user and business wants their data to remain safe with them. After reading a lot of security issues news about WhatsApp, the users are thinking of switching to another chatting app. But the question is which one? There are a lot of Chatting apps that provide different features and claim that their privacy is the best.

Amid this situation, there are two chatting apps that are making their name on the top of the list. This is none other than Threema and Signal. One of them is a paid app, and the second one is free. Now, the users are confused about which one they should choose and rely on.

To help users choose the safest chat app, we are here with this guide. In this guide, we will be doing Threema vs Signal comparison through which you will be able to understand which app will be going to be good for you. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Threema vs Signal: Which is the Safest Messaging Chat App?

Threema vs Signal: Which One is the Best Safest Messaging App

We are here with you to make a comparison between both the Threema and Signal apps. We will be making a Threema Vs Signal comparison based on different criteria so that you can understand both app’s privacy and features easily. So, let’s get started with the Threema Vs Signal Comparison.

Threema Vs Signal 2024: Account Set Up

Before starting with the privacy comparison of both apps, it is important to understand what information both apps take to create a new account on their platforms. If you are wondering why we are comparing the process of signing up for both apps, then the answer is very clear.

You and your data will be only safe when the app is not storing sensible and personal information. So if the app is taking any personal information, then there are chances that your data is not protected.


Similarly, the Threema allows users to sign up on their platform without entering their mobile number. It will ask you to enter the phone number. However, it will totally depend on the user whether they are interested in entering the number or not.

Also, the Threema generates a User ID through which your friends will be able to find you only if you share it. However, Signal does not generate any unique User ID because it takes the personal mobile number while creating the account.

So, the account set up on Threema is more secure rather than the Signal app. 

Threema Vs Signal: Availability

For choosing any messenger app, it is important for the users to know whether the app is available for all the platforms and whether their friends/relatives will be going to download it or not. The Threema is a paid app, and it is available for users at $5.00 on the Play Store. It is a one-time payment, and you will not need to pay any amount after it. However, Signal is a free app; users will not need to pay any amount to download it.



Both the paid and free apps will be good for the users, but they will be based on different criteria. The Threema is a paid app which means there will fewer chances for your friends/relatives to download it as they have to pay charges for it. But at the same time, Signal is a free app, so the other users will not think before installing it.

According to the availability of the app, Signal will be going to be good for you, if you are not interested to pay for the app and your friends/relatives are not there. But, we all know that free apps are not always good, and it is good to pay for apps to get some exclusive and premium features and security for which Threema is charging.

Threema Vs Signal: Privacy


Both Threema and Signal offer high security and privacy for messages. But, as we have already mentioned that Threema does not require any personal information for the setting up of the account, so the data on Threema is safer when compared to Signal. Thus, the privacy of your data is more protected than Signal. Also, Threema allows users to make their account anonymous and chat through it, which also makes it one of the best apps according to keeping privacy in mind.

But on the Signal app, you will not get this type of privacy. 

Threema Vs Signal: Security

Now, let’s talk about the Security of both apps. Threema and Signal both provide users with end-to-end encryption of the sent and received messages. So, the recipient will be only able to read your messages, otherwise, no one will be able to check out those messages. Even if any users try to read the messages through any links or other devices, then they will be not able to do this as there is no information being stored on the server side of the app.


Both apps provide some other great security features in which once the sender sends any message, then it is deleted quickly from the server. Hence, no chat or data or advertising ID is being stored on the server of both apps. Apart from it, the users are not required to permit their address book to find friends on the app to talk. You will have to share your User ID to connect with another user on Threema and Signal.

Threema is best at privacy when compared to Signal. It is because Signal requires the phone number while signing up, so anyone can try to connect with you if they have your number. However, there are some features through which you can block it from happening.

Threema Vs Signal: GDPR Compliance and Latest Security Audit


GDPR Compliance is an act through which the data protection of the users is taken into consideration. Threema is GDPR Compliance, but Signal is not. Also, the Security audit of the Threema was last done in 2020, whereas the Security audit of the Signal app was last done in 2014.

Here Threema is the clear winner as it complies with GDPR, but Signal is not. 

Threema Vs Signal: Which One To Rely On 2024?

We know that after seeing the above information, it is difficult for you to go with the one app. Both of them have different features and provide security and privacy to the users. It is also difficult for us to announce a winner because Threema is a paid app and it lets the users create accounts without giving personal details, and even you can chat with others by remaining anonymous. But the same feature is not available for the Signal. Also, Threema provides the user accessibility to buying separate servers, which is also good for them.

Apart from it, Signal is a very popular app, and as it is freely available on the play store, there are chances that your friends and relatives will be available on them. As your main aim is to talk with your friends and relatives and what if they are not available on the app? Will it benefit you even after paying some charge for it? That’s why there are chances that more users will not be available on Threema, and you might have to convince them to pay the charge if you want to talk with them.

Now, it’s the result time. The decisions totally depend upon you. If you are able to pay the charge and your friends and relatives are available on Threema, then you can go with this app. But, if your friends and relatives are not ready to pay the charge but want security and privacy, then Signal will be best for you. As security wise, both apps are good. That’s it for today, see you at the next one.


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