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The Best Agent Skins For Playing as Terrorists And Counter-terrorists in Game


Key Takeaways
  • CS:GO offers variety with agent skins for terrorists and counter-terrorists, influencing visibility and gameplay
  • Choosing the best skins involves factors like hitbox size, price, and preference for both T and CT-side agents
  • Top picks include "Professionals" for terrorists and FBI units for counter-terrorists, each with unique designs and advantages

CS:GO has a lot of options to add variety to your game, and they don’t stop with purchasing weapon skins. Changing the appearance of the players themselves is also popular, despite the fact that agent skins have been controversial since their inception. For example, some players believe that some of them affect the player’s visibility, and therefore can affect the outcome of the match. If you want to achieve results like the best players from CS:GO pro player rankings, then this article written by Volodymyr Huda is for you. You will learn about the best skins for agents to play as terrorists and counter-terrorists.

What to Pay Attention to When Choosing Skins For T And CT-side Agents

To choose the best CS GO agent skins, you need to determine the criteria by which we will classify them. If we start only from personal preferences, then we will not be able to come to anything definite, since there are 63 agent skins in the game. This means that, theoretically, given the number of gamers (by the way, in August 2023, the maximum number of online players reached 1,369,511) and differences in tastes, we will have 63 best agents.

Therefore, we will determine the best agents based on several indicators, namely:

  • Smallest hitbox size for each faction. This is a very important thing in the game. The lower the hitbox level of the models, the more difficult it is for enemies to shoot you, and even more so, to hit you with a headshot.
  • The lowest price for CS GO agent skins on the day the post was written.
  • The highest price on the day the post was written.

Terrorists: Best By Hitboxes

The “Professionals” unit is not only the best among terrorists in terms of hitboxes, but generally among all available agents in the game. Suffice it to say that compared to the worst team in this indicator, “SAS”, the head hitbox of “Professionals” is 16.75% smaller. Can you imagine what advantage those who prefer “Professionals” to other terrorist agents will have?

Based on the game, the “Professionals” are a group from the United States engaged in bank robberies. In appearance, these CS GO agent skins are very reminiscent of American gangsters of the 20-30s of the 20th century during the time of Al Capone. “Professionals” can be found on one of the official Vertigo matchmaking maps, where they are trying to blow up a skyscraper under construction.

In some places, “The Professionals” is voiced quite funny. So, if you, playing for them, shoot at your teammate, you will hear in response: “Hey! Are you dumb!” Let’s look at the best skins for playing as terrorists:

Number K.

Number K can be seen in various memes related to the game almost more often than in real matches. And all because of his appearance and a kind of mask covering the upper part of his face. Although the rest of the design can be called minimalist, Number K is among the most expensive agents. Another notable feature is the suit with white sleeves, which are visible to its owner. Thanks to this, guns with white or minimalist skins look especially good in his hands. This is a fairly expensive skin, its cost can exceed $40.

Sir Bloody Miami Darryl.

Second place in popularity is occupied by another skin from The Professionals squad. Sir Bloody Miami Darryl’s most recognizable feature is the ski mask covering his face, which is reminiscent of the appearance of gangsters in the famous movie Heat. The look is completed by a bright shirt covered in pink and blue spots, as well as small details that will be noticeable from the player’s point of view – tattoos on his arms and a gold watch. This is a fairly expensive skin, its cost can exceed $60.

Safecracker Voltzman.

Another agent skin from The Professionals team is also in constant demand, namely Safecracker Voltzmann. With purple-dyed hair, a tattooed neck, bright blue glasses, and a vest with an unusual design, this character looks like he stepped out of a movie about hackers and a bank robbery. Regardless of which skins your teammates choose, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. The cost of this skin does not exceed $20.

Special Forces: Best By Hitboxes

FBI unit is a team that is slightly inferior only to the “Professionals” and takes a confident second place in the overall ranking in terms of hitboxes. However, she is the absolute leader among counter-terrorists.

Compared to the worst SAS team in this indicator, the FBI’s head hitbox is 10.32% smaller. The appearance of the CS:GO agent skins for the FBI is taken from the Hostage Rescue Team and SWAT (Special Weapons Assault Team).

The FBI confronts the “Professionals” team on the Vertigo map, stopping them from destroying an unfinished skyscraper. In addition, the FBI appears on the side of the special forces on another official matchmaking map – Nuke – on which it defends a nuclear power plant.

If you take a closer look at the FBI skins, you can see the words “HRTF” on their headphones. This is a kind of reference to the sound positioning system, which was improved in CS:GO.

Let’s look at the best agent skins for playing as counter-terrorists:

Special Agent Ava.

Special Agent Ava is not only one of the first agents to appear in the game, but she is also the first female agent in CS:GO. It’s no surprise that this skin isn’t cheap. Ava wears a dark blue jacket with bright yellow AGENT lettering on the sleeves. For example, Specialist Gloves | Field Agent gloves can be an excellent addition to a uniform suit. The cost of this skin does not exceed $15.

Lt. Commander Ricksaw NSWC SEAL.

According to many community members, Lt. Commander Ricksaw is one of the most successful agents for special forces. If you’ve got your hands on some rare gloves and want to show them off in all their glory, this skin is perfect as it’s one of the few skins with rolled-up sleeves. In addition, there is a glove model designed specifically for him – Specialist Gloves | Lt. Commander. Otherwise, his outfit makes a very striking impression, reminiscent of dynamic action films. This skin was noticed in the inventory of a pro player Oleksandr “⁠s1mple” Kostyliev from the Navi team. The cost of this skin does not exceed $10.

Final Thoughts

CS:GO impresses with its variety of skins for weapons and agents; you can choose anyone depending on your design preferences and the role you perform. When choosing, you can rely on your own preferences and the preferences of the player community. If you strive to reach the same heights as the cyber sportsmen from the CS:GO pro player rankings, we recommend visiting the Profilerr service. There you can find many useful services, including a crosshair generator, as well as pro settings. You can check the information you need 24 hours a day, no matter where you are in Houston, Texas, or Chicago, Illinois.

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