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What is Sentry MBA? and How to Download Sentry MBA for Free


What if I tell you that you don’t need an extreme knowledge of codes and hacking to crack any big website? Yes, it is possible with some custom-built tools. For the cybercriminals, the custom-built cracking tools are like a gift. To automate the criminals use the credential stuffing these tools.

What is Sentry MBA? and How to Download Sentry MBA for Free

Now you must have thought that what is credential stuffing? So, the answer is that this is the act against a targeted interface to test the large sets of stolen credentials. The criminals load the list of breached credentials into these tools to test them on a large scale which is against the targeted mobile or web authentication interfaces.

There are many custom-built tools available to download from the internet and some of them are –

  1. Sentry MBA
  2. Vertex
  3. Apex

Among these, the best one, which I think is a Sentry MBA. And in this article, we are going to discuss all the Sentry MBA, and we will also discuss why I think this is the best custom-built cracking tool.

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What is Sentry MBA?

What is Sentry MBA?
What is Sentry MBA?

We have said earlier that Sentry MBA is an automated account cracking tool and its self-customized feature of cracking gives it space among one of the most popular cracking tools. This is the tool which mostly used by the cybercriminals.

This tool is used on the major websites just to take over the user. Sentry MBA allows the users to test the millions of usernames and passwords to see which one of them is valid on the targeted website.

Versions of Sentry MBA

If you work in INFOSEC, then you may know about the credential stuff tools like Sentry MBA originally named as the Sentry 2.0 MBA version by the original developer. Initially, the first iteration of Sentry 2.0 was originally developed by the person who was using alias “sentinel” in the underground communities.

This was not popular enough, and later it was developed by “Ascaris” according to the opening interface of Sentry MBA. Sentinel was a security researcher according to chatter in some of the cracking communities, and he was the person who intended for the tool to be used against the organization’s own interfaces.

Moreover, the notes which were released for version 1.4.1 include the disclaimer which says that the program was intended only for testing the one’s own site and not of others. Any other uses of that program were forbidden. The author did not take responsibility for any of the improper use of that program.

When someone starts the automated cracking tool, the users had to agree that they would not use it to test the creds against any other site or the assets that the user did not own. But there are many users who use it by breaking the rule. Somehow in the underground communities, the tool was leaked – and the rest became history.

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Things needed to crack its target

Sentry MBA needs three things to crack its target, and those are:

  1. The Sentry MBA is navigating the configuration file – the unique characteristics of the targeted site with the help of this file.
  2. Proxy file – to make it appear that the login attempts are coming from a large number of sources and not from any single attacker, i.e. to resemble organic traffic this file is used. Because this a list of IP addresses.
  3. Combo list – these are the lists that are obtained or generated from the breaches of many different websites. It can also be traded or sold on their different markets. It is actually the database like a password or username against the targeted website.

These are the three things that Sentry MBA needs to crack its target.

Why is Sentry MBA being used?

Sentry MBA is used to do a different thing, and some of them are:

  1. Sentry MBA is used to check the combo lists for different accounts.
  2. Sentry MBA is useful for user-defined elements to scrape web pages.
  3. Sentry MBA is also useful on web pages to automate the forms.

What is the meaning of the Sentry MBA Error Code?

Sentry MBA Tool is very sensitive in itself; therefore, it is possible that it can run into various fee errors while running. You must know that it is an HTTP bit; therefore, the error code response will also come in HTTP. In this section, we are giving you the meanings of some basic errors in the Sentry MBA cracking tool.

  1. 5xx – the meaning of a 5xx error is a server error.
  2. 4xx – this error means the server denies the request.
  3. 3xx – 3xx error has the meaning of redirection.
  4. 2xx – this code means success.

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Download Sentry MBA Latest Version 2024

We do not recommend anyone to use such tools that can fall you in some serious cybercrime. This is only for educational purpose and our intention is to only aware people about the cyber world.

Step 1: Click here to Download Sentry MBA

Step 2: Open the ZIP file and run Sentry_MBA.exe File.

Download Sentry MBA Latest Version 2020

At the Bottom

At last, we have seen how Sentry MBA works, why it is being used, what are the different versions of Sentry MBA, and various other aspects. I hope you find this article helpful. If you do so, you can share this article with all your friends. It will help us to grow more and we will reach out to many people as possible. Do share it with your friends.

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