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Top Free 25 Hacking Apps for Android 2020 – Ethical Tools


Now you can easily download best and latest arrived android Hacking Apps in 2019  exclusively for android phone. Now, there’s no need to depend on computer for hacking. Time has changed. You can do anything with your smartphone that a computer does.

Best 25+Hacking Apps for Android in 2019 - Free Download Hacking Apps
Best 25+Hacking Apps for Android in 2019

While you are searching for some hacking apps which will run on your Android device whether your android phone is rooted or not rooted, then believe me you arrived in a perfect tech blog. As you all notice how rapidly the technology changes every day, there are new inventions on the tech field. And due to the internet, there are huge viral things that are happening on the internet, as hackers have found this very good opportunity to show their talent in their laptop and start hacking. But did you know how you’ll hack WiFi, Android, etc. from your Android phone easily.

There should no time to waste on learning Ethical hacking and all. Mainly hackers use LINUX to hack systems. And Android is also running on Linux OS. But everyone’s has rumors that hacking is only performed on the computer. But now the world of technology is changing, and you all carry a small hacking device in your pocket i.e., ‘Android.’ Recently we have noted that many of the cyber hackers are targeting Android users.

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Best Hacking Apps for Android 2020

So here we go and discuss Top Best hacking apps for Android phones that are highly recommended by some great ethical hackers:

#1.  zANTI

 zANTI is a comprehensive network diagnostics toolkit that enables complex audits and penetration tests at the push of a button. It provides cloud-based reporting that walks you through simple guidelines to ensure network safety. This Hacking app is designed for Android devices.

#2. DroidBox

DroidBox is a hacking app which is developed to offer dynamic analysis of Android applications. This app is pretty cool to do coding and to attack victim’s remotely easily.

#3. Hacktode


Hacktode is The hacker’s Toolbox is an application for penetration tester, Ethical hackers, IT administrator and Cyber security professional to perform different tasks like reconnaissance, scanning performing exploits, etc. you can download this Android hacking app from the above link.

#4. Kill WiFi

This open source ethical hacking android app is one of the most popular ones in this field. Similar to the net cut app in Windows, this app is capable of cutting off anyone’s WiFi over your network. Kill Wifi is extremely useful when you have an open WiFi not protected by a strong password. You can cut off the WiFi of the intruder by just a few clicks on your device. This app is easy to use owing to its lucid and interactive interface and easy-to-use tools.

#5. Androrat

AndroRat stands for Android Remote Administration Tool. This hacking app is a remote administration tool which is used to control another device even if you have no physical access to that device. It is also useful in inducing some giggle and amazement amongst your friends and family members.

#6. Burp Suite

Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire testing process, from initial mapping and analysis of an application’s attack surface, through to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities.

#7. SpoofApp

SpoofApp is exactly what this app does. Apart from changing your phone number, this app can also change your voice and record your entire conversation! However, you will need SpoofCards to use this app. Overall a nice app for bringing smiles on your and your friend’s face.

#8. Droid Sheep

Hacks” for many is hacking into your friend’s social media account for giggles. Or it may be used for even something useful like extracting some important information from someone’s social media accounts. DroidSheep does the job for you. It hijacks the sessions of social media activities carried out on your network.

#9. Shark For Root

Traffic sniffer, works on 3G and WiFi (works on FroYo tethered mode too). To open dump use WireShark or similar software, for preview dump on phone use Shark Reader. Based on tcpdump.

#10. aNmap – Android

Nmap (network mapper) is one the best among different network scanner (port finder) tool, Nmap mainly developed for Unix OS but now it is available on Windows and Android as well. Nmap for android is a Nmap apps for your phone! Once your scan finishes you can e-mail the results. This application is not an official apps, but it looks good.

#11. WiFi Mac Changer

[appbox googleplay com.wireless.macchanger&hl=en]

One of the most useful ones, Wifi Mac Changer app changes the MAC address of your device you make your activities almost untraceable. With your rooted Android phone, you can change the MAC Address of your device temporarily so that your online activities cannot be traced back to you. The app provides you two methods of changing your MAC Address. One is the easier way which reflects no change in your WiFi settings. The other method is a bit tougher which allows you to enter apps which are password protected and this will reflect the changed address in your WiFi settings.

Hacking Apps for android 2019 - Itechhacks.com
Latest Android Hacking Apps (2019)

#12. SSHDroid

[appbox googleplay berserker.android.apps.sshdroid&hl=en]

Android Secure Shell: Secure Shell or SSH is the best protocol that provides an extra layer of security while you are connecting to your remote machine.SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android. This application will let you connect to your device from a PC and execute commands

#13. dSploit

dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assessments on a mobile device.

#14. APKInspector

APKinspector is a powerful GUI tool for analysts to aanalyzethe Android applications. The goal of this project is to aid analysts and reverse engineers to visualize compiled Android packages and their corresponding DEX code.

#15. Arpspoof

Arpspoof is a tool for network auditing originally written by Dug Song as a part of his dsniff package. This app redirects traffic on the local network by forging ARP replies and sending them to either a specific target or all the hosts on the local network paths.

Note: All content that are published on itechhacks for Security Research Purpose and should not be used illegally. We Don’t take any responsibility of any harm.


#16 SSLStrip for Android

[appbox googleplay com.crazyricky.androidsslstrip&hl=en]

SSLStrip is a tool that transparently hijacks HTTP traffic on a network, watch for HTTPS links and redirects, and then map those links into look-alike HTTP links or homograph-similar HTTPS links.You can download SSLStrip for Android from Google Playstore For free.

#17 Fing Network Tool

[appbox googleplay com.overlook.android.fing&hl=en]

Fing will help you to find out which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, in just a few seconds. It displays IP,MAC Address and device manufacturer.

#18 USB Cleaver

The goal of the USB Cleaver is to silently recover information from a target Windows 2000 or higher computer, including password hashes, LSA secrets, IP information, etc… beauty lies in the fact that the payload can run silently and without modifying the system or sending network traffic, making it near invisible. It captures all the information to a LOG file stored in your sdcard and can be reviewed at anytime.

#19 WhatsApp Sniffer

If you want to download private chats, audios and videos of your friends WhatsApp, who uses your WiFi Connection this app is the best choice must try it.

#20 WIBR Plus +

WIBR Plus is the advanced application for testing of security of the WPA/WPA2 PSK WiFi networks.This app detects wireless penetration on a network.

#21 Droid Pentest

Droid Pentest help you to find all android apps for penetration testing and hacking so you can make complete penetration test platform .

#22 WiFi You | Android Hacking Apps

WiFi You is a powerful app collecting millions of wifi passwords shared by end users worldwide and storing & distributing them from our cloud server for you to enjoy free network and traffic saving. It will be your wifi key and will automatically find all available WiFi networks nearby. You can connect to the free wifi with one single click.

#23 WiFi Analyzer

Turns your Android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer! Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.

#24 Eviloperator

This app connects two friends into a phone conversation making them think they called each other! Record the call and share the recording with the third person.

#25 CSploit

dSploit is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete and advanced techniques. It works on rooted Android.

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Wrap Up: So that’s done with our Free 25 best Android Hacking Apps for Android 2020 devices so now download any of above app and try to use them safely. Hope you love hacking apps download article. if you, then share this post and don’t forget to ask your questions freely. These top Android hacking apps are downloaded and download best android hacking apps .

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