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How to View or Check AP Scores Early 2024


AP courses and exams allow students to take college-level courses while still in high school. In college admissions and credit eligibility, AP scores play a crucial role for millions of students across the globe each year. In addition to the official release date for AP scores, many students wonder whether they can access their scores sooner. However, in this article, you will learn methods and strategies that may help you know how to view your AP scores early in 2024.

What is AP Score?

It is the numerical grade students receive on AP exams that determine their AP scores. Through the College Board’s Advanced Placement program, high school students can take college-level courses and earn credit for college courses as a result of their AP test scores.

In May, students take AP exams that cover a large variety of subjects, including math, science, history, literature, and languages. As soon as students complete the exam, they receive an AP Score, which is a numerical value between 1 and 5, with 5 being the highest score.

Early Access Programs and Eligibility:

It is possible for certain students to access their AP scores before the official release date by taking advantage of the College Board’s early access programs. School and educator participants in these programs must meet specific criteria, including exceptional performance and participation in special programs. In spite of this, these opportunities are limited and not accessible to a large number of students.

Is there a reason why AP tests take so long to grade?

How To View or Check AP Scores Early 2023

Although AP scores are now available online, why can you get your SAT results after just a few weeks when AP scores take the College Board two months to grade?

This is because free-response questions take a long time to grade. Multiple-choice questions are graded by computer, but free responses aren’t graded until the June conference for Advanced Placement Reading. 

A huge conference is held each year where thousands of high school teachers and college professors grade AP free-response questions. It usually takes about two weeks to complete the AP Reading course. In order to accommodate teacher and professor class schedules, the AP scoring process does not begin until June.

In order to combine the free-response scores with the multiple-choice scores, the College Board must compare the free-response scores with the multiple-choice scores. This is done by weighing and scaling the scores to a final score of 1-5. In July, readers will receive their final AP scores online.

It is actually quite a feat for real people to grade over four million AP exams every year, even though the scoring process takes two months.

AP Score Release Dates for 2024 | Get AP Score Released Early

In early to mid-July 2024, you can expect your AP scores if you take your exams in May. While the College Board has not announced a precise date, they typically release scores around the second week of July.

In most cases, students receive their test scores at the same time, but release dates tend to be rolled out over a period of time. Scores for AP tests are typically released by rough geographical regions. 

How Do I View My AP Scores?

There is an online AP student website that posts AP scores. Make sure you have your College Board username and password ready so you can access them. If you used a student ID number on your AP answer sheet, you will also need your AP number.

It is not possible to receive a letter or score report in the mail with your AP scores. Up until 2013, results were mailed to students and usually arrived by mid-July. The online system should make you happier because it’s faster.

How to View Your AP Scores Early? How To Check AP Scores Online 2024

If you live in a state that accepted AP scores previously, you can allow your friends to log in and view your scores.

If your state did not accept AP scores previously, enter one of the states that did. VPNs can be used to change your IP address from one of the first released states to one of the second released states. Here are some other things you can try:

1. Registering for Online Services at apscore.org

How To Check AP Scores Online

Registering for the College Board’s online services is crucial to ensure a smooth and timely AP score viewing experience. Sign up for an AP Student account on the College Board website and complete the identity verification process. This way, you will receive AP program updates and reminders as soon as your scores are available.

2. Seeking Unofficial Score Reports

How To Check AP Scores Online 2023

In the past, unofficial AP score reports have been made available online before the official release date, and the College Board has maintained strict control over the release of AP scores.

Occasionally, these reports may appear on certain websites or forums, allowing students to see their scores before the official release. In spite of this, you should exercise caution when relying on unofficial sources, as they cannot be trusted for accuracy or legitimacy.

3. Utilizing Social Media and Online Communities

It is possible for students seeking AP score information to access social media platforms and online communities. There are many places on the internet where students can share updates regarding the release of their AP scores, including Reddit, Twitter, and College Confidential.

It is possible to gain insight into the timing and availability of score reports by following these communities and engaging in relevant conversations. In any case, be aware that information shared in these spaces is not always reliable, so exercise caution when relying on them.

Where can I find an AP number?

You will receive an AP number if you last took AP Exams in 2019 or earlier – an eight-digit number that serves as an official identifier for the examination. Your AP number was used to associate your scores with you.

Your AP Student Pack contains a different AP number each year you take an AP exam. In AP Scores for Students, you can download a PDF version of your score report, which contains your AP number. If you’re unable to find your AP number, you can contact them via their online form or call 888-225-5427 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada). 

Sum Up | See AP Score Early

So, that’s how to view AP Scores early in 2024. We hope that you find this article helpful. In the meantime, if you need more information regarding AP, comment below and let us know. 


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