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Quick tips to help manage your iPhone


Apple is due to release their latest model with some rumors stating there will be three new devices. Apple fans across the globe get excited to see what the latest updates will be. In the past two models, there has not been a lot of change so managing your device won’t change that much either.Quick tips to help manage your iPhone

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Check out our quick iPhone tips to help manage your device

Battery & Data Management

Let’s start with battery management. Whilst most people can get to a charger there can be times when this isn’t possible. Managing your battery when its low is simple by turning off several functions. You can still receive texts and calls but your battery life will be extended drastically.

1 – Brightness – Turning down your iPhone brightness will save a lot of power. Go to settings, then to Brightness, then to auto brightness and switch this off. Now you can put your phone brightness on low saving a lot of battery usage.

2 – Turn Bluetooth off. Bluetooth uses a lot of power and disabling is simple. Go to settings, then select Bluetooth and select off.

3 – When your iPhone follows your location its constantly using power. Go to settings, then to privacy, the to location services and turn off.

4 – Turning off 3G and 4G saves a good amount of power. It means you can’t get emails on the move but you can always retrieve these when you arrive at your destination. Go to settings, then to general, then to internet connections and set to off.

5 – Turning off your ringtone and vibration also saves on battery life. GO to settings, then to sounds, then to Vibrate and Ring and switch this to off.

6 – Turning off mail, contacts, and calendars fetching your data on the move saves a good amount of battery. Go to settings, then to mail/contacts/calendar, then turn off fetch new data.

Formatting Email Content

We all want our writing to come across as professional but this can often be difficult on a smartphone. The iPhone is no different. Formatting email content on the move is simple on the iPhone. Highlight the text you want to format the tap on the options arrow, tap on the B/U button and you can select how you want to format the selected text.

Controlling read receipts

iMessage is a great feature but sometimes you don’t want someone to know you have read their message. Go to Settings, then to messages, select send read receipts and turn off. This will stop iMessage from sending a read receipt.

Switching Panorama directions

Ever since panorama was released we have been seeing more detailed photo’s showing peoples entire surroundings. It’s a great feature and one of the most used photos features on the iPhone. When in panorama mode. Tap the arrows on either side and your iPhone will now know which direction you plan to shoot.

Headphone cords taking photos

This one’s not widely known. Ever have trouble getting the perfect shot. Just click your headphone buttons down or up and your iPhone will take the photo.

With Apple’s new release of their next model, we expect to see some exciting new features with some great tips. Come back and keep an eye on our latest iPhone tips here.

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