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Top 10 Best Photo Editing Softwares Similar to MS Paint


If you are looking for the Best MS Paint Alternatives Then Grats! you are landed on the right blog post. Here we have listed the top 10 Best Amazing Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint 2022 (Free)

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Software's Similar to MS Paint
Best Photo Editing Software’s Similar to MS Paint

The first-ever tool that we used in the earlier days when we have initially sit in front of our PCs is “MS Paint. But after Microsoft’s Official Announcements to shut down “MS Paint” in upcoming updates of all Windows, Many of us make thought that there was no more Paint Tool in Windows. But that all was rumors. Actually, They will be going to update “MS Paint” With new and latest features, Probably, they will be going to launch their Paint Tool at the end of this year.

Anyways, You might guys only use MS Paint for all your editing stuff. But there are some Best MS Paint Alternatives around you that are absolutely Free to download and easy to use. Many of you only known with Picasa, Photoshop, PicsArt, etc are the only alternative to MS Paint. (By The way thanks to Microsoft, MS Paint is going nowhere). But it’s great if you have a choice rather use old-fashionable MS Paint Image editing tools.

Let me tell you something, In the early age of itechhacks I use to edit my all blog images only on “MS PAINT“. But due to the lack of features and tools given in the paint, it doesn’t compromise with my editing standards. That’s why I wanted you to know all MS Paint Alternatives so that you would have been a better choice of Image Editing Softwares for PC and There are many Photo Editors for PC similar to MS Paint that you can download from Windows Store or I will give you a link over there. So Without talking more, Let’s have a look at these 10 best MS Paint Alternatives that you can download at free of cost.

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Best MS Paint Alternatives (Free)

Here is the list of top 10 Free Best MS Paint Alternatives for Windows PC that you can download for free from this post.

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#1 Pixlr

Best Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint
Pixlr | itechhacks

Pixlr is one the greatest image editing software for Windows Operating System. Well, Pixlr tool has many Cropping, Trimming, Layers, Effects, and many more amazing editing features. You can use this Amazing tool as an alternative to Microsoft’s Paint. Pixlr is available for Android and iOS platforms as well.

#2 Paint.NET

Best Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint
Paint.NET | itechhacks

Paint.NET is another best photo-editing tool in this list. While installing this, Keep in mind the path of installation of this software is in Windows Drive. The other best advantage of this software is that when you see the editor of this software’s you will remember Microsoft’s Paint UX. But this software always keeps updating its features and tools on regular basis.

#3 IrfanView

Best Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint
IrfanView | itechhacks

As the name represents, this Photo-Editor for Windows developed by a person named ” Irfan Skiljan”. You can use this old featured Image editing tool in the alternative to MS Paint. But I will not recommend you to download this. As this is not an updated version.

#4 Vectr

Best Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint
Vectr | itechhacks

One of the best Photo editing software for Windows. This software is not easy to use only but the best part is it has the best graphics designing tools and features that do graphics editing. If you don’t want to download this tool then you could be able to access this tool easily online. However, Vectr is officially available on Android and iOS app stores. After editing images you can save that edited image in different formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP. Indeed, Like in MS Paint you will get more similar toolbars over there that would help you out to make good images.

#5 Paint 3D

Best Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint
Paint 3D | itechhacks

We all think that Microsoft only serves MS Paint But that was not right. There are much more tools on Windows App Store. Paint 3D is one of the best image editing tools in the alternative to MS Paint. Using Paint 3D you have many options to edit your images easily Like 3D, 2D, 3D texting, and editing styling. However, the Paint 3D tool has many saving options like GLB, PLY, STL, and OBJ files, in addition to FBX and 3MF. But this app only works on Windows 10 PCs.


Best Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint
GIMP | itechhacks

GNU Image Manipulation Program is the best alternative to Microsoft’s Paint. You can download this software for windows 10 PC. GIMP is a cross-platform for Linux, Windows, and MAC OSX. You can download this amazing photo-editing software for your Windows PC easily from the above link.

#7 Greenshot

Best Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint

Talking about multi-functional Image Editors, Greenshot is one of the best editing tools for Windows and Linux. This works on an open-source platform with GNU-enabled options. The specialty of this software is that it has in-built Screen-shot features that do help you to capture the screen and then edit it. This is one of the best alternatives to MS Paint.

#8 MyPaint

Best Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint
MyPaint | itechhacks

Yet Another alternative to MS Paint. Most of the alternatives to this software are on Open Source which is available for macOS and Linux Distributions. The toolbars in MyPaint image editing software come up with great editing options like crop, texting, effects, and much more. You can use this tool to edit photos professionally. Children also use this software to learn Basic of Paint.

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#9 Snagit 12

Best Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint
Snagit | itechhacks

Well, If we are talking about Best Alternatives to Paint, Then how could we forget Snagit. I think many of you never heard about this tool. But trust me this is one of my favorite picture editing software among all. The reason behind this, This software is specially designed by TechSmith which comes with Video Recording, ScreenShot taking abilities. Among these, You can edit your image with amazing tools and the video itself.

#10 Paintbrush

Best Photo Editing Software similar to MS Paint
PaintBrush | itechhacks

The last alternative to MS Paint, but definitely not the least, This is a software that is similar to paint. However, Paintbrush is specially designed only for MAC OS users. if you are a windows user then you can skip this software.

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Final Words

I know if you are a regular user of Microsoft’s Paint, Then it’s a bit difficult for you to use another one. As there are many attachments of yours with this software. Anyways, Change is Universal and it makes Happen and Keeps happening. So these were some of the alternatives to MS Paint that you can use to edit your images etc. Did you like this article? yeah! Then Don’t forget to share it with your cool friends. And do comment below if you know of any such amazing tools.

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