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Best MEE6 Discord Bot Commands List of 2024


Almost every day, a new bot is developed for performing specific functions on a Discord server. If you are managing many Discord servers, using tons of bots can be very hectic. In such situations, you can use MEE6, a multi-functional bot, and can replace all other bots such as Rhythm, Groovy, etc.

MEE6 can greatly affect the management of Discord servers. It performs functions that include displaying automated messages, playing music, dealing with troublemaking members, assigning particular roles to members, generating useful statistics, creating polls for specific topics, etc.

Features of MEE6 Bot Commands include:

1. Custom commands allow you to manage assigned roles to different members, send automated messages, deliver the important notification, inform members about ongoing and upcoming events, etc.

2. MEE6 bot moderation system helps keep your Discord server safe from harmful advertisements, unsafe links, disturbing content, swearing, etc. You can set up actions related to banning, mute, or kick the troublesome members without manual trouble.

3. You can set up challenges for members to guess the song and artist’s name to earn points. MEE6 dashboard lets you directly search for your favorite music without any complicated commands.

However, most people cannot use the MEE6 bot to its full potential since they are unaware of some of its most useful commands. Thus, here we are with a list of some of the best MEE6 commands for all Discord users.

Best MEE6 Commands List for Discord 2023

1. Moderation Commands.

  • !ban @username – Used to ban an unruly member from your Discord server.
  • !tempban @username duration – This command can be used to temporarily ban a member from your Discord server for a certain period.
  • !tempmute @username – This command will temporarily mute a specific member on your Discord server.
  • !warn @username – This command is used to warn users. You can also add a reason to explain why the user is getting warned. A series of warnings will decrease the ranking of that user if you are using the leveling system.
  • !infractions @username – This command can be used to know all past infractions of any specific member. Details such as bans, warnings, mute are displayed.
  • !clear-all-infractions @username – This command can be used to remove all infractions of a specific member.
  • !kick @username – As the name suggests, this command is used to kick a particular member from your Discord server.

2. Birthday Commands.

  • !birthday @username – This command is used to view the birthday of any specific user.
  • !remember-birthday [date] – Thus, the command can be used to add your birthday. The date has to be in YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD format.
  • !forget-birthday – This command can remove your birthday.
  • !set-user-birthday @username – This command can be used to add the birthday of any specific member.
  • !next-birthday – Displays the birthday of the next 10 members on your Discord server.

3. Music Commands.

  • !play [URL] – This command will immediately start playing the song from the URL mentioned by you.
  • !queue – This command is used to start a queue.
  • !add [URL] – Once you have started a queue, this command will add songs to that queue.
  • !vote-skip – This MEE6 command can be used to create a vote to skip the song.
  • !start-quiz – Use this command to start a music-based quiz on your channel immediately.

4. Message Commands.

  • !slow-mode – This command enables slow mode with the set time. So, if time is set to 20 seconds, users will have to wait for 20 seconds before sending another message.
  • !clear [1-1000] – This command deletes the specified number of messages from your Discord server.

5. Level Commands.

  • !give-xp @username – This command adds points to the mentioned user.
  • !remove-xp @username – This command removes points from the mentioned user.
  • !rps – To play Rock Paper Scissors and gain coins.
  • !level – This command is used to get the leaderboard for your server.
  • !richest – This command displays the richest player on your Discord server.



If you are using the MEE6 bot on your Discord server to manage data, you can use the several lesser-known commands listed above to unlock its full potential. If you know of any such useful MEE6 command for Discord users, let us know about it in the comments section below.

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