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Kualitee – An Overview Of One Of The Best Test Management Tools


The growth in the field of software testing has gusted past zillion miles, but it’s still on its way to bringing forward intelligent techniques and solutions.

Kualitee - An Overview Of One Of The Best Test Management Tools
Kualitee – An Overview Of One Of The Best Test Management Tools

The testing framework is complicated and needs flexible tools to streamline testing activities. For this particular reason, companies have designed test management tools to cut back on time and effort spent and make things easier and productive overall.

Kualitee is a testing management tools that offers you the convenience of getting your testing activities done in an effortless manner. It involves a string of robust features that can capably accelerate the workflow by integrating your test cases with credible Software Testing Tools and simultaneously helping you manage, execute and track your test cases and sync defects.


Here is a list of Kualitee’s top-notch features and offerings to its customers:

 A set of Integrations

Kualitee - An Overview Of One Of The Best Test Management Tools
Kualitee – An Overview Of One Of The Best Test Management Tools

Kualitee offers integrations with Jira, Jenkins, and BitBucket Pipelines, that help in achieving desired results in less time. These integrations streamline the workflow and sync the data together with other powerful apps. Furthermore, they push and create pipelines, detect defects, and help in creating customized bug reports according to a particular project’s requirement. With these integrations, both testers and developers can experience utmost flexibility and adaptability in managing a powerful test management environment.

You can enjoy doing your testing activities effortlessly together with your testing team.

 Run Multiple Test Cycles

Kualitee lets the testers run multiple test cycles of a particular test case to assure quality parameters. These multiple cycles can be executed in the same test case, plus you can easily add a new one even if a test cycle is running.

Configurable Profiles

This Test Management Tool assists in the configuration of profiles of different team members by defining roles on the basis of some fixed privileges. These privileges keep the tool users aligned under their pre-defined job roles.

The default roles belong to:

  • Admin Tenant
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Test Manager

 Interactive Dashboard – The Highlight

The interactive dashboard fills all the communication gaps among the testing team. As the name indicates, it is a potent dashboard that connects every team member in a very genius way. Its clean design is not just intuitive but user-friendly. An option titled ‘filter’ allows users to search whatever test case or information during the test development process.

Create Customized Reports

A report means everything compacted on a page from start to end. It has to be flexible and easily understandable by anyone who reads it. Kualitee helps the users create a customized report module that proficiently reduces both time and effort restrictions. It collects all the data to make a concise bug testing report, that can be viewed by your team at any time.

Flexible Notifications

Kualitee makes you the ultimate controller and manager of its functions. It allows the team lead to decide whom to send the notification emails on the basis of activities performed in the app.

Areas of Management

There are a few, but very significant areas where Kualitee can help you handle the management related dilemmas on the test development cycles. Kualitee gives you a prompt access to any test case that is running or is complete. You can manage any test case and preview it right after you logged in Kualitee.

Project Management

On Kualitee, even an amateur tester can easily create a new project and execute it how he wants. You can design a testing project right according to your comprehensive requirements and environment. Furthermore, its project management enables the user to define a customized testing crew. The team members, including developers and testers, can also preview and create updates regarding the bug fixes.

Choosing from a list of software testing tools might get blurry, but Kualitee offers everything that a credible test management application in order to accomplish your goals.

Test Management

Kualitee allows its users to create desired test plans, involving multiple test scenarios, test suites, and test cases. You can add these test cases to a folder and execute them whenever appropriate. Moreover, these test cases can be used in the regression test cycles as well.

Defect Management

Kualitee’s eminent forte is basically its Defect Management feature. It provides the user with every vital detail about different types of defects. You can easily identify a problem by reporting it within our information-rich format. These bugs can be managed through various formats. Plus, these defect trends can be created again via multiple information pointers.

Kualitee’s Mobile App – Test Management on your hands now!

Recently, Kualitee has extended its capabilities further by offering a mobile application supporting Android and iOS smartphones. This will help users handle their testing activities on the go, from any corner of the world, any time of the day. To top it off, there are only two among a huge list of test management tools that support mobile support and Kualitee is one of them! It is another pinnacle the Kualitee’ manufacturers have achieved!

Kualitee’s mobile app also supports the following features including Filter Key Information Global Filter, Complete Listing, Information-Rich Format, and Flexible file sharing.

Integrate with our APIs

Integrate with our APIs to get your workflow streamlined to avoid any possible hindrances throughout the process. These APIs offer an intelligent solution to add value and increase productivity levels in whatever new solutions you pull in.

Who will it benefit?

It will benefit testers as well as developers in streamlining their work process without compromising on productivity anymore.

Kualitee is a product of Kualitatem, an independent Software Testing and Information Security providers. It is a specialized Automation Testing, Functional Testing, Responsive Testing and performance testing company catering to the high-end demands of businesses from all industries and business sectors, other than IT as well.

All these features and aspects of Kualitee sum up in helping its users in a way no other tool can. Just give it a trial and see how it becomes your testing BFF!

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