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Is FreeSync Worth It In 2024? – Simple Guide

Check if FreeSync worth it in 2021?


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  • Cons Of FreeSync It Only Works With AMD GPUs Know that FreeSync will only work with the AMD GPUs, so if you are using an NVIDIA chipset on your desktop or laptop then it won't be of any use to you.

Is FreeSync worth it in 2024? FreeSync and G-Sync are two terms that you might come across when you are buying a monitor. When looking out for a monitor in the budget segment, you may find monitors coming with Freesync, whereas, when you increase your budget, you can easily find monitors with G-Sync.

AMD’s Freesync solves various screen issues like screen tearing and cover stuttering. What it does is, allows the screen to sync its refresh rate to match the GPU’s frame rate. With FreeSync, your monitor will not display frame rates faster or slower, thus preventing screen tearing and stuttering issues.

Is FreeSync Worth in 2024 – Guide

But our question is, whether FreeSync is worth it or not in 2024? In this article, we will be discussing whether FreeSync is worth it in 2024 or not.

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Is FreeSync Worth It In 2021?

Pros Of FreeSync

It Is Much Cheaper Than The G-Sync

Talking about FreeSync, it is much cheaper than the G-Sync. If you are falling short of budget when buying a monitor, you will see that FreeSync will be available in most of the monitors coming in the budget segment.

Why is it that FreeSync comes with most of the budget range monitors? FreeSync is a software-based solution, whereas the G-Sync is a hardware-based solution, so of course, there will be a difference in the pricing. With that being said, you can get better quality FreeSync monitors at a relatively cheaper price when compared to the G-Sync.

Comparing FreeSync to G-Sync, G-Sync monitors will be much higher than the FreeSync Monitor. So if you are on a lower budget, then FreeSync will be the option available to you.

Solves The Problem Of Screen Tearing And Stuttering

Is FreeSync Worth It In 2021?

Monitors with FreeSync will solve the problem of screen tearing and stuttering that you might be facing. Screen tearing happens when the frame rate of the graphic card is much faster than the frame rate of your screen. In this case, the images will be sent much faster by the graphic card than your monitor can display them, thus causing screen tearing.

However, in screen tearing your GPU will produce images at a more potential rate than that of your monitor. During screen tearing, your game will look like it’s lagging or skipping ahead. FreeSync in your monitor can prevent such issues.

Cons Of FreeSync

It Only Works With AMD GPUs

Know that FreeSync will only work with the AMD GPUs, so if you are using an NVIDIA chipset on your desktop or laptop then it won’t be of any use to you. AMD processors come at a very lower price and people opt for them if they are going for a budget computer. Similarly, talking about FreeSync, you can find it in monitors coming at a lower price point.

However, the same is for the G-Sync monitors. G-Sync is not supported on AMD GPUs. G-Sync will only work with NVIDIA processors. FreeSync has looser standards. With that being said, they are not known for providing a consistent experience.

Some displays with FreeSync can have a refresh rate between 40-144Hz, whereas some might have a refresh rate between 48-75Hz. With a G-Sync monitor, you can be assured that the monitor will manage screens stutter and tearing across a wide range of refresh rates.

Final Words

We have come to the conclusion of our article about whether FreeSync is worth it or not. G-Sync is ideal for gamers and video editors having an NVIDIA GPU, but you will have to pay extra for getting a monitor with G-Sync, but it will be worth the effort. On the other hand, it will be a good choice to go for FreeSync if you are using an AMD GPU.

For the mid-range and budget segment, it will be ideal to go for FreeSync monitors if you are using AMD GPUs. However, know that refresh rate can be variable in all the displays which may lead to an inconsistent experience. So, you may have to do a bit of research in case you are going for a monitor with FreeSync.

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