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How To Install Remix OS on Windows PC (Working)


Are you looking to spice up your computing experience with something new and exciting? Well, you’re in for a treat! Today, we’re going to walk through the steps on how to install Remix OS on a Windows PC. Remix OS is an Android-based operating system that brings the mobile operating system’s flexibility and app ecosystem to your desktop. It’s a fantastic way to breathe new life into an old PC or to experience Android in a whole new way. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how to install Remix OS on Windows.

How To Install Remix OS on Windows PC
How To Install Remix OS on Windows PC

The majority of smartphone owners have an Android device. This is due to the highly customizable user interface of Android’s operating system. A large number of free apps and games could also be the reason behind the popularity of Android devices among people around the world.

However, these apps and games could be accessed only on Android devices until we got introduced to Android emulators such as Bluestacks, Nox Player, AMIDuOS, etc. Android emulators are software that allows you to run Android apps and games on your PC/laptop. This software works efficiently and allows you to use Android applications on your PC/laptop conveniently.

Before we start the installation process, let’s get a bit familiar with Remix OS. It’s an Android-based system that has been optimized for desktop use. This means you get a start menu, taskbar, and windowed apps, just like in Windows, but with the added bonus of the entire Android app ecosystem. It’s a great way to use Android apps on a full-scale desktop.

What is Remix OS?

How to Select the Ideal Android OS System Remix OS is and You’ll be able to Run All of Android Attributes on Your Computer, Games, and Also All of Android Apps. You will be permitted on your computer to Run Android surroundings. Also take a look at Windows tricks and tweaks, to be used Windows in a great manner. That is the Operating System for virtually any Pc, in rather than.

Download Remix OS Requirements

Recommended system requirements for downloading and installing Remix OS on your PC are:

1) 2 GHz dual-core processor or better

2) 2 GB system memory

3) Minimum 8 GB of free HDD space.

4) A good Internet connection would be helpful.

It is available for both 32-bit PCs and 64-bit PCs. The 32-bit version is Legacy BIOS only whereas the 64-bit version is UEFI Boot and Legacy BIOS compatible.

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How To Install Remix OS on PC, MAC

Installing Remix on your PC is very easy. It is just a three-step process.

Step 1- Download the Remix OS for PC from the official website which is ‘https://www.jide.com/remixos-for-pc‘ using your web browser.

Step 2– Navigate to the location here you had downloaded the files of this operating system. Then, click on some dialog boxes to initiate the installation of Remix OS on your PC.

Step 3- Once the installation process is completed, restart your PC to boot the Remix OS on your PC. You will notice an icon of Remix OS on your desktop. Double-click on this icon to launch Remix OS on your PC.


A fascinating fact about Remix OS Android emulator is that it is entirely free of cost. Which means that you can enjoy all the features provided by this operating system for free.

Features of Remix OS for PC

Some of the notable features of Remix OS are:

#1. Built-in RAM management software: Remix OS comes with an integrated RAM management software using which you can clear cache and RAM usage. This can be done just by selecting the small button on the taskbar.

#2. File Manager: This Android emulator comes with a File Manager which can perform almost all the functions of a file manager. This is quite helpful as you won’t need to install a third-party File Manager.

#3. Pin Apps to Taskbar: The most common notion of pinning an app to the taskbar is dragging the apps and dropping them onto the Taskbar. However, this won’t help your cause. To pin apps to your taskbar, you must go the App drawer and right click on the app. This will Pin the app to the Taskbar.

#4. Make use of Notification drawer: In Remix OS Android emulator, you get a notification drawer which is pinned onto the bottom right of the taskbar. In this notification bar, you get all notifications from Gmail, Google Now, Play Store updates, etc. This notification drawer works exactly as it does on an Android device. Along with notifications, you can also use quick toggles such as Screenshot and Reboot, etc.

Let’s have a look at this Remix OS Overview

Remix OS Overview
Remix OS Overview

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Video Tutorial On Installing Remix OS

Wrap Up: This is all you need to know about Remix OS before you download and install it on your PC. You can use numerous Android applications on your PC using this Android emulator. This is not a difficult assignment if you know how to install Kali Linux or Windows then you can easily initiate this process. If you think something more should have been added above then, please let us know in the comments section below.

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