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How to Play Pictionary on Zoom in 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Pictionary on Zoom has gained popularity in 2024, offering a fun alternative to traditional board meetings.
  • The game involves teams trying to guess words drawn by players, making it enjoyable for a larger audience on Zoom.
  • Setting up Pictionary on Zoom involves using the Whiteboard feature and a random word generator, ensuring a smooth and interactive gameplay experience.

Playing Pictionary on Zoom is become more famous these days due to work from home schedule. However, the Pictionary game is available in many different versions. It’s not as difficult as you might think to play Pictionary on Zoom.

Traditionally, a pen and paper are all you need to play Pictionary. Zoom’s Whiteboard feature, on the other hand, offers an amazing alternative. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about finding a way to spice up a board meeting.

Nevertheless, if you are someone who doesn’t know about this game that you can play on Zoom while you get bored attending several meetings, then this guide will help you know that. So, here we have described the best methods to play Pictionary on Zoom.

What is Pictionary on Zoom?

How to Play Pictionary on Zoom in 2022

In Pictionary, a large array of words is expected to be identified by your competitors at the end of the game. It is usually played between two teams. In the end, the team with the highest number of words wins.

Playing Pictionary on Zoom is particularly enjoyable because of its reach. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this game greatly increased the number of users on Zoom. This only means that Pictionary fans will be able to play with more people.

For a complete experience, playing Pictionary online requires the use of a random word generator and Zoom’s Whiteboard feature. So, don’t worry; we will explain everything you need to know about how to play Pictionary on Zoom further in this guide.

What Are The Rules To Follow to Play Pictionary on Zoom?

It may take a few tries to figure out how to play the virtual version of the game, but the rules here are fairly easy to understand. You can start by using a Pictionary word generator.

The first player draws what he or she reads in the generator, and the rest guesses what they sketch. Everyone takes a turn drawing, and when it’s their turn to draw, they shuffle the random word generator.

Make sure only Pictionary artists have access to the Pictionary word generator. By providing each player with the generator’s link, each player can view the word and draw it on their turn every time their turn comes up.

Each participant should have a maximum time limit of about 60 seconds to draw, and the team must guess the sketch within another 60 seconds. The final winner should be announced on a scoreboard. Ideally, the host should be the only person handling this board.

How To Setting Up Pictionary on Zoom

  1. Get everyone on board with your Zoom meeting. After that, on the Zoom meeting page, the host clicks on Share Screen once everyone has settled down.
  2. Under the Basic tab, click Whiteboard to display the different screens you can share. Once the drawing is complete, click on Share so that every participant can see it.How To Setting Up Pictionary on Zoom
  3. Whenever your turn comes up, everyone on the call can draw on the same whiteboard screen.
  4. With Zoom’s Whiteboard, Pictionary artists can create their masterpieces with ease. The Whiteboard should be divided into the scoreboard and the drawing board.
  5. Select the Text tab in the panel of options on the Whiteboard and enter the names of all participants on one side.How To Setting Up Pictionary on Zoom
  6. Persons who correctly guess the drawing and say it out loud will receive points. In the whiteboard panel, a stamping feature allows you to maintain these points. For every player’s winning score, you can record it with one of the stamps, and the player with the most stamps wins!

How to Play Pictionary on Zoom

Once you’ve learned the basics, let’s start playing. To begin, you must divide the players into teams. Next, you should put your artistic skills to work before the timer expires.

  1. First, the player must generate a random word within 60 seconds. Afterward, they must draw it on Zoom’s Whiteboard.How to Play Pictionary on Zoom
  2. We will assume that the first player illustrates a Cat on the Whiteboard by drawing it. The other player then has to guess it correctly in time.
  3. The spirit of the game lends itself to someone declaring the word before the first few lines have been written. This is fine since it’s all in good fun.
  4. The host or the player assembly must determine a success threshold for winning the game. Zoom’s scoring system is slightly different from the traditional game board Pictionary. To begin, it is important to determine how many wins will be necessary.
  5. Success is attributed to the team that guessed the whiteboard word first.

Can You Play Pictionary Without Teams?

Of course! Pictionary can also be played with three players by dividing the table into two teams and selecting the third player as the game’s artist. Nevertheless, drawing for the rest of the game isn’t all that exciting.

Every time one of the other players guesses a keyword by the artist, they will score a point. As a result, both artists and normal players are rewarded. After every guessed word, rotate the role of the designated artist. In the case of an artist with a higher score than the other players, he cannot be an artist anymore and will be forced to guess instead.


So, if you and your friends get stuck in a never-ending boring meeting, then you can play Pictionary on Zoom. However, we have already told you every single detail that you can use to make your meetings more interesting on Zoom. So, we advise you to try this once in your meeting and enjoy this incredible game. So, we hope you find this guide interesting. However, now for further queries, comment below. 


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