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How to Get Touch Bar Pet on Macbook Pro 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Touchbar Pets are virtual companions that live in the Touch Bar on a MacBook Pro, providing dynamic shortcuts and controls.
  • To get a Touch Bar pet on your Macbook Pro, download the app from the developer's website, extract the files, launch the app, and customize your pet.
  • Touch Bar pets can improve productivity by providing quick access to apps, custom shortcuts, and information widgets on the Touch Bar.

With Touchbar Pets, you can raise virtual pets that live in the Touch Bar on your MacBook. Despite mixed reviews when it was first launched, it has slowly gained popularity among Mac users. A touchscreen strip is located above the keyboard on your MacBook Pro, and it can be customized to enhance productivity.

Touch Bar pets are virtual companions that live on your Touch Bar, so you can accomplish this with a Touch Bar pet. In this article, you will learn how to get a touch bar pet on a Macbook. Therefore, let’s get started with the guide. 

What Is a Touch Bar Pet?

What Is a Touch Bar Pet?

On the MacBook Pro keyboard, the Touch Bar replaces the traditional function keys with a touch-sensitive OLED strip. Depending on what application you’re using, you get dynamic, context-sensitive shortcuts and controls.

On your Touch Bar, you can keep a virtual pet, which is essentially a tiny virtual animal. Whether it’s to foster interaction, provide information, or just make your day brighter, it can play a role in your life.

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How to Get Touch Bar Pet on Macbook Pro

In order to use the app, you will first have to download it from the developer’s website.

  • Visit Touchbar Pets homepage and click the blue “Download” button.
  • The “Touchbar Pets” app can be extracted by double-clicking the .zip file you saved to your computer.How to get Touchbar Pets 
  • Click “Play” to launch the app.How to get Touchbar Pets 
  • Once you’ve chosen a pet and closed the app, you’ll be able to visit it again by clicking “Existing” once you’ve adopted it.
  • When you click “Adopt Pet“, you can name your pet, choose the species (dog, cat, rabbit, or hamster), and pick the color (white, cream, black, or brown). You can begin creating your pet once you’ve gotten it to look the way you want it to.How to get Touchbar Pets 
  • You will then be brought to the game menu, where you’ll see a tutorial. 

How to Play TouchBar Pets on MacBook

In the Touch Bar, your new pet is displayed with four different stats after you have closed the tutorial.

  • Health indicates whether your pet is close to death. Without feeding it, this will eventually drop to zero if you don’t feed it for too long.
  • Hunger monitors whether your pet needs to eat. The more this drops, the less healthy your pet becomes.
  • Tokens make up Touchbar Pets’ currency. Spend them on food, toys, and other collectibles, or earn them by walking your pet.
  • Mode lets you know how your pet can be interacted with at the moment. ” Play” allows you to play with its toys, “Eat” lets you place props in its habitat, and “Design” lets you place objects in its habitat.

How to Use Your Touch Bar Pet for Productivity

#1. Quick Access to Apps

Your favorite applications can be accessed with shortcuts provided by many Touch Bar pet. It may save time to navigate through menus by offering quick access to your web browser, email client, or music player.

#2. Custom Shortcuts

For tasks you perform frequently, some Touch Bar pet allow you to customize shortcuts. You can greatly improve your workflow and efficiency by doing this.

#3. Information Widgets

Weather updates, calendar events, or system stats can be displayed by some pets on your Touch Bar. You can use this method to stay organized and multitask.

What is The Future of Touch Bar Pet?

#1. Ongoing Development

Throughout the years, Touch Bar pets have continued to evolve. There are always new pets being created and existing pets being enhanced by developers. To keep up with the latest releases, keep an eye out for updates.

#2. Integration with macOS

Touch Bar pets may be further integrated into macOS as Apple updates the operating system. Hopefully, future versions of the operating system will offer native support for virtual companions.

How does my pet regain health?

It makes me feel better to eat enough food and sleep enough when I am sick. Allow your pet to take naps when their hunger level is below 4, and don’t force them to wake up (don’t overfeed them).

How do I keep my pet happy?

Pet them frequently, make sure they’re healthy, and make sure they’re well-fed. Poops should be removed from their environment because they prefer a clean one. It’s hard to get them to take naps if you wake them up too often.

How to install Touchbar Pet?

There is no MacOS 10.13 compatibility for this game. To download Touchbar Pet, go to the official Touchbar Pet website and download the application. Copy and paste Touchbar Pet into the application and open it. If you pay attention to the Touch Bar, you will see blank windows when you first open it.


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