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Top 8 Ways to Get Free Money on Temu and Free Stuff Without Inviting Friends


Key Takeaways
  • Temu offers ways to earn free money and stuff without inviting friends
  • Methods include creating a new account, using coupons, playing games, achieving targets, becoming an ambassador or influencer, and using codes
  • These methods provide opportunities to earn rewards on Temu without relying on friend referrals.

Temu is one of the top shopping apps for the youth of this generation. Interestingly, it also offers a way to earn money and free stuff for users if you wish to invite or refer friends. However, a lot of people don’t like the term inviting friends to use an app in the hope of earning some quick money. If you are one of them, here’s our guide to help you get free money on Temu and free stuff without inviting friends in 2023 and 2024.

Is It Possible to Get Free Money on Temu?

While it may be too good to be true these days, it is surely possible for you to get free money on Temu. However, the ways to do this might be different. A few ways to do this are by referring or inviting a few friends, installing the Temu app on your friend’s device, and making someone order things on the Temu app.

Other than this, if you continue reading this guide, you will learn how you can get free money and other free stuff on Temu without inviting friends. Best of all, these things will even work in 2023 and will continue to work in 2024.

How to Get Free Money on Temu?

As of now, there are plenty of methods to get free money on Temu. However, you need to choose and go with the method that resonates with you and suits you. With that being said, here are the methods:

Method 1: Create a New Account on Temu For Free Money

The first method to get free money and other stuff from Temu is to create a free account. If you create a new account on Temu using a new email ID and phone number, you will receive free money. However, you should keep in mind that you cannot keep anything the same. If you do this, Temu will detect it, and you won’t get any rewards.

For this new account creation, you will get a $100 reward. However, you can only use this reward for shopping on Temu and cannot withdraw it. As of now, this is the best method to get free Temu money. If you are out of phone numbers and email IDs, follow up with the next method.

Method 2: Using Coupons

The next method is a better option, to be frank. You can use coupons on your newly created account and make yourself some quick money. Interestingly, this method would also work if you have created multiple Temu IDs. You can use the coupon codes on multiple IDs and use the coupon code to get free Temu money.

Method 3: Share Temu Referral Code

The next best method to earn free money from Temu is using Temu Referral codes. When you sign up on Temu, it will offer you a referral code. This code, when shared with any other people either on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram, can get you and the person who installs gifts.

Method 4: Play Games on Temu For Free Stuff and Money

Another great method that can offer you free stuff and money is by playing games. This is also an easy method that will allow you to earn some cash. However, you might be where you will be able to find games. Well, here are the steps:

  1. Download the Temu mobile app. Playing games on Temu is only available on the Temu app. Hence, you cannot do this on a PC.
  2. Open the Temu app and tap on Games.
  3. Find a game that you feel is interesting but also that you might be able to win.
  4. Start playing the game.

That’s it. Now, keep winning, and you will start earning. As of now, there’s no limit to earning free money on Temu from this method.

Method 5: Achieve Weekly Target

Another method that will earn you a lot of free money and other stuff is achieving a weekly target. However, you will have to do something that you won’t like. That is referring to friends. In case you can manage to invite around 30 friends in one month, you will be eligible to win the monthly target amount, which can be huge for some people. However, that depends on the demographics of your friends and your region.

Method 6: Become a Temu Campus Ambassador

For this method to work, you need to study in an educational institution. It can be either a college, university, or a school as all will work. Now, what you have to do is sign up for the Campur Ambassador program and massively promote the Temu app across your campus. If you are successful in pulling a large crowd, you will get money and free stuff from Temu for free.

Method 7: Become a Temu Influencer

As you might be aware of the recent Instagram trend of becoming an influencer, the same stands true in the case of Temu as well. If you have lots of followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, you can apply for the Temu Influencer program. Now, if you are interested in joining the Temu Influencer program, follow these steps, and you can get it done:

  1. Go to this link to join the Temu Influencer Program.
  2. Now, tap on Join the Program.
  3. Enter your phone number and sign in using your credentials.
  4. Open your Facebook or Instagram profile and take a screenshot.
  5. Upload the screenshot in the space provided.
  6. Click on Submit.

This may seem like a cakewalk. However, things aren’t as simple as you might think. In order to get into the Temu Influencer program, you will be required to satisfy a few requirements. They are:

  • Have at least 10,000 followers on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Have a conversion rate of at least 10%. This means if you have 10,000 followers, at least your posts and pictures should get 1000 likes or more. If less, they will consider you suspicious with paid followers.
  • Next, have a verified email ID and phone number.

If your account has these, you are welcome to apply to the program and get yourself into the Temu Influencer program. However, if not, the next method might just be the most suitable for you.

Method 8: Use Codes for Free Stuff On Temu

If you are not comfortable with inviting friends to Temu for free stuff but still want amazing gifts and a few bucks, using codes can be a viable option for you. Our dear friends at MamaInvesting have featured a few codes that are worth trying. However, we are not sure whether they will work or not. Here are the codes:

  • Temu 5 Free Gifts: afc45163
  • Temu 5 Free Items: afc25561
  • Buy 5 Get 3 Free Temu: afc60566
  • Free Temu Stuff (New User Only): afc10935
  • Free Gift New Temu User: afd48060
  • Buy 10 Get 6 Free: afd03433
  • Temu Buy 10 Get 7 Free: afd02435
  • Buy 6 Items get Free Items: afd35052
  • Buy 5 items Get 5: ord77345
  • Get 5 Temu Items Free: com80435
  • Buy 5 from Temu and Get 3 Free: com81291
  • 5 Free Gifts Temu: ord68994
  • Use This Code To Win Free Stuff on Temu: ord71359
  • Temu Pick to Get $100: com17893
  • Temu Code for Free Stuff: com89572
  • Code to Get Free Stuff on Temu Without Inviting Friends: com05418
  • Temu Coupon 50% Off: ord18629
  • Temu $100 Coupon Legit: com00787
  • Temu Coupon Code 2023 for Existing Customers: com73019
  • Temu $100 Value Coupon Bundle: ord88214
  • Temu Coupon Code 40 Off: com72500
  • Temu Coupon Bundle: com19390
  • Temu Coupon Code: com43697
  • Temu New User Coupon: ord98554
  • Code for Temu to Get Free Stuff: com40534
  • Code for Free Items on Temu: ord11113
  • Temu Free Coupon Code: com73387
  • Temu 3 Free Items: com95307
  • Buy 10 from Temu and Get 8 Free: com89572
  • Get 7 Free Items from Temu: ord71359

Well, these are the methods you can use to claim and get free items and money from Temu without the need to invite friends. However, you might need to refer a few users if you want massive gifts.



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