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NBA 2K17 Badges Guide: How To Get Every Badge


Key Takeaways
  • NBA 2K17 is a popular basketball simulation game with players eager to earn badges by completing specific tasks.
  • To acquire every badge in the game, players must complete various tasks outlined in the guide, including Personality, Playmaking, Defensive, Inside Scoring, Outside Scoring, and Athletic badges.
  • Each badge comes with its own set of requirements and tasks to be completed, enhancing the player's profile and achievements in the game.

2K17 is a basketball simulation game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. The NBA 2k17 is the 18th installment of the game series, and players are just crazy behind it. In the game, there are a lot of things to do. The player can play the matches, level up their stats, and earn badges.

The Badges in 2k17 are nothing but the honor given to the player for completing specific tasks they have achieved during the game. To get all the badges in the game, the players must complete a particular task which we will list in this post.

Many players are searching for official blogs to understand all the badges and know how to earn them, but the company has released nothing. Due to this, the players are much more confused.

We are here with a guide to help the players get out of this situation and know how to get every badge in 2k17. In this guide, we will list out all the essential points that you should know to earn these badges. So, let’s get started with this intro.

How To Get Every Badge In 2k17 - Full Guide

How To Get Every Badge In 2k17

The players are very much interested to know how to get every badge in 2k17. It is because every player wants a great profile with some outstanding achievements that they can show to others. However, if you don’t know, earning badges in the game is not easy, but you can easily do it with the help of the below-listed requirements.

NBA 2k17

The players searching for “How To Get Every Badge in 2k17” should know they must complete a particular task to get any badges. If you don’t know, different types of badges are available in the game. For each badge, the players have to complete specific tasks. We have listed the information for getting each badge below, so check it.

How To Get Personality Badges in 2k17

The users who want to get the personality badge in 2k17 will need to complete specific tasks listed below.

  • Alpha Dog: Become the highest-rated player in your team in your MyCareer season.
  • Championship DNA: Win one NBA Championship in MyCareer
  • Enforcer: Commit at least ten hard non-flagrant fouls in a single season.
  • Expressive: Celebrate any time as the prompt comes up.
  • Microwave: Get two red rings consistently for ten games.
  • Spark Plug: Reserve 7 points per game (Average).

How To Get The Playmaking Badges in 2k17

In “How To Get Every Badge in 2k17“, the Playmaking badges are another great honor given to the players. Below we have listed the task through which you can get this badge.

  • Ankle Breaker: Complete at least 200 double moves, leading to a score by you or your teammate’s assist.
  • Dimer: At least 300 assists in 20 games.
  • Flashy Passer: You must do at least 50 passes in a single season.
  • Lob City Passer: Throw 50 alley-oop passes in a season.
  • Pick and Roll Maestro: Work with the Dimer and Lob City Passer.
  • Work on the Pick and Roll to complete the play with similar stipulations as the Lob City.

How To Get The Defensive Badges in 2k17

There are a lot of defensive badges in the 2k17 that are still unknown to us. However, we have listed some tasks you will need to complete to get the defensive badges in 2k17.

  • Pick Pocket: You have to Poke the ball away at least 50 times from a ball handler
  • Hustle Rebounder: 400 rebounds

How To Get The Inside Scoring Badge in 2k17

In “How To Get Every Badge in 2k17“, the Inside Scoring badge is a virtual badge that the players can easily earn by completing the below-mentioned tasks.

  • Acrobat: The players must complete at least four charge-shot layups and 15 reverse layups in a single season.
  • Dream-like Up and Under: When you are in the post, attempt at least 50 up-and-under moves.
  • Drop Stepper: Complete at least 30 drop-step moves in the game.
  • Post Spin Technician: At least 100 post spins, or you must drive moves out of the post.
  • Relentless Finisher: The player has to max the strength out in the attributes and complete at least 75 contact layups.
  • Tear Dropper: You must complete 50 floaters in a single season.

How To Get The Outside Scoring Badge in 2k17

In “How To Get Every Badge in 2k17“, the Outside Scoring badge is another badge you can easily earn by completing the tasks listed below.

  • Corner Specialist: You have to do 25 corners 3’s connect shots
  • Difficult Shots: The player has to make a total of around 200 hop shots, dribble pull-ups, step-backs, and other difficult shots
  • Limitless Range: You will get this badge when you have done good three-point shooter shots
  • Mid-Range Deadeye: The player has to do 60 jump shots
  • Pick and Popper: You will need to complete a three-point shot pick-and-pop as the shooter

How To Get The Athletic Badge in 2k17

To get the athletic badge in 2k17, the players must complete the following task.

  • Brick Wall: You have to set 100 good screens as graded and defined in your MyCareer season
  • Lob City Finisher: You have to finish 15 alley-oops in a single season
  • One Man Fast Break: During the fast break, scoring 75 times in a single season
  • Posterizer: The player will need to try at least 15 contact dunks in a single season

Wrapping Up

NBA 2k17 is a very famous game, and the players have to do different tasks to earn the badges. The badges are the honor given to the players in the game on successful completion of the task.

This guide lists most of the badges you can try to earn in the game. However, many badges are still unknown to us, and we will add them once we explore them.

With the help of this guide, we hope your query for “How To Get Every Badge in 2k17” is now resolved. To earn the badges, complete the above-listed task in the game. Also, see the task before attempting to get any badge. If we have forgotten to mention any known badges, let us know in the comment section below. That’s it for this one. See you in the following informative guide.


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