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How Many People Can Stream Hulu Account at Once?


Key Takeaways
  • Hulu offers different plans with varying numbers of simultaneous streams, such as Hulu Basic and Hulu + Live TV.
  • Hulu has grown significantly since its launch in 2008, with over 20 million subscribers in the US alone.
  • The different Hulu plans include Limited Plan (with advertisements), No Ads Plan, and Elite Plan (with Live TV), each offering different features and pricing options.

Do you want your partner to join you in the same series/movie you are streaming on Hulu? Of course. Well, now you can watch Hulu Together from a Remote Distance easily. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about Hulu and How many people can watch Hulu at once?

How Many People Can Stream Hulu Account at Once?
How Many People Can Stream Hulu Account at Once?

Hulu needs no introduction. If you are here, you may have a Hulu account for streaming your favorite serials and movies. Isn’t it?

We are living in the Internet age, and all our things become online. Even we show our love using the Internet Right? Gifting our loved ones a movie ticket or show pass won’t make them happy anymore because all are watching and enjoying content in Online platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. What is your favorite platform on this list? Let us know in the comment section.

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People love these online platforms so much because they can be watched from anywhere and mainly while traveling, and they are very much interesting too. Also, apps like Hulu offer all the blockbuster movies, TV-shows, and very interactive series to their customers.

These things make the audience to watch more and more content on these platforms. Especially, Hulu is getting tremendous attention in recent times because of their awesome content.  Let us look at some details about Hulu.

How Many People Can Stream Hulu Account at Once 2024?

Hulu Plan Number of Simultaneous Streams Additional Options
Hulu Basic 1 N/A
Hulu Premium 1 N/A
Hulu + Live TV 2 Unlimited Screens Add-on (extra fee)

About Hulu?

Activate Hulu 30-days Premium Trail Pack
Hulu Free-Trail Homepage

Today it is significant competition to the big players like Amazon Prime and Netflix. But it was started in 2008. From that time, Hulu began to grow gradually and reaches this point. It was firstly launched in the US, and now they have more than 20 Million subscriptions only in the US. They majorly replaced cable TV with their super affordable price. Later they, add live television to their customers. After this, their growth is immense, and expanded Hulu to other countries across the globe.

Hulu Statistics:

  1. As I mentioned earlier, Hulu has 20 Million customers now. But can you guess how many subscriptions do they have in 2013? Let us know your guess in the comment section down below. They had only 5 Million subscribers in 2013. This is good growth, Right?
  2. This company states that their total engagement increases 60% in total after introducing Live Tv feature to their customers.
  3. Do you know Hulu has both Ad-free and with Ad content? Yes, they have a plan with advertisements which is somewhat cheaper than the Ad-Free version. For this year, they got 32 Million people’s views in Hulu ads. This is the reason why Hulu offers less cost for their audience.
  4. Hulu claims 14% of total streaming hours on the Internet. Netflix is at the top by 40% of viewership, which is far more than Hulu. But in Hulu’s perspective, it is excellent Growth. Let us know what you think about this growth.
  5. Like any other network, Hulu has its hardcore streamer. Hulu’s hardcore streamer watches 48 times more than its average customer. Also, they state that their hardcore customer watches 654 films, 195 series, which is insane, in our opinion. How many movies do you watch?

According to the company, most of the Hulu users prefer to watch content with someone, which in turn reduces the new customers in Hulu. Also, many people share their accounts with their friends and family. But sharing the Hulu accounts makes us raise a question, which is the elephant of the room. How many people can watch Hulu at once? It depends mostly on what plans you are using in Hulu. Let us see all the plans in detail.

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How many people can watch Hulu at once?Hulu has multiple subscriptions which offer different features to their users; As I mentioned earlier, they have an arrangement with both Ad-Free Premium and with Ad plans.  Hulu plans start with $5.99 per month and go all the way up to $39.99. We understand You are a bit confused. But don’t worry, we are going to explain all the plans in detail in a bit.


This plan starts at $5.99 per month for the first 12 months. Once you completed your 12 Months, you are charged $7.99 per month for this same plan. Also, for a first-year subscription, you are getting a Free one month Hulu trial pack too. ( which means you are paying for only 11 months for the very first year. )


For this Limited Plan, you get access to all the premium, exclusive tv-shows, series, kid shows, blockbuster movies. But you will get some random advertisements at the regular intervals while watching your favorite movie or series. If this is not a big deal for you, You will subscribe to this pack.


This is precisely the same plan we discussed, but the only difference is you don’t get those annoying advertisements while enjoying your movie or show. For this plan, you don’t get any exclusive access or additional content. This plan costs you $11.99 per month. If you are annoyed by advertisements, you have to pay that extra five bucks using this plan.


In this plan, you will get access to all the exclusive and premium content which are offered by Hulu. Additionally, you can able to watch the top 50+ live TV channels from different genres. If you subscribe to this plan, you can get rid of your cable subscriptions. This plan costs you $39.99 per month. It seems to be a costly pack, but the content it offers worth the cost.

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