Today most of the critical and sensitive information is saved digitally. Although it makes your life easy, it carries some side effects as well. No matter how much good quality hard drive you use, you cannot rule out the possibility of completely lost data.

Therefore, to avoid any unfortunate event happening, it is always better to take precautions and measures in advance. In this article, we will explain some of the best handy tips for protecting your files and Synology data recovery.

5 Handy Tips for Protecting Your Files

Here is a list of 5 handy and effective tips for protecting your files:

1.    Regularly Backup Your Devices:

The easiest and simple way to protect your data from loss in case of any unfortunate event is by regularly backing up all your files. Use Synology data recovery to backup all your devices, whether it’s Windows, Linux computer, macOS or mobile devices.

Backing means you are creating a duplicate copy of your data. Therefore, in any unfortunate event, when you lose your data, you can still have backup files. This will help you to minimize the extent of loss and let you continue your business.

2. Encrypt Your Data:

With passing time, we have witnessed an increase in cybercrime rates. Every other data we heard the news regarding data breach or loss of data due to hacker’s attack. Therefore, one of the handy tips to protect your file is encrypting your data.

When you encrypt your important files; thus, only an authorized person can get access to them. Create passwords to decrypt files so that no third person can break into your system to steal your data.

3. Use Cloud to Backup Data:

For the past few years, there seems an immense increase in the use of cloud storage. Cloud is one of the ideal ways to back up your data. However, you still need some sound and reasonable security practices.

When backing up your data in cloud storage means you can easily access your sensitive data when your hardware becomes compromised. Cloud storage is an adequate disaster recovery measure.

4. Use Anti-Malware Protection:

One of the main reasons for data loss is the malware attack. Therefore, to prevent data loss from malware attacks, it is best to use anti-malware software. Using an anti-malware will provide additional protection to your computer.

Moreover, for further protection, try to use modern security tools like firewall, IP auto-block, two-step verification, denial-of-service prevention etc. In this way, you will equip your computer to deal with any problem in the future.

5. Mirror data with Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR):

Regardless of the brand or the model, there are still chances that you might lose your data and files. Moreover, in extreme cases, it can result in permanent data loss. Therefore, to avoid such situations, use Synology Hybrid RAID.

SHR storage technology can automatically make a mirror copy of each drive and store it for future use. In this way, you can access your files and data even when your hard drive dies or breaks.

Final Words

Use Synology data recovery to protect your files from being lost or stolen. We have mentioned the best tips which you can follow to minimize the chances of data loss.