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Fix Google Search Results Not Showing Stock Charts or Shares Problem


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  • Here are a few possible solutions: Wait For The Data Feed to Update The best solution to the Google Search stock/share problem may be to wait until Google updates its data feed to retrieve financial information if an interruption in the feed causes the delay.

Google Search is a widely used search engine providing users with quick, relevant information on various topics. In addition to displaying real-time stock prices for public companies, Google Search Results displays other financial information. There are, however, some users who are unable to find stock prices for certain companies on Google Search, despite being available on other platforms. In this article, we will explain the possible causes of the  problem and suggest some solutions.

What is the Google Search Stock/Share Problem?

Fix Google Search Results Not Showing Stock Charts or Shares Problem

Stock/share prices for a certain company or company cannot be found on Google Search results, even though they are available on other financial platforms such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, or CNBC. If you use Google Search to track a specific stock or share’s performance, you may run into this issue, which can frustrate investors, traders, and anyone who needs to do so quickly and easily.

The result in Google Search might give you the stock price of Apple Inc., even though the market is open and the stock is actively traded, although the price might be hours, days, or even weeks old. That is why you might wonder why Google Search isn’t displaying the latest data and what you can do about it.

Causes of the Google Search Stock/Share Problem

Fix Google Search Results Not Showing Stock/Share Problem

There are several reasons why Google Search stock/share problems occur, including:

  1. In order to retrieve financial information from various sources, Google needs to access a data feed that is delayed or interrupted. There are several reasons why this happens, such as technical problems, connectivity issues, or fluctuations in the market. It is possible for Google to display inaccurate or outdated stock price information if the data feed is not updated.
  2. Google Search’s stock/share problems are also the result of inaccurate or incomplete financial data. It may occur when the company, such as the stock exchange, ticker symbol, or financial statement, provide outdated, inconsistent, or missing data. Google may display conflicting or irrelevant data to users if it is unable to retrieve the most recent and accurate information.
  3. Stock/share problems are commonly caused by mergers, acquisitions, or name changes that are not reflected in Google’s database. It is possible that Google won’t recognize a company’s new name or ticker symbol if any of these changes recently took place, or it may display incorrect information for the company’s shares or stocks.
  4. Google’s search algorithms are also not yet recognizing a new or unlisted company that may cause the stock/share problem with Google Search. No major stock exchange or financial database will be able to retrieve any relevant information about the company’s stock or share price if it is not listed on any major exchange or financial database.
  5. Also, Google Search’s stock/share issues can be caused by technical issues within the company, such as server downtime, network congestion, or software bugs. It is possible that users may experience delays, errors, or missing information in their search results as a result of these issues.

Fix Google Search Stock or Share Charts Problem

You can try several solutions if you encounter an issue with Google Search stock/shares and want to fix it. Here are a few possible solutions:

Wait For The Data Feed to Update

The best solution to the Google Search stock/share problem may be to wait until Google updates its data feed to retrieve financial information if an interruption in the feed causes the delay.

Depending on the market conditions and the severity of the disruption, this process may take several minutes, hours, or days. It may be a good idea to periodically refresh your Google Search results and check whether the stock prices have changed during this time.

However, as soon as the data feed is restored, the search results for the company should display the most recent information. Users may need to consider alternative solutions if the issue persists for an extended period of time.

Check Other Financial Websites or Apps

Users are advised to check other financial websites or apps if the Google Search stock/share problem persists. There are many popular platforms for trading, including Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Google Finance.

Users can verify the accuracy of Google Search results by comparing prices and data from several sources and potentially locate a more reliable source of financial information by comparing prices from multiple sources.

Use Google Finance or Other Financial Tools

Google Finance and other financial tools that provide real-time and comprehensive financial information are also acceptable solutions to the Google Search stock/share problem. In addition to tracking stocks, funds, and indices, Google Finance allows users to create customized portfolios, access news, and access analysis and news.

You can find more detailed and up-to-date information about your favourite companies using Google Finance rather than Google Search results. Furthermore, users can explore advanced features and insights via trading platforms, news aggregators, or portfolio trackers.

Report the Issue to Google

Last but not least, users can contact Google for assistance if none of the above solutions works. Users can submit their issues to the Google Search Help Forum, where Google experts or other users will respond. You can also submit feedback directly to Google through the Google Feedback tool by describing the problem in detail.

Google may be able to provide a solution or workaround for the specific issue by reporting the issue to the company. This will improve the search results’ accuracy and reliability and the user experience.


Stock and share problems can frustrate and confuse users who rely on real-time financial information. It is possible, however, to overcome the issue and find a more reliable source of financial data by understanding the possible causes and trying the suggested solutions. Anyway, that’s all we have for you. We hope that this guide has helped you. Moreover, comment below and let us know. 


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  1. Why does the fx =(GOOGLEFINANCE(C11,”PRICE”)) Where C11 contains: AAPL, return NA for about 50% of my portfolio, but works just fine for the other 50% of my portfolio?
    The problem has made maintaining most of my portfolio Sheets useless. I have seen many complaints about this problem online, but so far no sign that Google cares. What gives?


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