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Get Ready For The Impact 2020 Will Have On Your Website


Quick Overview
  • Expert webmasters use apps that provide ease of use, accurate information, and capture valuable data for the company, including demographic details and user behavior on the site.
  • Must-have features for a quality website in 2020 include fast load times, efficient conversion processes, links to social media, easy navigation, and bold colors to attract and retain users.
  • High-tech trends for 2020 include the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) providers, the advancement of 5G networks for faster connectivity, and the integration of dynamic graphics like animated logos and 2D animations for an engaging user experience.

If you are brand new at building a basic site, there are some things that you should know. All well-designed websites have Some things in common. Expert webmasters know which apps will provide your company with ease of use, accurate information, fast contact, information, and a certain amount of entertainment. At the same time, the apps will capture valuable information for your company. You will know the demographics, average age of your clients, complaints, the time people spend on each page and sometimes why they came to you.

Get Ready For The Impact 2020 Will Have On Your Website
Get Ready For The Impact 2020 Will Have On Your Website

There is nothing quite as frustrating as clicking on a website that has a great title only to find a website that is void of any valuable material. Worse, is when you find a website that hypes itself up in advertising and you find information that simply rearranged wording of current data that everyone is using at the moment. When you are dealing with a technical company, the bar is set even higher. If a company that specializes in technical products or services cannot create a website that is user-friendly and inspiring, they are pretty much stuck.

Below, you will see the tools you will need to build your basic site. These tools may sound a bit more in-depth than most beginner instructions. But you need a site that looks like it is run by people who understand what they are doing.

Must-haves for a quality site:

When we hear about a product or service we are interested in, we reach for our computer, smartphone, or tablet. Product catalogs, calling on the telephone, and driving to the nearest mall is no longer the method of shopping we reach for. Today, we reach for our smartphones, laptops, and tablets. We ask questions via online notes. So, a website must ebb and flow with technology in a way that even the most beginner-tech can master.

  • Fast load times
    • If your site takes more than a few seconds to load your customer will leave.
  • Fast conversion
    • Your site must be fast at processing your apps. This includes your shopping cart and check-out. If it seems to hang up, a client will not put in their credit card number.
  • Links to social media
    • You would be amazed at the websites that do not have these “we use every day” apps.
  • Easy to navigate tags
  • Easy to pay buttons
  • Animation
  • Do not underestimate the power of your blog. The saying “content is king” is true and this is where the websurfer goes for content. While you can use your blog for multiple subjects, do not allow it to become a podium for trash talk. Once a subject has been addressed, cut it off within a reasonable amount of time. You want your blog to be about your company and your assets, not a place to trash competitors or to air mistakes for unreasonable amounts of time.
  • Bold and vibrant colors

Welcome 2020

Forbes recently published an article that introduced several high-tech trends that experts expect to take off like wildfire in 2020. They are quoted as saying “We are amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution.” That is a bold statement for a major publication to make. However, the growth of technology is moving faster than it ever has before. Businesses and peoples that do not commit to keeping up with the growth are likely to get lost.

Experts are looking ahead and predicting important trends that all tech companies should be getting ready for. These trends have been developing for a few years with a focus building. By the end of 2020 they are predicted to be mainstreamed and of major significance

  • AI – Artificial Intelligence
    • AI has been around for a few years. When a business owner wanted to use AI to benefit his own company and his own clients, he had to run it alongside the provider. This means you streamline alongside Google or Amazon or whoever. It also means you have to use their algorithm and resources. This will get very costly. Expect the number of providers to grow this year and that will force the big guys to release the hold they have on the AI market.
  • 5G Networks
    • 5G was introduced in 2019, but like most networks, it hit the ground stumbling. Watch for it this year. All the bugs seem to have been worked out and we expect to see 5G fly. In computer land, there is no such thing as too fast.

Something for everyone

There are all kinds of people surfing the web. Just because you identify with a tech-site doesn’t mean you only want to see tech material. It also doesn’t mean that your partner will not click you out of the site if they are not tech-driven people. With this in mind, we add a lot of other good information on various subjects. They can click on good foods to eat, the latest in health, new product reviews, and some great blogs. Your website should be well rounded.

2020 website fun

There are a lot of new dynamic graphics available to put on your site. Be careful with them. It is easy to overpower your site with too much of a good thing. Too many applications will pull the eye and that means your client is not seeing the important information that you want them to read. Here are a few things that you can use. Some have been out for a while in a test period. Now they are ready to drop their training wheels and go.

  • Animated graphics
  • Micro Interactions
  • Ultra bold colors
  • 2D Animations – explanatory videos
  • Animated Logos
    • This should be presented in a section by itself and presented tastefully.

These things are fun to use and fun to play with. Most quality designers will select at least a couple of them to install on your site. Like TechCrunch, you want a site that is professionally designed and inviting. These tools will improve your site. Start by visiting some highly rated sites and go from there.

Daily Life

Technology has changed our lives. This trend will continue in 2020. Computer items (like the I-watch) will be able to monitor your body and will send signals of medical problems. Often a medical problem will be identified before a person even feels sick. The computer can recommend the precise drug and dosage for the patient based on their history and current medication.

Google’s sister company Wayno just finished testing on their autonomous vehicles. It is a safe bet that we will be seeing these in the near future and possibly this year. This will not just affect the general population, but also the trucking industry, busses, and local ride companies.

Technology is deeply embedded in our world. It doesn’t matter where we live or what we do for a living. 2020 is going to be a year of change. In many ways, these changes will be exciting. This is why we look at our tech sites. They keep us informed and that is exactly what we need to be. Informed.

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