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How to Get Heirloom Shards In Apex Legends | Buy Free Heirloom Shards


Apex Legends has many unique cosmetics. Every time a new patch is released, Respawn Entertainment continues to add more of them. Compared to Heirlooms, all existing skins, regardless of their price tag or rarity, are outclassed.

Heirloom sets include melee weapon skins, matching banner poses, and intro voice lines. Usually, they play an important role in each legend’s backstory. Their animations make them feel even more unique since they provide exclusive animations.

The Prestige skins were introduced in season 12 as well. Prestige skin has the same red, mythic rarity as heirloom skin. They are, however, full skins for legends. By registering kills while wearing the skin, you can level up the skin once you’ve purchased it. The more a player uses the skin, the more it unlocks different looks.

It will eventually be possible to unlock the top level. And, for people with fully-leveled Prestige skin, there is an exclusive finisher animation. The same currency, Heirloom Shards, can be used by all players to unlock both Heirloom sets and Prestige skins.

However, obtaining these Heirloom Shards is not as easy as it sounds. Without any cash to spend, players will have to rely on luck. In addition, even players willing to shell out a lot of money may be discouraged by the high cost of heirlooms.

How To Get Heirloom Shards In Apex Legends

You can purchase Heirlooms from the Heirloom Store with Heirloom Shards. However, you must first open some Apex Packs to get these.

As you level up and rank up in the battle pass, you can obtain Apex Packs. You can purchase them with Apex Coins, the game’s premium currency. There is a less than 1% chance that every Apex Pack will contain 150 Heirloom Shards, according to the official Apex Legends FAQ. Heirloom Shards can only be obtained this way at the time of writing.

It costs 150 Heirloom Shards to craft Apex Legends Heirlooms. You’ll either have to be exceptionally lucky or open up many loot boxes.

Get Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends

Heirloom Shards, a currency type in Apex, are for those who do not know. Despite this, it is one of the rarest currencies in the game. Legendary cosmetic items can be redeemed using it for cosmetic items that are exclusive to the game.

In fact, during Collection Events, these cosmetics can be unlocked in three sets or purchased in bundles at the Heirloom Store. Players can acquire Heirloom Shards in a few different ways. So, you should probably try and obtain them in every way possible if you want them sooner rather than later.

In Apex Packs, you will find Heirloom Shards. You can buy Apex packs with Apex credits or real money in the Apex store.

However, it is important to note that heirloom shards are not guaranteed in these packs. In addition, only a tiny percentage of people get them.

The Battle Pass is another way to earn these shards. You can unlock 100 tiers of content with the battle pass. The battle pass is refreshed every season as well. Heirloom Shards can only be obtained in these ways. The rarity of these animals makes sense.

The gear you unlock in the game is amazing if you unlock them and use them. You will definitely be among a small group of people who own all this equipment.

Final Words

To guarantee an Heirloom, players need more packs than they receive as they level up. It may also be necessary for players to find other ways to obtain packs that count towards the metric. They won’t have access to Heirloom Shards early on if they don’t receive them early on. This is all about this article. Thanks for visiting.


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