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5 Tips To Free up Internal Storage Space on Android


In Short Hacks: Are you tired of Low or Insufficient internal storage in android? Yes! not only you, but all people over the world are also facing this same issue. Even I am facing the same issue but I fixed it. So as being a Tech writer, I thought why don’t I share the method with my readers that I used to free up my Android Internal Storage. So in this tutorial, we have shared 5 tricks that help you to free up internal storage space on android. To do so! Simply read this post till the end.

free up internal storage space on android
6 Tips Free up Internal Storage Space On Android

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Clean Internal Storage Space on Android?

Free up Internal Storage Space on Android – The popularity of Android is increasing day by day. Not only popularity Android issues are also growing and the main problem is insufficient storage. This happens because of the improved Features, Android OS, Apps that come on each and every Android device nowadays.

Because of this issue, Android users are unable to download, transfer files as their needs. So, in this article, We have listed the 5 different tips to Free up Internal Storage Space on Android. We have also dropped the ‘Screen Overlay Detected‘ issue fix on android.

#1. Clear cache

Let me tell you at first, cached data of the android app consume a high amount of space. The cached data goes on increasing as the usage of app increases. Basically, cache data helps the app/game work faster once it is stored in the device. So the good way of saving memory is clearing those cached data of those apps. To clear cache, simply so to ‘Settings>Storage>Application Manager/Apps‘. Click on the desired app. You will get two options clear data and Clear Cache. Now press on clear Cache if you Cleared Data your each and every saved progress will be lost. So remember you only cleared the Cache.

#2. Make Full Use of External Storage

If you have inserted an SD Card in your device, then you can make the full use of it. Nowadays, Most of the Android devices support OTG (USB On-The-Go). These features help you to add one or more External Storage device like Pendrive, Even you can use the hard disk. So you can move Each and every kind of file like audios, videos, documents, and Of-Course apps to your SD Card.

However, while moving an app, only some part of the app is moved but moving apps on external Storage helps you to save your internal storage and works fine on all Android Devices.

#3. Remove Duplicate and Junk Files form Storage

There are many Freemium storage analysis apps on Play Store that helps to find Duplicate and Junk Files stored on your device storage. It also shows which Apps and Junk File that consume more storage. So, you can easily monitor it and delete those memory consuming Apps and Files. You can also delete those files that don’t need anymore again.

#4. Use Lite Version Apps

Some developers have made two categories of apps. One the normal app and another the lite apps. ‘Lite‘ apps are small in size and also consumes less memory as well as data. Some of the popular apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Opera Etc. have their lite versions. It greatly helps to save internal storage.

#5. Using Cloud Storage

Cloud storage helps you to back up your files such as images, videos, documents, and keep it safe. After you back up your files from the device to the cloud, you can delete them from your device.

Final Words:

So above was all about to ‘Free up Internal Storage Space on Android‘. These are the easiest method to fix low storage problem on Android. If you have any kind of issue on this topic feel free to comment download below and let us know. Our team will try the best to help you. Don’t forget to share so others can also solve the issue.

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