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Top Best Proxy Servers and Websites of 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Proxy servers and websites are essential for accessing blocked websites due to government or WiFi owner restrictions, ensuring anonymous browsing and bypassing filters and restrictions.
  • Best Proxy Sites like Hide My Ass, TOR, and Proxfree offer encrypted data, full-screen browsing, and high-speed access to restricted content, including social media and geo-locked websites.
  • Proxy Sites & Servers, such as FilterByPass and Megaproxy, provide unrestricted browsing, encryption, and protection against common threats, facilitating secure and private internet access.

There are many instances where you try to access a particular website to search for information on your homework or to check out some important news but, you find out that the website is blocked by the government or by the WiFi owner. In such situations, proxy websites and servers prove to be lifesavers. Using these best proxy websites 2021 and IPs ports servers lists, you can access blocked websites easily. Proxy servers and websites not only unblock the blocked websites in your region but also makes your surfing anonymous.

Best Proxy Sites: Sometimes, When you are surfing your favorite websites like YouTube, Torrent, Facebook, and any other restricted ISP websites on your web browser – Picture a scene. Suddenly, you got an error on your screen “oops! This Website is Blocked” or This Website has been blocked by Government, You are not authorized to access it“.

It may happen in your School WiFi, college WiFi. What would you do at that time? and you are missing your Shows, Movies and any important work as well? To solve such issues, unblock proxy list and youtube unblock proxy server comes into action. There are also one of another way to bypass these errors and that is VPNs. You can check to know What is VPN? and Best Free VPN Extensions For Google Chrome Browser.

Anyways, You are not facing any issue that’s why we are going to share a big list of Best Free Proxy Sites and IP Servers for YouTube, Torrent, of 2021. That will work perfectly fine and can help you to access any blocked website or unblock websites proxy free list.

Before sharing the list, I would like to share a few basic things about Proxy Sites, Proxy Servers, and Proxy IPs as well. So that you can get more knowledge or it may help you to make your own Proxy Website for YouTube and anything like that.

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What is a Proxy Server?

Proxy Servers works on websites cache. The proxy server can be on your own computer or it may be in another’s computer and acts as a firewall. Proxy servers list is used for both legal and illegal activities. In a legal way, a proxy server is used to facilitate security,  control, or caching services, among other purposes.

In another way, proxy servers are used to enable user privacy and anonymous surfing. Proxy servers can also be used for the opposite purpose: To monitor traffic and undermine user privacy.

What is a Proxy Site?

A Proxy site can be anyone from the below list. This site helps the user to access any blocked URLs and access any blocked YouTube channel in any country. Using any of these proxy sites you can surf the internets anonymous and can access any website that was blocked by your ISP. Proxy sites unblocked by using VPNs only.

How To Find Your Proxy Address?

This is quite easy to know your own PC/laptop Proxy IP Address. Just follow the steps.

Open Internet/Chrome Browser

Step 1: Tap on Tools.
Step 2: Click on Internet Options.
Step 3: Now, Click on the Connections Tab.
Step 4: Further, Click on LAN settings.
Step 5: Check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box.
Step 6: Enter the IP Address of the Proxy Server and the Port t Number.
Step 7: Click on OK.
Step 8: Then, Use our Proxy Check Tool to see if your settings worked.

How do Proxy Sites work on Network?

Types Of Proxy Sites | Best Proxy Server IPs

There are three types of proxies and three types of HTTP proxies. The general proxies are a Tunneling proxy, Forward Proxy, and Reverse Proxy, and the HTTP proxies are Fully anonymous proxies, Anonymous proxies, and Transparent proxies.

Benefits Of Using Proxy Sites?

Some of the other benefits of using proxy sites and servers are:

1. It increases the security and performance while you are surfing the internet.
2. It keeps your identity hidden from other people.
3. It allows you to bypass filters and restrictions which are introduced by the Internet service provider.

Must Use Proxy Sites For YouTube (Recommended)

#1. Hide My Ass Proxy | Best Proxy NetworkHow To HIDE IP ADDRESS ONLINE

Hide My Ass Proxy site is Probably the best network in the tech industry with both free and premium versions. You can get a lot and lots of tools with this service.

#2. TOR | Anonymous Proxy Site

How To Access/Use TOR Network On Google Chrome Browser
How To Access/Use TOR Network On Google Chrome Browser

Another best, I mean must have a Proxy site on your device. If you want to learn more about TOR Network and all about the Deep and Dark web then you can read this article. However, This site can unblock all blocked URLs.

Free Proxy Servers 2023

Below, we are providing you with 30 such free proxy websites and servers which you can use to unblock websites and surf the web anonymously.The 400+ Best Proxy Sites For YouTube | Proxy Servers 2017

1- https://quickproxy.co.uk – QuickProxy | proxy sites youtube
2- https://hiddendigital.info – Hidden Digital
3- https://www.proxypower.co.uk/ – Proxy Power
4- https://surf-for-free.com – Surf for free
5- https://interncloud.info – Intern Cloud
6- https://singaporeproxy.nu – Singapore proxy
7- https://www.anonymizer.com/ – Anonymizer
8- https://interncloud.info – Intern Cloud
9- https://surf-for-free.com – Surf for free
10- https://www.unblocker.us/ – Unblocker
11- https://hiddendigital.info – Hidden Digital
12- https://zacebookpk.com – ZacBook
13- https://www.rapidproxy.us/ – Rapid Proxy
14- https://proxys.pw – Proxy proxy sites extratorrents
15- https://justunblockit.com – Just Unblock it
16- https://networkbypass.com – Network bypass
17- https://goproxy.asia – Goproxy
18- https://proxythis.info – Proxy this
19- https://mehide.asia – Me Hide
20- https://zalmos.com – Zalmos
21- https://fishproxy.com – Fish Proxy
22- https://dzhot.us – Dz hot
23- https://1freeproxy.pw – 1 free proxy
24- https://sporium.org – Sporium
24- https://unblockyoutubefree.net – Unblock youtube free
25- https://freeyoutube.net – Free youtube
26- https://rapidproxy.us – Rapid proxy
27- https://unblockyoutubeatschool.com – Unblock Youtube at School
28- https://hidingyour.info – Hiding your info
29- https://unblocker.us – Unblocker  Proxy sites
30- https://fastusaproxy.com – USA Proxy server

Proxy Sites List 2023 (Working)

#1 4everproxy

Working List Of Best Proxy Websites 2019: Surf Anonymously
Free Proxy Sites Working Like Ferrari
  • This website has no. options for hiding location. This website has four web servers and 17 IP addresses.
  • You just need to type the website URL and change location if you want to change and then click on the Go option. That’s it. Although I provide you more options like Allow cookies, Remove Scripts, Encrypt Page, etc.
  • I use this website for some time, and I find it is really fast than other websites. Of course, this website has an unlimited bandwidth option.
  • It is not a direct proxy site, but you can access other sites here.

#2 ProxfreeWorking List Of Best Proxy Websites 2019: Surf Anonymously

  • Proxfree provides you free SSL proxy which means your data is encrypted. One thing is like about ProxFree is that provides you full screen for visiting websites.
  • This website has 11 servers and 19 IP locations.
  • This website provides you with awesome speed and all other features that you need in the pro-free website

#3 OrangeProxyWorking List Of Best Proxy Websites 2019: Surf Anonymously

  • Sporting a main server in the USA, this site is great for those looking to access geo-locked websites located in the USA.
  • Another great addition to its user interface is an array of links to common search engines like Google, Duckduckgo, and Bing.
  • We tried to access social media websites like Facebook and Twitter with much success. You’ll always be in the know with your friends if you use this proxy site.
  •  YouTube and Netflix simply don’t work on this site. We tried.

#4 FilterByPass.meWorking List Of Best Proxy Websites 2019: Surf Anonymously

  • FilterBypass is a free anonymous web proxy that allows people all over the world to bypass internet filters and enjoy unrestricted browsing.
  • Unlike other web proxies, we support all major streaming portals such as Youtube and Dailymotion.
  • Enjoy being able to unblock your favorite social networks such as Facebook or Twitter with a simple click.
  • Let us unite to combat oppression and internet censorship and surf the internet anonymously.

#5 MegaproxyWorking List Of Best Proxy Websites 2019: Surf Anonymously

  • Finally, a reliable Web SSL VPN service that allows you to surf the web more securely and privately anywhere and at any time from any Internet-enabled location without the complexities of software installations, third-party browser plugin-ins or re-configurations.
  • Innovative, exclusive technology that would proactively safeguard your online privacy and identity allow you to surf the Internet revealing neither personal details nor information about your web destinations while protecting your browser with application-aware security against common threats such as web browser hijacking and Internet snooping.

Download a Big List of 100+ Best Free Proxy Sites: 


Wrap Up: This is all you need to know about proxy websites and servers. And, these were some of the best proxy websites and servers list which you can use. If we have missed out on any important information about proxy websites and servers or any such amazing website, then please let us know in the comments section below. u.s proxy sites
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