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How To Fix PUBG “Servers Are Too Busy” Error?


In Short Hacks: Hey PUBG Players Whatsup? Are you facing the “Servers Are Too Busy” error? We all know how hard it is to stay patient at the time of playing PUBG Matches. But no worries! So, here today we are going to talk about the Server issue error which is seen in the PUBG game. And al possible Fixes to “PUBG Servers Are Too Busy” errors in 2020.

How To Fix PUBG "Servers Are Too Busy" Error?
How To Fix PUBG “Servers Are Too Busy” Error?

One of the most popular game PUBG (Player unknown’s Battle Ground) of this time has been played by each and everyone in the whole world. This game has got an addiction to all the youngsters. There have been so many bad cases of PUBG game like many died because of the addiction to the game. So, if you are also playing this game regularly, be careful and take care of yourself. PUBG game has gone so far in no time than the developer expected.

From the past few months, this server issue has been a problem for many players. If you are also one of them who are getting the error again and again then do not worry, as we are here with a solution to this error. As the game became so popular within no time, there is not enough server to handle so many requests at a time. Let us check out what is the problem, and how can the error of “Servers are Too Busy” will be solved?

Before seeing the solution to the error, first, let us know the reason for this error. Why this error is coming?

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Why PUBG is showing “Servers Are Too Busy” Error?

One of the main reasons of PUBG showing this error is the experimental Server, or the main server of PUBG is not running. If this is not the problem, then there are other reasons why the servers are down?

Check out a few more reasons for this error.

1. Sever Under Maintenance

This can be a reason for showing the error. As the developers of the game Player, Unknown’s Battle Ground introduces new updates and serve maintenance from time to time. Few of the updates do not affect the game. Get the latest update and continue playing the game without any problem. But many times the server maintenance needs more time, like updating the capacity of the servers, adding new servers and much more. So, at this point, the servers will be down, and you will get the error on the screen.

2. Same location having More Players

One of the main reason for getting the PUBG error is having more players from the same area. The server of the PUBG game is designed likewise, that it can handle only a few players at a time. So, if you are getting the error, then this might be a reason. You can change the location and try it out. Mostly, if you are playing games on Sundays, or in the evening then also you can get the error as this time is free for most of them, so more players will be there at the same time. As there are more players, the server will be overloaded, and you will get the Error of please try again later.

So, these are some of the main reasons which will give you “servers are too busy, please try again later” error on the PUBG game. Now, let us see the solution to this error.

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How To Fix “Servers Are Too Busy, Please Try Again” Error on PUBG game?

Check out a few of the methods which will help you to solve the problem of “Servers Are Too Busy, Please Try Again”

  • Reconnect or Change The PUBG Server Location
  • Wednesdays are “Update Day”
  • Reset Your Modem
  • Turn Off the Proxy Setting On Windows 10

1. Reconnect or Change The Server Location

As the game is so popular, there are many servers in the whole world for this PUBG game. And all these servers have a limit of handling the requests at one time. Whenever you start playing the game, it will connect you to the nearest server every time. If your server is giving you an error, then follow the given steps to solve the issue:

  • First, open the game and see whether the error is coming or not.
  • If you are getting an error, then try Reconnecting it by clicking on the Reconnect button
  • If this is not working, then try the another step
  • At the bottom of the right corner, you will see the “GLOBE” icon, click on it
  • You will see the list of complete server
  • There you can change the server to another location
  • Choose any location and try to reconnect

So, this can solve your problem, only if the local server is overloaded. But if the maintenance of the server is busy that time changing the server location does not work.

2. Wednesdays are “Update Day”

Mostly on Wednesday Updates come, so if there is an update coming for your game which will fix a few problems, then you might get this error. For any upcoming updates, you must look at your Stream client. Once you install the new update, make sure you restart the Steam of the game. If the error is coming on different days than there can be a minor update that is prepared and then will fix the bug. So, even this can be the reason for the error.

3. Reset Your Modem

Turn off your modem and again turn it ON by pressing the Power Button. Likewise, reset your Modem if the error is coming because of poor connection, it will be solved. It is said, that this will work for both users on the PUBG forums and on the Steam Forums.

4. Turn Off the Proxy Setting On Windows 10

If your PC has Windows 10, then turn off the Proxy Settings. Follow the steps to turn off the settings.

  • On your computer, go to the Windows Search tool which is at the bottom left corner on the screen
  • Search for “Proxy
  • You will see the option of Change Proxy Setting, click on it
  • Now, on this page, you will see two options Automatic Proxy Setup and Manual Proxy Setup
  • Turn Off the Automatically Detect settings options
  • This option is under Automatic Proxy setup

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That’s it!. 😆 You are done, now restart your PUBG game and try to reconnect to the servers to check whether the issue is fixed with the servers or not.

If you are playing PUBG game on Mac, then just turn off the Firewall option. Go to System preferences and click on security and privacy, there you will see the option of Firewall just click on it. And just turn off the option.

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These are some of the solutions to “PUBG Servers Are Too Busy, try again later” 2020 error on PUBG game. If you are also getting an error on your game, then try out any of the given solutions. If you find this article helpful, share this article with all your friends and family. It will help us to grow bigger than ever. Also, if you have any other queries or suggestions in this article, do let us know in the comment section. We are always open to your article recommendations so feel free to suggest some topics. Thanks a lot for reading. Cheers! ?

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