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How to Fix PS5 Green Screen of Death 2024


PlayStation 5, shortly known as PS5, is a home video game console from Sony, the successor to the PS4. It’s a part of the ninth generation of video game consoles that deliver a smooth gaming experience.

There’s no doubt about its gaming performance. But, sometimes, users face various issues accessing the games, and the PS5 green screen is the most common one.

So, if you’re also one of those victims, keep reading this guide till the end to learn how to fix this issue easily.

How to Fix PS5 Green Screen of Death 2024

How to Fix PS5 Green Screen of Death 2023

PS5 green screen is a serious problem as sometimes you can’t control your device. If you’re lucky enough to have control over the PS5, it’ll be easier for you to fix the issue.
There are multiple methods to eliminate the PS5 green screen of death problem, and it’ll be better to try each one by one as it’s impossible to mark one as the main culprit. So, follow the fixes I have shared below, which will surely help you.

Reset The HDMI Cable

The PS5 is connected to an external monitor through an HDMI cable, and an improper connection may cause the green screen issue.

So, if your TV has multiple HDMI ports, unplug from the current one and plug it into another. The HDMI can also be faulty, so it’ll be better to change the current cable and use a new one.

The PS5 green screen issue will surely be solved if the HDMI cable is causing the problem.

Disable HDR

HDR is known for delivering higher contrast and color or brightness range, and the PS5 green screen issue may be because of this. You should try disabling the HDR to eliminate the problem.

  • These are the steps to turn off HDR on your PS5:
  • First, navigate to Settings.
  • Then head towards Screen and Video.
  • Now, select HDR from the available options and turn it off.

Disable Rest Mode

Many users have noticed that PS5 green screen issues occur when you put the console in rest mode in the middle of a game or close it without putting it into rest mode.

Although rest mode helps download game updates and new games in the background by using less power, and the fan also operates at a low level, it can be the culprit behind the green screen issue. So, it’ll be better for you to try disabling that, and to do so, you can follow these steps:

  • First, go to Settings on your PS5.
  • Then head towards the System.
  • You’ll see various options; select Software Update from there.
  • Now, click on Power Saving.
  • Then, choose Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.
  • Now, tap on During Media Playback.
  • Select the “Don’t Put in Rest Mode” option.
  • Now, click on While Playing Games.
  • Choose the “Don’t Put in Rest Mode” option.

Check For TV Problem

The PS5 green screen issue can be because of any issues lying on your TV’s end. So, you can try connecting your PS5 console with another TV and check if you face the problem. If not, then some problem on your old TV is causing the green screen issue.

So, check your TV to see if it’s running on the latest firmware and if any updates are available, download the latest one.

You can try restoring your TV settings so that if you have mistakenly made any changes causing the issue, that’ll surely be solved.

Restart PS5

A simple restart of your PS5 can help you eliminate the green screen problem easily. In this context, you should know that it doesn’t delete your data, but if there are any unsaved data, you’ll lose that.

To do that, you need to press and hold the power button on your PS5 for several seconds till a beep sound appears. It’ll shut down your PS5, and to restart it again, press the power button.

Delete Corrupted Files On PS5

If any game’s files are corrupted, that may cause various problems along with the PS5 green screen issue. So, deleting all the corrupted or unnecessary files can surely fix the problem.

If you haven’t done that before and are unsure about the method, you can check out the steps below:

  • First, you must navigate to your PS5 Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of your TV screen.
  • It’ll open various options; at the bottom side, you’ll find “Storage”; click that.
  • On the left panel, click on Console Storage and choose Saved Data on the right.
  • Now, you’ll see two options, “PS5 Games” and “PS4 Games”; select any that you think is causing the problem.
  • Next, it’ll display all the available games; select the game that probably troubling by the green screen issue.
  • Finally, select the Delete option on the bottom right side.

Disable Resolution Mode

If you have set a higher resolution than the one supported by your PS5 or your TV, that surely pressurizes your devices, causing the green screen crash. So, you can try disabling the resolution mode and to do that, follow the steps below:

  • First, you should go to the Settings page.
  • Then, head toward the Saved Data and Game Settings.
  • Select Game Presets from the options.
  • Now, choose Performance Mode or Resolution Mode.
  • Finally, select Game Default.

Now, the video settings will be according to the game. Many games have video settings within the game, so go there and select the basic one to help the game run smoothly without causing any issues, especially the PS5 green screen crash.

Contact PlayStation Support

You should contact PlayStation customer support if any of the above solutions don’t work.
The best way to contact them is through the official webpage https://www.playstation.com/en-in/support/ and share your concern by selecting appropriate options. The professional customer support team will surely guide you to eliminate the problem.


So, these were the solutions to easily fix the PS5 Green Screen of Death issue. Hopefully, you have successfully eliminated the problem. Still, if anything troubles you, the comment box is always open for you.


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