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How to Fix MLB The Show 21 Server Down Issue 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Critics and players have praised MLB The Show 21, but server issues have been reported by users.
  • Causes of server problems include high traffic, technical issues, or maintenance issues.
  • Fixes include restarting the game, checking server status, using a VPN, updating the device OS, and contacting MLB The Show officials for assistance.

Several similarities exist between this game and Major League Baseball. However, interestingly both critics and players have praised the game. But, even though the MLB The Show 21 was released based in 2021, there are still many flaws in the game. However, many users recently started reporting that the MLB The Show 21 servers are not working, due to which they cannot play the game. 

But, not to worry, we have some fixes for this error. So, if you are having trouble playing MLB The Show 21 on your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or Xbox One, then make sure to perform the fixes mentioned further to resolve the MLB The Show servers not working problem.

What are the Causes of Server Issues on MLB The Show 21?

How To Fix MLB The Show 21 Server Down Issue 2022

After its recent patch release, MLB The Show 21 has seen a spike in player numbers, causing high traffic to begin with. Players were left waiting longer for a multiplayer match, while others were not able to join at all.

Other issues can also occur server-side, though these are almost always temporary. There are usually two reasons why servers get down. Either there is a technical issue, or the server needs maintenance. There is no limit to when it can happen and it can affect many players simultaneously.

Outages can cause you to experience network errors, or servers suddenly become unreachable, even if you were able to play online before. Also, games can experience server issues if their developers or publishers intentionally shut down the servers to correct bugs or improve the experience.

There are also many issues that can cause you to have difficulty playing online on MLB The Show 21 is with your WiFi network.

Fixes to Resolve the MLB The Show 21 Servers Issue

The game was launched back in 2021, but it still has some flaws even after one year. However, although there are many issues users are facing, the MLB The Show servers issue is one of the most bothering issues that users are facing. But, as we have some fixes to this problem; therefore, you do not need to worry. So, let’s check out the fixes:

Restart The MLB Game

It is no secret that this everlasting fix has been around for some time. Despite its simplicity, this is one of the quickest and easiest fixes that can resolve any issue. Isn’t it time to get started? After closing the MLB The Show 21 game, relaunch it without using shortcuts.

Also, we suggest you force close MLB The Show 21 using Task Manager (if it freezes while launching). Therefore, you must try this out as many users reported that they could successfully resolve the MLB The Show servers not working issue.

Check the Servers

The causes of errors and the solutions to them are generally connected. The game’s server status must be checked first because this is a server issue, as its name suggests. In order to check if maintenance is being performed on the servers, follow @MLBTheShow on Twitter.

Wait until the server maintenance is finished before using the server. It is recommended that you do not play when the server is undergoing maintenance.

Also, you can check the server status on third-party sites such as DownDetector/MLB The Show. Well, you can totally rely on DownDetector, as it is one hundred percent genuine. If none of the above issues exist, then proceed with the following fixes.

Best Fixes to Resolve the MLB The Show 21 Servers Issue

Reboot The Device

Are you still on the same boat? Well, possibilities are there that you may face this problem just because some bug files are stored on your console. However, these cache files get removed just by rebooting your device.

It is first recommended that you reboot your gaming console. It shouldn’t take much time for you to accomplish this. To do this, you must exit the game and go to the home page of your gaming console.

Start the console by shutting it down and then restarting it. Lastly, try relaunching the game to determine whether or not the MLB The Show servers-related issue has been resolved.

Use a VPN

Use a VPN

By using a VPN, you will reduce latency and protect all your data. With your Windows computer or router, you can easily establish a VPN connection for your gaming consoles. 

However, you must choose safe VPNs that protect you from DDoS attacks. In any case, if you’re unfamiliar with setting up VPNs, it’s nothing to worry about. In order to set up a VPN, follow these steps:

  1. On your PC, first search for any VPN app and then download and install it.
  2. Install the VPN app and connect it to the VPN server.
  3. To change the network settings, go to Windows Settings and click Network & Internet.
  4. In the left panel, select Mobile Hotspot. On the right panel, click Share my Internet connection with other devices.
  5. Once you click on edit, you can change the password if necessary.
  6. Next, connect your gaming console.

That’s it. Your PlayStation or Xbox is all set for a wonderful gaming experience with a VPN. Then, check if the MLB The Show 21 servers issue has been fixed by playing the MBL The Show 21 game.

Install the Update

Depending on your game, there may be a pending update or new update available. In that case, you may want to check for updates based on your device.

Try rebooting your system after you update the game and relaunching it. If the server connection issues still persist, try relaunching the game.

Check Connection Speed

Sometimes, you are experiencing this type of issue due to a poor internet connection. The importance of having a good internet connection can’t be overstated. So, we encourage you to use a speed tester website like Ookla to check the speed of your connection.

Fix High Ping Issue

In the meantime, if the results aren’t appropriate and you’re having trouble connecting to your WiFi, try power cycling it to resolve the issue. However, contact your internet service provider if the internet still does not work.

While waiting for that day, you can still play MLB The Show using mobile data without a problem. Or you can wait for the WiFi to work properly. However, once your internet connection is stable, the MLB The Show 21 servers error automatically gets fixed.

Try A Wired Connection

Try A Wired Connection

An ethernet cable can be used if your WiFi network cannot provide a good speed, but WiFi networks cannot always guarantee this. In fact, wired connections are always better than wireless ones since they have no obstruction between your device and router.

In that case, once your internet begins working properly, your server connection problems are automatically repaired, and you can enjoy your beloved MLB The Show 21.

Power Cycle the Router

Power Cycle the Router

There are chances that even after performing the above methods and using an ethernet cable, you are facing this problem. This generally happens when your router has some stored cache files which are not properly functioning.

So, if you are already using the ethernet cable and still getting the MLB, The Show 21 serves is not working properly, then contact your ISP provider to resolve the error. However, until the ISP fix the error, you must try power cycling the router, as many users already reported that they successfully fixed the network error just by power cycling the router.

Therefore, you should also do this. The easiest way to do this is to turn off the power button and unplugging every wire connected to your router. After that, wait a while and plug them in. Check if the internet issue is resolved after you turn on the power button.

Update Your Device OS

You should also keep your OS current as it plays a crucial role in making sure everything works correctly. Make sure to check for system updates immediately, and if any updates are available, make sure to install them. Once done, again open the MLB The Show 21 and check if the server’s issue gets resolved or not.

Reset Network Settings

There is a probability that your console has corrupted network settings configuration, due to which you will not be able to connect to its servers. Therefore, you must have to make sure that on your device, the network settings aren’t properly configured, due to which you are facing this problem. So, we advise you to reset network settings on your console and check if the MLB The Show servers issue fixed or not. 

Contact MLB The Show Officials

Contact MLB The Show Officials

You can contact the MLB The Show official support team if none of the previously listed methods are helpful in resolving the MLB The Show servers issue. You may, however, receive further assistance to resolve this issue, depending on the situation.

Wrap Up | MLB The Show Servers Issue

So, that’s how you fix the MLB The Show servers not working issue. Hopefully, the fixes mentioned earlier in this guide have helped you resolve this issue. We would also appreciate it if you could comment below if you have any doubts or questions. Make sure to check out our other guide at iTechHacks as well.


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