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How to Fix FireStick Remote Not Working


Key Takeaways
  • Streaming devices like firesticks and Smart TVs enhance TV experiences with dongles and remotes.
  • Common issues with FireStick remotes can be fixed by restarting the device, replacing the battery, aligning the batteries correctly, and removing any obstructions.
  • Unpairing and reconnecting the remote, resetting the Firestick, and contacting Amazon for support are additional solutions to fix a FireStick remote not working properly.

Streaming devices like firesticks and Smart TVs have replaced cables with technological advancements. As a result of these devices, users are able to experience a much more engaging experience. Using it, you can make a normal TV smart. Dongles that fit into your TV and remotes that control the TV are included with these streaming devices.

But, there are some common things that could be improved in these dongles. However, one of the frequent errors is that it’s remote and sometimes needs to be fixed. For example, recently, for some users, the Amazon FireStick remote has not working for them.

And that’s the reason why we are here. Today in this article, you will learn how to fix if the Amazon Fire Stick remote needs to be fixed. So, let’s get started.

How To Fix Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Fix FireStick Remote Not Working Properly

There are many fixes that you need to try in order to fix the Amazon FireStick remote not working. So, let’s check out those fixes: 

Fix 1: Restart Your Device

Initially, you have to reboot your device as most of the time Amazon Fire Stick remote is not working just because there are some cache files stored on your device which might get corrupted. So, when you reboot your device, these cache file gets removed. Therefore, you must try this and check whether it helps or not. 

Fix 2: Replace Battery

Replace Battery

The battery of the Fire TV stick will likely run out if you binge-watch TV series or movies that your content provider releases. It is normal for the batteries to run out of juice quickly after a few weeks of extensive use throughout the day.

If all other troubleshooting methods, such as unpairing and pairing again, do not work, it is best to keep a set of batteries on hand to replace them quickly. There’s probably a problem with the battery.

There have been cases when the chemical residue from the battery leaked out and corroded the point on the remote where it is connected to the battery. Although this is very rare, it does happen occasionally. In most cases, if it’s an old spare battery, maybe it leaked acid from the remote because it had been rendered useless for a long time.

It is important that you remove the batteries carefully if you see this happening. The residues should be safely cleaned if they have leaked onto the surface of the connector. Replacing it with fresh batteries is the next step. You should now be able to use the Fire TV Stick Remote.

Fix 3: Correctly Align the Batteries

Correctly Align the Batteries

There is no need to make a big deal out of this issue; it is one of the most simple issues that people face. It is important to set the batteries according to their polarity. In other words, the battery has two positive and negative ends.

However, the positive (+) end of the battery needs to be connected to the positive (+) end of the Fire TV Stick remote, and the negative (-) end should be connected to the negative (-) end. Ensure that the battery is tight while fixing the battery in the remote.

Fix 4: Remove Any Obstructions

There may be no wires between your Firestick remote and the Firestick, but it still needs a place to connect to the Firestick. A game console or pile of books should be able to access your remote or Firestick.

If there are nearby devices sending off radio signals, such as Wi-Fi routers or microwave ovens, move them as well. You should keep your remote and Firestick separate for the best results.

Fix 5: Unpair And Reconnect The Remote

Your remote’s connection to the Firestick needs to be refreshed if the batteries aren’t the problem and you’ve got a clear line of sight. Perhaps unpair and repairing the remote from your Firestick will fix the firestick remote not working.

  1. To open the Settings menu, use another Firestick remote. Use the iPhone or Android device as a virtual remote if you don’t have another physical remote.
  2. You can control your Amazon Fire TV with the remote by selecting Controllers & Bluetooth Devices from the Settings menu.
  3. To fix the remote that isn’t working, scroll down and click the Menu and Select buttons on the remote that isn’t working. There will no longer be a list of remotes for your device.
  4. You need to press and hold the Home button on the unpaired remote before selecting Add New Remote.Unpair And Reconnect The Remote
  5. Use the damage remote to navigate the menus when the Firestick prompts you to do so.

You should be able to repair your Firestick with the remote, which should make it work again.

Fix 6: Reset your Firestick

There’s always a chance your Firestick may be the one causing problems, even if most connection issues stem from the remote. Alternatively, if none of the steps above worked, you can try a factory reset.

It will be erased of all its data after factory resetting, returning it to its original state. Therefore, you will need to re-download all of your apps and log in again. Even though it is unpleasant, it is also a great way to fix problems.

  1. Go to the Settings option on your Firestick and select My Fire TV.
  2. After that, click Reset to Factory Defaults and confirm that you want to do that.Reset your Firestick

Wait a few minutes for the device to reset. Once you have finished, set it up the way you would if you were starting over.

Fix 7: Contact Amazon

You may need to reach deeper into the problem if you have tried all these steps and still can’t get the remote to work. Whenever possible, contact Amazon directly for assistance. Amazon’s customer service representatives can resolve nearly any Fire TV issue including firestick remote not working. You can send in your Firestick for a replacement if even they can’t figure out the problem.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s how to fix the Amazon FireStick remote not working issue. We hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, now in case you need more info, comment below and let our team know. 


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