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How to Fix ChatGPT Network Error On Long Responses


Key Takeaways
  • ChatGPT website has one billion monthly pageviews, handling millions of queries, leading to network errors on long responses.
  • Users face network errors due to long responses; solutions include checking internet connection, avoiding long questions, turning off Windows Firewall.
  • Other solutions include checking for server outages, joining OpenAI Discord, turning off VPN, clearing browser cache, using different browsers, avoiding peak hours, and reporting issues to OpenAI.

ChatGPT has been trending all over the internet since its release. Several months after its launch, the ChatGPT website has reached one billion monthly pageviews, which is difficult for any website to reach. They are constantly improving the ChatGPT services to make it a better AI Chatbot. ChatGPT works to solve the query that the users have asked it. As billions of users are accessing the website in a month, we can expect that it is handling millions of queries at a time which is not easy.

It’s obvious that there will be some errors, too, as the ChatGPT is still in the development phase. The developers are constantly working on making the website smoother for the users. But, the users trying to get answers from ChatGPT have reported Network Errors on the long responses. This issue occurs when ChatGPT gives some long responses. We are here with the guide, where we will list the methods through which you can solve the problem. So, let’s dive into the solutions to the network error.

What is ChatGPT Network Error on Long Responses?


Thousands of users have been using ChatGPT to ask for answers to different questions. There are some questions for which the ChatGPT has to come with a long response. But, when the ChatGPT answers, suddenly, an error appears on the screen: “Network Error.” Due to the issue, the users cannot get the answer for what they are looking for. There are various reasons why the error might occur while using the website. We are going to list the methods below to resolve the issue, do check them.

Ways to Fix ChatGPT Network Error On Long Responses

How to Fix ChatGPT Network Error On Long Responses

Users are frustrated because of the ChatGPT network error. It is because when the ChatGPT is answering the question, the error of Network Error is coming in the middle of it. The users are unable to figure out the solution to the problem. To help the users in resolving the problem, we are here with the solutions to the problem.

Check The Internet Connection

Internet Health Test

The first thing that we will suggest you do is to check the internet connection. The issue will occur if you are not connected to a stable high-speed internet connection. When the ChatGPT is answering your question, then at that time, it requires a stable internet connection. If your system does not have a stable internet connection, the issue will arise while using the website. We have listed some websites for you to check the internet connection speed. Do check them with the help of this guide.

Don’t Ask Long Questions


If the internet connection works perfectly, we suggest you don’t ask long questions. There are chances that it cannot give you the complete responses to the question due to several reasons, and it’s showing a network error.

There are also chances that the ChatGPT might be fetching the answers from a different website, but it is not accessible anymore due to some issues.

We suggest you ask the question in the ChatGPT by breaking it into several questions. You have to ask shorter questions from it. By doing this, you will not face the website issue.

Turn Off Windows Firewall

Disable Firewall or Antivirus Software

Windows Firewall might also cause trouble in receiving the responses from the ChatGPT to the web browser. The Firewall acts as a protector, checking what responses are received from third-party apps. So if it has found something suspicious with the website, the responses will likely be blocked. We suggest you disable the Windows Firewall and check whether the issue is still occurring.

Check For Server Outages

How to Fix ChatGPT Is at Capacity Right Now Error

The ChatGPT website is seeing constant growth in daily traffic. If the website cannot handle a lot of traffic simultaneously, then a server outage is likely to occur, and due to it, you will face a network error. You should check out the website of OpenAI and the company’s social media pages to get information about server outages. If any server problems occur, you will not be able to use the website.

Join OpenAI Discord

If you want to get all the latest news related to ChatGPT, join their OpenAI discord. They are proactive with the community to help the users. They will also post information about website maintenance, server problems, etc. You can join Discord if you are going to use it regularly.

Turn Off The VPN

The users using the VPN to access the ChatGPT might also face the issue. As the developers have already suggested that the services are only available for specific regions, so it is important not to use VPN in this case. The developers have also reported that the website might not work properly with the VPN, so it is requested that if you are using the VPN, then turn them off.

Clear Browser Cache

The problem of Network Error might also arise with you your system due to the Browser cache. We will suggest you clear the browser cache on the browser that you are using to avoid any problems with it. You can clear the browser cache easily with the help of the steps which are listed below.

  • Open Settings on your Browser.
  • Select the Privacy, search, and services option.
  • Under the Clear Browsing Data, select Choose What To Clear.
  • After it, click on Clear Now. Before that, select the timeline of All Time.

Clear Cache And Cookies

Use Different Web Browsers

There are chances that the Network Error on Long Responses might be occurring due to incompatible web browsers. We suggest you use a different web browser on the system you are trying to use for the website. If the website can give long responses on different browsers, the issue occurs due to the previous browser.

Don’t Ask Questions in Peak Hours

We suggest that you should not open the ChatGPT during peak hours. There are a lot of people who are always trying to access ChatGPT during the day. This is the time when ChatGPT is being used by many users. So, if you are using the ChatGPT during the day, try using it at night to get the answers, as the traffic is comparatively low.

Ask ChatGPT Not To Include Comments & Empty Lines

You can also ask the ChatGPT not to include comments and empty lines for the codes or general questions. Basically, if any users ask questions to the ChatGPT, it adds comments too in the answers, which makes the responses lengthy. Thus, you can ask the Bot not to include comments and empty lines, which can cause different issues.

Report The Issue To OpenAI

If you are facing the issue even after trying all the above fixes, then it’s time to tell about this issue to the developers. As the developers are always working on fixing new bugs, so they will also work on resolving the problem. Do it with the website and check what response you get from the OpenAI developers.

Wrapping Up

Users were getting the ChatGPT Network Error on Long Responses for various reasons we have listed. In this guide, we have shared the ways to resolve the problem on the system.


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