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Download Facebook Lite For PC 2024 (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11)


Facebook is the top social media platform. Almost every user you meet in the real world, has an account on Facebook or had one before. With so many existing users and more users joining every day, it is becoming difficult for users with low end PCs to handle Facebook. As a result, a lot of people want to download Facebook Lite for Windows 11, 10, or 7. If you are one of them, here’s a guide to help you.

What is the Need For Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite

You may think about what is the need for Facebook Lite, if the normal Facebook website works nicely using the browser. Well, the answer is simple. To decrease data consumption and be lite on the system.

Usually, people who are searching to use Facebook Lite on Windows PC, are not using a very powerful computer. As a result, the users also don’t have unlimited data that will allow them to watch Facebook Reels and ads.

Is There Facebook Lite For Windows 11, 10, or 7?

As of now, there is no official Facebook Lite application that works on Windows 11, 10, or 7. However, the brilliant modders community of Windows app are no less. They have created a customized app that works.

Unfortunately, that Facebook app keeps crashing most of the time. As a result, we don’t always recommend using Facebook Lite For Windows 11, 10 or 7. However, there’s a way in which you can use Facebook Lite on your Windows PC without compromising with lags, stutters, and crashes.

Best Features of Facebook Lite For Windows

Facebook Lite is a great application that works flawlessly on Windows. If you are thinking about what benefits you will be getting after installing Facebook Lite on your Windows PC, then here are some of the best features that you should expect:

  • You will be able to find friends easily. The location feature works great just in the same way as your smartphone. The location also helps you know about nearby friends. This thing is completely in line with the large Facebook app.
  • You can upload photos and videos just as you would using the normal Facebook app. However, because it is Facebook Lite, you also have the option to lower the quality of photos so that it does not consume a lot of data.
  • Rest assured, all features are supported except the Meta Support Center, for which you have to open the normal Facebook website. You also cannot edit normal privacy settings that you could use the Normal Facebook.

If these features and drawbacks are alright with you, then downloading and installing Facebook Lite on Windows 11, 10, or 7 is going to be of great use.

Download & Install Facebook Lite On Windows 11, 10, or 7 PC

As of now, there are three method to download and install Facebook Lite on your Windows PC. We will go through all of them, and you can choose the method that suits you best.

Method 1: Use an Android Emulator To Install Facebook Lite

Using an Android Emulator to run and use Facebook Lite is a traditional method that has been known for ages, and it works great, period. However, sometimes, these emulators can be heavy for a PC. We are not talking about that heavy, but a person searching for Facebook Lite might be installing it on a low-end PC.

As a result, we recommend a great Android Emulator known as LD Player. While this emulator might not run on the latest Android 13 or 14, which any emulator does not, this will nicely run Facebook Lite. Here are the steps to download and install Facebook Lite on your Windows PC:

  1. Go to the official website of LD Player.
  2. Click on Download LD Player. Don’t download LD Player 5. This is heavier than the regular one. Facebook Lite Download For PC (Windows 11, 10, 7) 2023
  3. Once LD Player is downloaded, go to the Downloads Folder on your Windows PC and begin the installation process.
  4. Once installed, run LD Player. You may need to sign in before being able to use it.
  5. Now, go to PlayStore and search for Facebook Lite.
  6. When found, install it.

That’s it. Now, Facebook Lite is installed on your PC, and you are ready to use it. Log into your Facebook account and checkmark an option that says move to the desktop.

From the next time onwards, whenever you need to use Facebook Lite simply double click on the Facebook Lite icon on your desktop, and it will automatically open. Use this as you normally would on your phone.

Method 2: Use Chrome to Install Facebook Directly

Using Google Chrome to install Facebook directly is another method that is considered extremely helpful. While the LD Player method is also suitable, you can use this method if you don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading and installing more things than necessary. This method is also suitable if you want to keep your PC light. Here are the steps to install Facebook Lite directly:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Now, go to
  3. Now, in the Address Bar, you will notice a small download-type icon. Click on that. Facebook Lite Download For PC (Windows 11, 10, 7) 2023
  4. It will ask you whether you want to install it or not. Click on Install. Facebook Lite Download For PC (Windows 11, 10, 7) 2023

That’s it. Now, from the next time onwards, you don’t even have to log in again. You can directly double-click on the Facebook icon present on your Desktop, and facebook will open. For a lighter experience, you can turn on Metered Connection to make sure facebook does not eat up lots of data.

Method 3: Use Mbasic Facebook

As the name suggests, the Mbasic version of Facebook means Mobile-Basic. This is a lite version of even the mobile version that we used to run back in 2013-14. As a result, this is extremely lite. So much so that even the full version doesn’t load, and you have to click on Next Page or Load More to load more feed. Using the Mbasic version of Facebook is a secret method, and not a lot of people know about this.

Logging into Mbasic version of Facebook is as easy as it can be. Simply enter your user ID and Password and click on Log In. With that being said, here are the steps to install Facebook Lite using mbasic version:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Now, in the address bar, type:
  3. You will see an older interface of Facebook opening.
  4. Again, on the address bar, you will notice a small download type icon. Click on that.
  5. When prompted, click on Install.

That’s it. This is the litest version of Facebook one can have, as it does not even load feeds on its own. Also, you won’t be able to see new notifications until you refresh the page by pressing F5. This will save you unlimited Data that normal Facebook cannot.



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