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Cognizance 2020 at IIT Roorkee – Asia’s 2nd Largest Tech Fest.


Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee’s trademark technical fest Cognizance for this year 2020 was just remarkable. If you were from any other engineering background you will know what is Cognizance.

Cognizance 2020 at IIT Roorkee - Asia's 2nd Largest Tech Fest.
Cognizance 2020 at IIT Roorkee – Asia’s 2nd Largest Tech Fest.

Isn’t it? It is one of Asia’s biggest technical festivals in the country. It is like a technical symposium which was annually conducted by the IITians without any involvement of faculty/stuff at the IIT Roorkee.

For 2018, it was a great hit and helps many students from many states to get the best exposure possible. Now this year Cognizance Team collaborated with iTech Hacks as a Media partner and Social Partner and also give us Special Access to cover the whole event by inviting our team at IIT Roorkee for 15-17th of March. We hope to continue this for upcoming years as well. 🙂

The organizers of the Cognizance always strive to improve the standard of this event (Trust me IITians are LIT guys ?) They know how to add more and more value to the pupils and the speakers who are going to attend this event.

For this, they have introduced many events, talks, shows, workshops, night shows and what not? For this year they had conducted a plethora of events when compared with the previous years. The organizers have both raised and lowered many standards of the event. Sounds a bit confusing? Let me explain.

DATE for Cognizance 2020: 27th-29th March

They have now workshops for machine learning, robotics, entrepreneurship and much other futuristic technologies which are very rare. But they allow other college interested pupils to join in these workshops which are a great thing. They also conducted many competitions and fun events too in this year Cognizance 2019.

Cognizance IIT Roorkee - Asia's 2nd Largest Tech Fest.
LHC- Workshop Area

The key competitions are drone racing both in land and in water, robot combat and many other competitions which will test your technical knowledge as well as your mental strength. (Competitors coming from other colleges was just extraordinary)

From this year they announced to conduct some small programming, ethical hacking competitions which will start from simple data manipulations and goes up to the complex dynamic programming to let the upcoming geeks necessary exposures.

These are all some of the events which are new to this year’s Cognizance. What were the best events you always remain excited about? Let us know in the comment section. 🙂

Well, You will get to see amazing news coverage regarding the event on various other media sites. But, Here I am going to introduce a 2nd Year IITian who is Pursing his Bachelors in Civil Engineering and we had a great conversation with this guy. His name is Piyush Singariya. (Do follow him) Just because of this IITian we were there and we had an amazing welcome by the Team Cognizance.

Do you know? This IIT Cognizance is the second largest tech fest in India and one of the largest tech fests in the world countries.

It has over 150 events and participants who are not only from India but also from different countries. The main theme of this event is “Unwinding CHAOS” – In all these competitions they are going to solve some chaos which is very exciting in our opinion.Cognizance 2019 at IIT Roorkee - Asia's 2nd Largest Tech Fest.

As I mentioned earlier there were many workshops that were happened from which you can get a knowledge of new technologies and concepts which are happening in the industry.

Does this event look like only for tech enthusiasts and geeks?

Don’t worry it had many fun event too (Zakir Khan, KK and Anish Sood were some of the cultural night events) This event has many games for fun and entertainment. We cannot conduct a gaming event without PUBG Right? Yes! In this event, you can show your gaming skills and win prizes worth six lakhs India Rupees. Now you are asking what are all the games we are playing on. Isn’t it?Cognizance 2019 at IIT Roorkee - Asia's 2nd Largest Tech Fest.

They conduct P.U.B.G, FIFA, CS GO, DOTA-2, Need for Speed and many other games. It is worth noting they have been conducting a competition for Rubick cube and Sudoku as well (Sudoku is my personal favorite game, so as we covered it too). With all these events you can easily say It is a brilliant event for all sort of people. But the organizers not yet finished to provide you excitement and knowledge.

An event is always fulfilled by the guests and speakers who are going to attend the event. IIT Roorkee organizers won’t leave this spot and arranged some great personalities, artists, officers, and many other inspiring persons to share their experience with a large set of students. Also, many artists are going to perform live on stage.

Let me tell you the brief list of some great people attending this event.

First of all, this event will be inaugurated by Shri.K Sivan, Chairperson, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). In the speaker’s side, Mr. Sharat Chander, Prof. Bikash Chandra Sinha, Ms. Neeta Verma, Dir. of IIT Roorkee and many other inspiring people are on board to give you their experience and knowledge. For entertainment, the star of comedy Zakir Khan performed an amazing comedy performance live in this Cognizance event.

So why are you waiting? Don’t worry Next year we will give away some free passes to all of our top readers. Get ready for India’s greatest tech fest and show your talent to the world in 2020. Not only showing you can win prizes and goodies worth rupees twenty lakhs from this Cognizance event. If you a geek you cannot spend a day better than attending this event. Don’t miss!

List of workshops you guys can participate:

  • Digital Marketing
  • AWS
  • Bridge Design
  • Android App Development
  • IoT
  • Python Programming
  • Gaming Events
  • Drone and Robotics
  • Quiz and Mind Puzzles

If you have queries with this article, you can always let us know in the comment section and we will get you back very soon. 🙂

Cognizance IIT Roorkee - Asia's 2nd Largest Tech Fest.
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