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How to Clean Android by Getting Rid of Unnecessary Files


In Short Hacks: Android is the only OS that acquires your lots of space. However, there is no inbuilt feature that can clean up its junk files. So to make this task simpler, we are coming up with some manual and automatic ways/methods to Clean Android by Getting Rid of Unnecessary Files/junks. So Read this article till the end and learn best techniques and tricks to clean up hidden junk files from your android (No root)

How to Clean Android by Getting Rid of Unnecessary Files

An Android smartphone store cache and junk files on storage and occupy much space, So it’s essential to be cleaned. As with any operating system, over time, the number of unnecessary files that accumulate within the storage space can quickly become important and occupy a significant amount of space lost. To avoid this inconvenience, several cleaning solutions exist in order to find a way to clean your device by Follow the guide!

Clean Up Android Junk Files: Among the many apps present on the Play Store, we have chosen one that seems to represent the best android cleaner app, which is done in the field., the CCleaner well-known cleaner app for Windows and it’s now available for Android phones too, which has the good taste to be free. The app is used here only for cleaning unnecessary files to free up memory, of course, it can be done manually as described below but, it saves time. how to delete junk files in android phone

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A Simple and Effective Cleaner for Android (No-Root)

CCleaner is already present on several operating systems (Windows and Mac OS at the top) where it has been providing services for many years. Its principle of operation on Android is very simple too. And this, especially since the development team has the good taste to offer the essential without scattering in additional features heavy.

So for this Android version, at the first launch, just click “scan” to undergo a full scan of the device that can quickly show up quite long. Patience! After several tens of seconds, the app should display a precise analysis report that allows you to carefully choose what you want to delete or keep.1 click cleaner 2017

Here, the great strength lies in the exhaustiveness of the displayed information. It is thus possible to know exactly what is being suppressed. Note also some small bonuses, such as the ability to access system information in the menu of the same name. The latter allows having a summary of the main information of his device. In the same nice idea, with the quick cleaning widget, it is possible to select the desired actions. It’s smart.

Download CCleaner.

Clean your Android Smartphone Manually (No-Root)

If, however, you do not want to use a cleaning application, you can clean your smartphone manually by following the steps outlined below.

As for the cache of the applications, it is good to remember that you can remove it manually, for this is the procedure to follow:

• At first Go to “Settings,” then Click on “Storage.”
• Then in “Device Memory.

Normally you will have “Cached data” just press it and make “Delete

This method frees up space by removing cached data, for additional folders. If you want to do it manually it will have to search a little through a file explorer; we have also given you our top of the best file explorer for Android. Remember, however, that once you have removed the cache, you have deleted most of the unnecessary files.

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Clean Up the Downloads Folder

We do not necessarily think about it but, by downloading APK files and media files on the net, we can fill the storage space of our smartphone quite quickly. It’s strictly for nothing to keep an APK file on your smartphone once the app in question is installed and as the folder of downloads is a folder in which we hardly ever go, we tend to forget. To delete these unnecessary files, simply: clean junk files in android manually

Open the app drawer of your smartphone and open the “Downloads” app

Make a long press on each file you wish to remove and click on the trash in the top right
We will only advise you to clean your smartphone by yourself regularly so as to avoid that the storage memory does not end up being saturated to the point of slowing down the performance of the device but also to think of removing applications that you do not ‘ Do not use and make regular backups of your photos and other data on your PC or other external media so that you can remove them from the device.

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Wrap Up: Through these examples, now you have as many keys as possible to choose which method to use to clean up your unnecessary files from Android. CCleaner remains an efficient tool offering a clear and pleasant interface to the navigation but, not everyone wants to download an app for it. CCleaner is the best alternative to Clean Master which has unfortunately lost quality. clean android phone unnecessary files/junk files 2018

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