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How to Check If Someone Is Cheating In Wordle


Recently Wordle has become quite popular that people from all over the world are playing the game. The daily challenges are quite tricky, and sometimes it becomes impossible to guess the correct word of the day. However, people often cheat on Wordle, and you may not know when they are cheating. People may fake their score on Wordle and pretend to have been winning all the games they have played. When someone has a 1-guess win, it is important to know if they are cheating in Wordle or not. 

The 1-guess win is impossible in Wordle, and if someone has does it, they are probably cheating. Therefore, it is essential to know if someone is cheating in Wordle or not. In this article, we will be discussing how you can know whether someone cheated in Wordle or not. 

Check If Someone Is Cheating In Wordle

There is no way to check if someone is cheating on Wordle or not. You cannot check if the player has cheated until they tell you so or have left evidence suggesting you they have cheated. If you access someone’s score sheet and find the result somewhat peculiar, it may probably indicate that they have been cheating in Wordle. Well, there’s no absolute way to check it unless they have admitted that they have been doing so. 

How To Cheat In Wordle?

If you want to brag about ranking in Wordle, then there is no better way than cheating and getting the desired result in this Puzzle game. There are various ways to cheat on Wordle and guess the correct word of the day. Given below are some ways to let you think the correct Wordle. 

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Play More Than Once

The very first way to cheat in Wordle is playing more than once. You can play the Wordle game multiple times in the Private tab on your browser, not impacting your original score. By doing so, you will guess the correct word of the day in multiple attempts. Then, all you have to do is, open the Wordle in the non-private window on your browser on which you play the game and enter the correct word. This way, you will maintain the score and have multiple chances of winning the challenge. 

Cheating Using Wordle Helper Tools 

You can also use various third-party Wordle Helper tools to help you cheat in Wordle. These tools let you guess the correct word of the day. You can use tools like WordHipp to guess the correct word. To use this tool, follow the steps given below-

  • Head to the WordHippo website on your device. 

  • Here, click on the drop-down menu and select Words containing the letters.
  • Next, you will see a drop-down menu saying All Words. Click on it, and then select 5-letter words. Now in the given space below the drop-down menu, enter the word’s letters, and then click on Find it. 
  • You will now see a list of all the five-letter words containing the same letter. 
  • Next, in the advanced word search, you can enter the search criteria, including what letter the word starts with, middle word, ends with, and various others. By doing so, you will find the word for the Wordle. 

Finding Answers In The Solutions List

You can also find the answer to the Wordle in the solutions list. You will find the solutions list with all the Wordle challenges and today’s challenges from the past. You can check our list of Wordle solutions from the past to the current day and win the game. 

Theirs is no way to know if someone is cheating in Wordle unless they tell you themselves. However, you can cheat in Wordle and improve your result.


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  1. One of the dryly wordle players solves in 2 or 3 lines almost consistently.
    Looking back at this persons results, solving in 2 is 20 percent or so.
    Solving in 3 was even higher. This seems unlikely to me.


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