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How to Catch Combee Ramanas Island in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


Game Freak developed Pokemon Legends: Arceus Taste of Honey, a part of the eighth generation of the Pokemon Video Game series. Nintendo published this role-playing game, a prequel to the Pokemon diamond and pearl, in 2024.

Combee is a type of flying Pokemon you find in the game, and basically, it’s a bug. They work together and actively gather nectar to produce different honey flavors later. So, it plays an important role here.

You can get this creature in various places in the game, and Ramanas is the most popular. But in case you don’t know how to catch Combee on Ramanas Island in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Keep reading the post to know that and other methods of collecting it too.

How to Catch Combee Ramanas Island in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

How to Catch Combee Ramanas Island in Pokemon Legends: Arceus Taste of Honey?

Catching Combee on Ramanas Island in the game isn’t a hard bone to crack. But to do that, you need to know the right method, so here you go:

Obsidian Fieldlands has three locations, and Ramanas Island is one of them. You can easily navigate to the location using a map to find Combee.

All you need to do is to find the tree with fruits and search for the one that shakes. If you can’t find any shaking trees, you must return to Jubilife Village and go back to Obsidian Fieldlands again. 

After finding the tree, you should throw your Pokeball to that. Next, the Combee will drop from it if you’re lucky enough, and you can fight and catch that.

This Combee is weak and of level 16 only. But, if it’s an alpha Combee, it can be of level 32. However, you should always use the stronger pokemon to catch it. I suggest you use Ultra Ball on it so that it gets easier. But you should also remember that it might get escaped a few times, but you won’t have to waste many balls on it.

After catching it, you should be back in Almous in Jubilife Village. The Combee is in one of the houses located on Main Street. You can set the request to active if you don’t remember whose house he’s in.

After he tries the honey, you’ll listen to a slurping sound, and after that, you’ll get King’s Leaf and three dazzling honey as your reward for all the work you’ve done catching it.

Combee Base Stats

How to Catch Combee Ramanas Island in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

You should check out the stats if you want to know about Combee’s capabilities. These stats mightn’t be accurate as the details have been taken from other pokemon games but you’ll surely get an idea with it.

  • HP – 30
  • Atk – 30
  • Def – 42
  • Sp.Atk – 30
  • Sp.Def – 42
  • Speed – 70

All Combee Location

You can find that in many locations if you’re searching for Combee in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Although we only discussed the process of catching Combee on Ramanas Island, you can also check out all these locations:

  • Obsidian Fieldlands – Heartwood, Gruelling Cove, Ramanas Island.
  • Crimson Mirelands – Cloudpool Ridge, Lake Valor, Cottonsedge Prairie, Droning Meadow
  • Cobalt Coastlands – Aipom Hill

The methods to catch Combee in Gruelling Cove and Aipom Hill are almost identical to Ramanas Island. If you want to know that, check the process below.

Catch Combee in Gruelling Cove

You should go to the Gruelling Cove area and near the river. There, you’ll see Combee between some trees with grass all around. Don’t reveal yourself, and try to move closer to him. After you attack him, you can catch it easily.

Catch Combee in Aipom Hill

Go to Aipom Hill in the game and head towards the grassy area. You’ll find a Combee between some trees, and you can easily catch him just by throwing a poke ball.

Combee’s Preferred Food & Items Carried

After getting the Combee in the game, you should also take care of his food, as it’s the most important thing to survive. The three most preferred food of Combee is Dazzling Honey, Hearty Grains, and Plump Beans. Combee only has the food that they need to survive, and they provide all the excess food to the queens.

A normal Combee carries Dazzling honey and Spoiled Apricorn with him, and if it’s Alpha, it carries Exp. Candy S, Seed of Mastery.

Combee Evolution

After some time, the Combee evolves and transforms into a new character. So, you should always keep the level in mind and know that the process is a bit time-consuming, so you have to wait.

But, evolution is not always constant and depends on gender. If it’s a female Combee, it can evolve to a Vespiquen after 21 levels.

Female Combees are not common as they only have 12.5% of the total population. So, if you have one of them, grow it to 21 levels and help it transform into Vespiquen.

This new Pokemon is stronger than its previous version and can perform many moves, such as Fury Cutter, Air Slash, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to get to Ramanas Island without Basculegion?

You can’t get some areas like Ramanas Island in the game without accessing Basculegion first.

What is the spinning pokemon in Ramanas Island?

The spinning pokemon is Landorus which you can find by going to the southern part of Romanas Island using Braviary mount. There you’ll see a Tornado Spinning, and near that, on the lower side, you’ll find Landorus.

How to get Unown in firepit island?

Unown is available in the middle of this island on the side of the volcano, and to get this; you need to travel to the Molten Area first. You can easily catch this Unown just by using Unown.

Does an Alpha Pokemon respawn?

Yes, Alpha Pokemon respawns, but it takes a lot of time.

In what caves does Combee spawn?

Grassland Cave and Sunlit Cavern are the two biomes where Combee can spawn. There is a total of 21 honey tree locations in Sinnoh where this spawning process can take place.


So, this was the complete explanation of how to catch Combee on Ramanas Island in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. We have also shared with you how to find Combee on Gruelling Cove and Aipom Hill. Hopefully, you’ll surely catch Combee; if not, drop your issues in the comments below.


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