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Top 7 Best Private Search Engines other than Google 2024


Are surfing something on the web is Secure? Well, It’s safe but it’s not anonymous. Whatever we are searching for these Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc everything gets recorded in their database. Companies Like Google uses such information to make their search engine a better and the most importantly an informative place. However, many people don’t like an eye on them. So to protect from that eye here we have some of the best free Private Search Engines that will help you to browse anonymously and safely as well.

Top 7 Best Private Search Engine other than Google 2018
Best Private Search Engines

The modern world which we are living in is totally dependent on the Internet. It is hard to imagine things without the Internet. However, to use or surf the Internet, one needs a good web browser or what is also known as a search engine. This web browser/search engine excavates the Internet to bring the results related to your search.

One of the most widely know and used a web browser is Google. It is available on smartphones, PCs, etc. But, Google keeps track of all your online activities and compromises your privacy. However, there are many more private search engines that you can use to protect your privacy. We have listed some of the best private search engines below. So let’s take a look at them and know what they have to provide their users with!

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Best Private Search Engines for Anonymously Browsing

Let’s have a look at these Private Search Engines that will definitely help you out!

#1 DuckDuckGo

This is the best website for protecting your privacy. None of your data is leaked from this search engine. Instead, this search engine does not even collect your personal information. People recommend using this web browser while surfing the deep net or darknet. The reason behind this recommendation is the same. It can also be used as an extension on Google Chrome. A pop-up will appear if you open this search engine on Google Chrome to add it as an extension.

#2 WolframAlpha:

WolframAlpha is another useful search engine that protects your privacy. The home page of this search engine is very interactive. The algorithm used in this search engine is very much different than other search engines. Here, results are not directly displayed. Instead, you need to compute your result yourself! You must give it a try.

#3 Startpage:

This search engine not only protects your data from getting leaked but also helps in making your own IP address. With other browsers, you might need a VPN proxy app to mask your IP address to access some restricted website, but here, it is an inbuilt feature. You can also add this search engine to your Chrome browser and use it as your default search engine.

#4 Disconnect Search:

This search engine is very much similar to most of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo but, the difference between them and Disconnect Search is that Disconnect Search does not record your history or your IP address which eliminates the possibility of your personal data getting leaked. As an additional feature, Disconnect Search also allows you to chose your location manually before you start surfing the Internet using that search engine.

#5 Lukol:

Lukol is another useful anonymous search engine that can be used as your private search engine. This search engine uses Google for finding the results but, it masks your IP address so that you cannot be traced back. By using this search engine, your anonymity is guaranteed.

#6 Oscobo:

People from all around the world use this search engine to maintain privacy. Also, it does not allow hackers to hack and use any of your personal data which makes you immune from all the spammers. You can also add Chrome as an extension to Oscobo and use them simultaneously.

#7 MetaGer:

Just like all the search engines listed above, even this search engine ensures your protection from any data leakage. This is because the MetaGer search engine does not track your activities and neither does it leave your footprints. Also, it does not record your keywords which restricts advertisers from bombarding you with target specific ads. You can add it as an extension to your Chrome browser and use it as your default search engine.

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These were some of the best private search engines for 2024 which you can use to protect your privacy and to keep your data from being leaked. You can try them out and know which one suits you the best! If your favorite private search engine is not listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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