In Short Hacks: Are you one of them who doesn’t like inbuilt Android’s Keyboard? Yeah! Then you do not need to worry about the solution. iTech Hacks is always right there for you. Every new Android OS update comes up with latest features like Keyboards UX, Settings, etc but what about those all old Android device that is running on the old Android platform and no longer connected with regular updates? For that, we have custom Keyboards App. Using These Best Keyboard Apps for Android change its UX and functionality as well.

Keyboard Apps for Android free download 2017:
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Most of the smartphone owners own an Android device. However, most of the Android users won’t like the stock settings and applications provided to them by the manufacturer. As you know, Android is one of the most customizable operating systems amongst all the operating systems such as iOS, windows, etc. Hence, Android users can use custom settings and applications depending on their likes and dislikes. One of the most disliked stock application provided to Android users is the keyboard.

Keyboard Apps for Android free download: The majority of the people keep complaining about it and wish for a better keyboard on their Android device. The best solution to this problem is to use a custom Keyboard app on your Android device. Hence, here we are with the list of some of the best keyboard apps for your Android device which you can easily download from the Google Play Store and use them without facing any issue.

10 Best Keypad Apps of Android (Free)

Here is the list of top 10 best and free keyboards applications for your Android smartphone that you can download from right here at zero cost. yes! it’s absolutely free to use for any Android users.

#1 Google Gboard

We all know that Google owns Android and though Google provides its users with one of the best-rounded keyboard available on Android devices. Google Gboard is loaded with several features such as Google search, emoji and GIF search, gesture typing, autocorrect, one-handed mode, weird prediction, etc. All these features are available in the Google Gboard for free. You can download this keyboard android app for better typing speed and smoothly be working.

[appbox googleplay]

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#2 SwiftKey

SwiftKey’s Android keyboard app is a very popular keyboard app for Android devices. especially on Xiaomi Redmi Android devices. In the recent updates, a couple of latest features. It also comes with predictions for key-by-key and swipes input. It also offers a variety of variously sized keyboards to meet all your needs. You will also find a wide range of default themes to choose from. It also supports a number of different languages.

[appbox googleplay com.touchtype.swiftkey&hl=en]

#3 Swiftmoji

This “Android Keyboard App” is quite similar to SwiftKey but, it differs by offering predictive emoji based on the words or context of the words which you are typing. This feature comes in handy if you use emojis a lot while typing. It comes with the Dark Mode which you can use at night. You will also find a few color schemes to use on this keyboard.

[appbox googleplay com.touchtype.swiftmoji&hl=en]

#4 Chrooma

This is a rather very less known keyboard app for Android devices but, it is one of the most customizable keyboard apps which one can have. The only drawback of this keyboard app is that it is not entirely free. While, the free part is quite unique and had a wide range of features such as use swipe input, emoji support, and a simple night mode. Yes! Please download this for sure.

[appbox googleplay com.gamelounge.chroomakeyboard&hl=en]

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#5 Minuum

This keyboard app for Android devices is slightly distinguishable from the other keyboard apps we have seen. The motto of this app is reducing the multi-line qwerty into just two lines of characters. This is where the smart predictions come into the picture which simply means that you don’t have to hit the right letters every time. It provides you with full keypad and numbers but, the highlighting feature of Minuum is its small row of minimized keys.

[appbox googleplay com.whirlscape.minuumfree&hl=en]

#6 Swype Keyboard

Best Keyboard Apps for Android
Best Keyboard Apps for Android

This keyboard app had been on the market for a long time now. It had been through a lot of upgrading process during this time period to make it more and more user-friendly. Here, you will find a store full of premium themes, and it offers cloud sync along with a backup of your words, personalization using Twitter and the ability to adjust the size of the on-screen keyboard.

[appbox googleplay com.nuance.swype.dtc.india&hl=en]

#7 Fleksy

Best Keyboard Apps for Android
Best Keyboard Apps for Android

This keyboard so it’s supported by a mighty auto-correct software which makes up for the absence of gesture typing in this keyboard. You are provided with an extension bar above the main interface of your keyboard. These extensions are highly customizable and range from GIF search to a launcher and clipboard controls. android keyboard download

[appbox googleplay com.syntellia.fleksy.keyboard&hl=en]

#8 Ginger Keyboard

Best Keyboard Apps for Android
Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard app is densely packed with features such as a variety of themes, emoji, gesture typing, solid autocorrect, shortcuts to helpful apps and it even asked you to search from Google. The striking feature of this app is that you can play games here. You will find games from the old times such as ‘Snake’ and modern games such as ‘2048’ here. It also adorns a spell checker whose functioning is slightly different from the auto-correct. It is free for a limited time period. After that, you need to purchase its monthly subscription to keep using it.

[appbox googleplay]

#9  GO Keyboard

[appbox googleplay com.jb.emoji.gokeyboard&hl=en]

#10 AI.Type Keyboard

[appbox googleplay]

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Wrap up: These were some of all time best keypad apps of 2019 which we could find for you. These apps won’t disappoint you with their performance at all. You can check them out and know which one suits you the best. If we have missed out on any such amazing keyboard app for Android, then please let us know in the comments section below.

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