In Short Hacks: Are you looking for a life partner? Yeah! Even I am also looking for the same. Many of us feel bashful to talk with girls. Whereas, Some guys feel comfortable to talk with girls only on Phone, chat, etc. So How to overcome the fear of talking with strangers?  In this article, we will be going to show you some of the best dating apps of 2020 by which you can find a perfect life partner for yourself.

Best Dating Apps Free For Android 2017
Best Dating Apps Free For Android 2020

Arey! Don’t Worry We have a complete solution for all Lovers 😛  Yeah! technology can do anything.

This is a Technology Blog, So obviously we will going to share some Amazing ways to overcome this weakness with the help of some apps. yes! Dating Apps can help you not only to find Life Partners but also helps you to get know about each other by Chatting, calling etc.

Those days of love, at first sight, are gone. There were days when boys used to follow girls to their colleges and tuition. There we also days when asking for the Facebook profile or WhatsApp number was the initial stage of finding love. (Still following those old tips, Believe me, you are in old time) But now, the times have changed, and the best dating apps have taken over all the classic methods of finding your love of life. Now all you need to do is set up your profile on a good dating app and let it do the rest for you.

If you ask anybody about dating apps, then they will most probably tell you about Tinder. (Afterward, you can also suggest some good dating apps to your friends except Tinder 😛) There are many other dating apps available for the people to use but, Tinder is the dominating one amongst all the other dating apps. Due to Tinder, most of the newly launched dating apps in 2020 with much more features do not come into the limelight.

Hence, we will let you know about Tinder in the later part of this article. For now, let’s move on to the other amazing dating apps of 2020 which are available for you and know what they have to provide us with. dating apps in India

Best Dating Apps

#1 Clover Dating App: Free Dating Apps 2020

Best Dating Apps Free For Android
Clover | itechhacks

This upcoming dating app generally picks up profiles and matches them. This app allows you to set up dates, join mixers, finding events, etc. Here, you are not only restricted to finding love but, you can also set your profile so as to look for friends. This app is not used by most of the people at the moment, and hence, the probability of you finding matches for yourself is quite low. However, you could be a lucky one. This is an International Dating apps for Android and iOS.

#2 Bumble

Best Dating Apps Free For Android 2017
Bumble | itechhacks

This is the best dating app is not like just another dating app. There is a huge twist which you must know. Whenever a match is made, the women have the liberty to make the first move within 24 hours of the match. Then, the man has 24 hours to reply to the women’s movement. In the case of homosexual matches, either of them can make the first move. There are quite a few bugs to be fixed but, the matches are made perfectly. It is available for free with in-app purchases.

#3 Happn

Best Dating Apps Free For Android 2017
Happn | itechhacks

This is another amazing upcoming dating app. Many famous viners in India are creating vines to advertise this dating app. Happn uses your GPS to find people close to you. And hence, your match will depend on the location where you live. You would be the lucky one if this app is popular in your area. This app shows you who you cross paths with in real life. And when this crossing of paths gets frequent, their profile shows up on your timeline. Then, you can connect to them, plan a date or whatever you want.

#4 OkCupid Dating App

Best Dating Apps Free For Android 2017
Okcupid | itechhacks

This app claims to have over 40 million users around the world. However, the exact figure of daily users is not known. But, you can see that this dating app is quite popular. This app uses traditional methods for finding a match for you. It asks you a bunch of questions when you are setting up your profile and searches for people who share similar interests with you. It has some of the latest features such as swipe to remove profiles you are not interested in, etc.

#5 Tinder: Best Dating Apps 

Best Dating Apps Free For Android 2017
Tinder | itechhacks

Tinder is used by millions of people around the world and you can conclude how popular it must be as we said before. Every time you launch this app, you are displayed with several profiles. You can like, super like or right swipe those profiles which you don’t like. The security level of this app is very high and hence, there are minimal chances of fake accounts being created. Once a match is made, you can chat with the person and plan a meet-up or a date.

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Wrap Up: These were some of the best dating apps of 2020 which you can use. Many dating apps are not known to most of the people and this article will surely be of help for you to know them. If we have missed out on any such amazing dating so then please let us know in the comments section below.  dating apps for lesbians

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