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Top 10 Best Backup Apps For Your Android 2019


In Short Hacks: In this Top-Listed Tutorial of android, we have shared some Top best backup apps (Free) that would help you to restore your mobile data (important) at any time when it would be wipe out. These apps are must have apps on any smartphone. By using any of these backup apps you can create backup and restore it anytime when you are in need of it.

Top 10 Best Backup Apps For Your Android Smartphones
Top 10 Best Backup Apps For Your Android Smartphones

As much as Android is flexible and customizable, there is always a chance of some major error may be due to the minor incompatibility of the device or anything of that sort. The result of any of the error might probably lead to loss of data from your Android device or inaccessibility to your Android device. It might also happen that, you are customizing your Android device which requires the memory of your Android device to be wiped out.

In such cases, all you can do is have a backup of the data of your Android device. And for this, we are going to provide you with some of the best backup apps which you can use to create or always have a backup for the data of your Android device, just in case you happen to accidentally or purposely loose the data of your Android device. So let’s take a look at the best backup apps fit your Android device.

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Best Android Backup Apps (Free)

#1 CM Backup | Best Backup Apps

CM Backup
CM Backup

This app uses cloud storage for keeping a backup of your data. You cab backup and restore your contacts, messages, and photos from this backup up. It also had some remarkable features such as quick file transfer, secure data transfer, Web Browser Bookmarks backup & restore and much more.

Download Best CM Backup For Android:

[appbox googleplay com.ijinshan.kbackup]

Features Of CM Backup: 

  • Scheduled backup: automatically backup important items every day.
  • Task list view: Check the history of your activities.
  • View your backup items on the web: https:\\cloud.cmcm.com
  • Multilanguage support
  • No root or other authorities required

#2 Apps backup

As the name suggests, this app is specially designed to keep a backup of the apps. You can create backup of apps which are rarely used and remove them from phone memory and thus, save space. This backup can be made on SD Card, Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, One-drive or Box account. It also has an inbuilt file manager.

[appbox googleplay mobi.infolife.appbackup&hl=en]

Features Of Apps Backup:

  • Backup & Send files to the third party platforms
  • Backup & Restore apps, contacts, sms, calls
  • Extract & Retrieve APK files
  • Overwrite, downgrade app versions
  • Auto backup at all times

#3 Backup Your Mobile

Using this app, you can backup and restore a wide range of data such as Contacts, SMSes, MMSes, Call logs, System settings, Secure system settings, WiFi passwords, Calendar events, User applications, Bookmarks, browser history, etc. You can also schedule automatic backups due your Android device.

[appbox googleplay com.backupyourmobile&hl=en]

Features Of Backup Of Mobile:

  • Wifi passwords – before restore on clean system Wifi must be turn on and turn off.
  • Messages send by ‘Google Error Report’ are anonymous, it is impossible to reply.

#4 Contacts Backup

If you want a specified backup app for contacts then, this is the best app you can have to backup your contacts. Using this app, you can create pdf of your contact list and also, share the pdf with your friends of other devices.

[appbox googleplay com.rockstar.cloud&hl=en]

#5 Easy Backup & Restore

You can use this app to backup and restore your apps, sms, mms, call log, calendar, bookmarks, dictionary and contacts found in your Android device. You can save the backup of your Android device in SD card, gmail and cloud storage.

[appbox googleplay com.mdroidapps.easybackup&hl=en]

Features Of Easy Backup & Restore:

  • Backup SMS, MMS, Call log, Calendar, Bookmarks and Dictionary
  • Backup Contact
  • Backup Apps

#6 G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup
G Cloud Backup

In this app, you can backup your contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs, files, etc. Also, you can backup your Camera, Whatsapp, viber photos and videos. It automatically uploads the backup on the cloud when connected to a WiFi network.

[appbox googleplay com.genie9.gcloudbackup&hl=en]

Features Of G Cloud Backup:

  • Auto Backup Messages (SMS), contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos (at full resolution), videos, music and more
  • Backup Camera, Whatsapp, Viber photos, and videos
  • Start with 1 GB free and earn up to 10 GB easily
  • Automatic upload when WiFi is available and plugged in

#7 Super Backup & Restore

The developers of this app claim that this app is the fastest backup and restore tool which one could use. This app keeps the backup of the Android device in the SD card and you can backup Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card. This is quite a user-friendly backup app.

[appbox googleplay com.idea.backup.smscontacts&hl=en]

Features Of Super Backup:

  • Backup & restore app’s data(need root)
  • Batch restore apps from SD card (need root)
  • One tap to share APK files
  • Backup Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card
  • Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars from SD card
  • Can select SMS conversations to backup

#8 Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup
Titanium Backup

Your Android device must be rooted if you want this app to work on your device. The pro version of this app provides with some more amazing features which this backup app doesn’t offer. There are tons and tons of features in this app provided, which you can use to backup your Android device. But, your device must be rooted in order to use this backup app.

[appbox googleplay com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup&hl=en]

Features Of Titanium  Backup:

  • Load/Save a Filter and use it in Widgets/Schedules
  • Change the device’s Android ID, restore it from a backup or after a factory reset
  • Protect backup against deletion
  • Send backup (to e-mail/cloud) and import it in 1 click

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#9 Helium – App Sync and Backup

Helium backup App
Helium backup App

You can easily make out from the name of this app that, it helps in backing up almost all the data from your Android device for eg. Call log, SMS, apps, calendar and much more. You can easily backup and restore things very easily using this backup app.

[appbox googleplay com.koushikdutta.backup&hl=en]

Features Of Helium Backup

  • Contacts – Backup call log and SMS
  • SMS – Backup call log and SMS
  • Accounts – Backup and restore from Drive
  • Phone State – Uniquely identify phone for Android to Android sync

#10 Go Backup & Restore Pro

This backup app allows you to backup data, system settings, apk files, app data, etc. This backup app provides with features which allow you to have a scheduled backup for your Android device, and almost every feature which every other app mentioned above provides us with.

[appbox googleplay com.jiubang.go.backup.ex&hl=en]

Features Of Go Backup & Restore

  • Cloud backup through Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Batch backup & restore SMS and MMS data
  • Batch backup & restore system settings and system app settings
  • Scheduled backup
  • Backup history (Up to 30 records per app)

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Wrap Up: These were some of the best backup apps for Android and their alternatives which we could use to back up our Android device. If you find any better app to backup your Android device then, please let us know in the comments section below

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