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Top 50 Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2024


iPhone has many features that help it undoubtedly deliver a premium experience to users. And it gives a lot more to explore when you use the iPhone secret codes. The codes are designed to perform a certain task and display information about your device. So, knowing about all the codes will surely ease your work on your iPhone.

Many codes are available, and finding the best one is tough work. So, the sole purpose of this post is to provide you with the best iPhone codes to help you in your daily work.

Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2024

There are many different codes available to do different tasks. I have compiled all the important iPhone Secret Codes in one place and shared them below.  You should also check each code’s description to know exactly what a code does.

Top 50 Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2023

Hide Caller ID

*31#mobile number

Sometimes we receive calls from hidden or unknown caller IDs, which is quite astonishing if you don’t know why.

So, you should know that a few carriers allow their users to do that, and you can also make anonymous calls using your iPhone if your carrier supports it.

You just need to type *31#mobile number on your phone’s dialer and make the call. It’ll show no caller ID or Unknown on the receiver’s phone.

Not all countries support this feature, and the code is the same for all the supported countries. But, if you’re from Australia and Hong Kong, the code is 1831 and 133, respectively.

Enter Field Test Mode


Entering field test mode allows you to view all the information about your network on your iPhone.

But there’s a catch this only works on iOS 10 or earlier devices, so before you try checking the code out, ensure you have a compatible device.

Type in the code on your phone’s dialer and click the call button to view the network information. 

To check the network strength, press & hold the power button until you see a slider on your screen and then hold the home button. As a result, you’ll see the network strength on your phone’s status bar.

Check IMEI Number


International Mobile Equipment Identity, shortly known as IMEI, is a unique 15-17 digit number assigned to each phone.

It’s pretty important to track your phone and also when you’re selling your device. So, you should know the IMEI number of your phone, and to check that of your iPhone, you can dial *#06#.

Check & Change Call Waiting Status

*#43# (Check Status)

*43# (Enable)

#43# (Disable)

Call Waiting helps you get a notification of another call when you’re already on a call.

If you don’t know whether call waiting is enabled on your iPhone, it’s better to check by dialing *#43#.

You can enable the call waiting by dialing *43# on your iPhone, and in case you want to disable that, dial #43#.

Check & Change Call Barring Status

*#33# (Check Status)

*33*Sim Pin# (Enable)

#33*Sim Pin# (Disable)

If you turn on call barring, you won’t receive any calls or make a call from your iPhone.

It’s simple to check the call barring status as you just need to dial *#33# from your device.

You can enable the feature if you don’t want any calls from anyone by dialing *33*Sim Pin# or if it’s already activated, turn off that with this code- #33*Sim Pin# 

Check, Change Call Forwarding Status & Divert Calls

*#21# (Check Status)

*21# (Enable/Disable)

*21 phone number# (Divert Calls)

You can use the call forwarding feature to divert all incoming calls to another number.

To check the status if it’s enabled or disabled, dial *#21# from your iPhone.

You can also dial *21#, and if the call forwarding is enabled, it’ll be disabled, and if it’s disabled, you can enable it directly from there.

If you want to divert your incoming calls directly, dial *21 phone number#.

Show Your Caller ID

*82 Number

Sometimes your Caller ID is not visible on the receiver’s phone if the number is hard blocked or for other reasons.

But you can use this secret code [*82 followed by the number you’re calling] to show your number on the receiver’s screen when you call in all possible cases.

Know Local Traffic Information


Although iPhones have in-built Apple Maps to know the traffic, getting the information is impossible if you’re not connected to the internet.

So, you can dial 511 from your iPhone to get your local traffic information without any internet connection or using any apps and navigate accordingly.

Check & Disable Alert System

*5005*25370# (Disable)

*5005*25371# (Check Status)

If the alert system is enabled, you’ll receive emergency, public safety, and government alerts on your iPhone.

You can check the status to see if it’s enabled by dialing *5005*25371# from your iPhone.

You may find this system annoying, so you can also disable it by dialing *5005*25370#.

Check SMS Center


When you send a text message, it goes to the SMS Center Number or its server and the recipient’s number.

You can check the number where you sent your previous messages from your iPhone. You just need to dial *#5005*7672#, and the details will be in front of you.

Check the Number of Missed Calls


If you can’t see the number of missed calls on your iPhone, that’s a serious problem as you can’t identify who called you. 

But there’s a way out; you can type in *#61# on your phone’s dialer and dial the number. It’ll show you the number you got missed calls from and how many times.

Some Other Important iPhone Secret Codes

Besides the above list, there are some other important iPhone secret codes that you can use to perform the assigned tasks easily.

Using a postpaid sim, you can check the available calling minutes or the bill balance by dialing *646# or *225#, respectively.

Prepaid users can dial *777# to check the available balance.

Secret code Function
*33*PIN# It is used to enable the call barring status.
(*31#mobile number) The code hides the caller ID
*#5005*7672# Check the SMS center number
*#43# Check the call waiting status
*43# Enable call waiting on the iPhone.
*#33# Check the call barring status
*21mobilenumber# Activate call diverting option on the iPhone.
*#21# Check call forwarding status.
*21# Enable and disable call forwarding.
*#30# Activate and disable call line presentation.
*#06# Display the IMEI number.
*82+mobile number Show your number on caller ID.
*5005*25371# Check the alert system of the iPhone.
*5005*25370# Disable the alert system of the iPhone.
*3370# Improve the voice or audio quality of your iPhone.
#33*PIN# Disable the call barring status.
#43# Disable call waiting on the iPhone.
*3001#12345#* Opens the field mode that contains all the technical information of the iPhone


In a nutshell, this article was all about the best hidden iPhone secret codes 2024. I hope you find your most needed one and remember it. If you want to know more, drop your questions in the comments below.


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  1. Hey, thanks for your article. Some of these will come in handy. I wanted to request a how 2 on iPhone and hoping you have a hack or know how to help me.
    Can you please provide the how 2 instructions on how to record a call on iPhone 11pro max? I have been trying to figure out a way and was told before it can be done. However. The article I was given wasn’t correct. Can you please let me know if it can be done or not? It would be such a blessing!
    Thanks, Christi D

    • Sure, here are the steps on how to record a call on iPhone 11 Pro Max:

      Install a call recording app. There are many call recording apps available in the App Store. Some popular options include Call Recorder Pro, Automatic Call Recorder, and TapeACall.
      Open the call recording app and enable call recording. Once you have installed a call recording app, open it and enable call recording. You may need to grant the app permission to access your microphone and contacts.
      Make a call. When you make a call, the call recording app will automatically start recording the call.
      Stop the recording. When you want to stop recording the call, tap the stop button on the call recording app.

      Please note that call recording may not be legal in all countries. It is important to check your local laws before recording a call.


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