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5 Best IP Address Grabbers of 2024 (Free)


IP Address Grabbers make it possible to collect a particular IP address by clicking on a link. Usually, people use these tools to log in and gather statistics about a website. By using an IP address grabber, you can collect information on any internet IP address. Keep reading to know more about the best IP Address Grabbers of 2024.

Using IP Address Grabbers poses minimal risk to you or your network. An IP address cannot be used to reveal a particular identity or specific location. So using an IP address grammar doesn’t have any risk. However, if someone gets your IP address, they can send you spam emails or restrict your access to certain services.

Best IP Address Grabbers of 2024 (Free)


Best IP Address Grabbers

Grabify is the most popular IP logger on our list. It helps people find and track the IP address of a person by following simple steps. Using Grabify, you can shorten a long link, share that link with another person and grab the IP address once the user clicks on the link.

It offers advanced and detailed statistical data for all clicks on the link. Using this IP address grabber, you can access information about a user’s IP address. The tool is designed in a very user-friendly way.

IP Logger

IP Logger

IP Logger is another address-grabbing tool. It uses advanced analytics to analyze traffic through the links and visitors on the website. Using this tool, you can safely track any device’s exact location.

It provides the most accurate information about each click on the created link. Also, it offers several other options to collect detailed analytics and track IP addresses: short links, invisible pixels, and a geo-logging service. This tool helps to check for any URL redirects without any risk of leaking your IP address.

Best IP Address Grabbers is one of the best IP address grabber and URL shortening services. It is built using powerful tools. However, it is a paid application to perform advanced analysis. is the best choice for marketers to no more than just the person’s IP address. It comes with her built-in data export feature that allows you to get deeper insights. The user interface of this tool is very simplistic, which makes it easy to use among users of all age groups.

Blasze IP Logger


It’s another easy-to-use and free IP address Grabbers on our list. It doesn’t offer any extra features but can get your work done very quickly. The website isn’t reliable as it faces a lot of downtimes.

The only issue with Blasze is that no customization options are available. So it isn’t suggested to use from a privacy point of view. But if it is something that doesn’t bother you, it is one of the best choices for you. IP Logger


It’s the last IP logging tool on our list. As all the tools mentioned above offer some unique features, this one doesn’t provide one. It only gets the person’s IP address who will click on the link. allows tracking and IP addresses very quickly. You can also shorten your IP logging link using this tool. It isn’t recommended from a security point of view. However, it uses high-end databases to provide accurate location data, making it a preferable choice.

Wrapping Up

These were the best IP Address Grabbers of 2024. All the tools mentioned above will help obtain accurate data to meet your analytics needs. Grabify and IP Logger are the two most trusted ones to use, and the other ones are also unique in their way. Do let us know which of the above mentioned you will use.


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