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Top 15 Alluc.ee Alternatives to Watch Movies & Series


Once upon a time, Alluc.ee was a popular website for streaming videos. People from all over the world used it to watch their favorite shows and movies. But, as happens in the world of the internet, things change. Rumors are swirling that Alluc.ee might be no more. So, what does this mean for all the Alluc.ee fans out there? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with a list of the top 15 alternatives to Alluc.ee.

Is Alluc.ee Dead? Top 15 Alluc.ee Alternatives
Is Alluc.ee Dead? Top 15 Alluc.ee Alternatives

Ever since Alluc.ee existed, it has been at the peak of popularity amongst all the search engine that was dedicated to streaming and downloading links online. Alluc.ee did not host the content itself nor did it have any download links.

Although, it provides links of the streaming videos by sharing the websites that are made viewable through its search. It has some 80 million links to stream and about 700 videos to choose from.

However, back in 2018, Alluc.ee decided to close down due to some personal issues of the developers. The links were all invalidated and no longer in use. Alluc sold itself as the premier streaming link site was admired for not only having a wide variety, but it has a majestic search that allowed users to find links about everything and anything from old to the latest hit series. It had more than a billion novel visitants over the past decade.

With losing their favorite site, people are wandering in search of looking for other websites that offer the same quality as Aluuc.ee did.

Alluc Shut Down?

When Alluc shut down, all the links did not work at all. The people behind this site’s success and development said they will now focus on other projects instead.

A message that was posted on the site’s homepage which reads as follows,

“The alluc search engine has been stopped”

After 13 years of alluc.ee, we decided to take a breach and concentrate on other projects. Over this last decade, alluc subserved more than one billion novel users in total, and we would like to acknowledge all of you for your support over the years.

The search engine framework we designed from scratch for alluc lives on with the guys over at pron.tv, the largest porn search engine in continuation!

PS: We do not run any other sites using alluc in their name.”

It has yet not been known that what was the reason behind the shutting down of Alluc after 13 long years of success and fame.

Alluc was always looked like a pirate site by movie industry even though they provided with both authorized and unauthorized contents. It rejected the pirate tag almost every time and saw themselves as the uncensored engine and still have a future as per them.

Alluc’s API was used by third-party apps and services to look out for the streaming links that were still available until it shut down. In the meantime, Alluc.ee search engine framework is shifted and is accessible on pron.tv, an adult theme site.

To find an alternative of Alluc.ee, some sites are developed which are doing justice in this field. But still, those sites are not that efficient as Alluc was, but they are pretty good in their operation.

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Best Alluc.ee Alternatives to watch Movies 

The list of all the substitutes and alternatives are given below.

#1 MovieK


Without any uncertainty, the best alternative of Alluc is the website named MovieK. It is the largest and easiest free movies so that you can watch the film online for free on the internet. Other than a film, this website offers a wide range of television shows and adult content that you can browse through. It is free and even does not require any registration. You can watch movies online with the fastest streaming speeds and has a variety of genres like comedy, action, classic, adventure and much more. Each entry shows you the genre, rating, length, IMDB, year of release, cast and other details, which in turn help you to decide whether you should watch the film or not. It offers different streaming links alike Alluc did.

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#2 SolarMovie


Similar to Alluc, SolarMovie is yet another website that offers TV shows and movies online absolutely free. This service provides shows in HD with no registration required. It has user ratings and details of every movie, which makes it easier for the user to select the right film to watch. The site supports a user forum where the users can share and discuss opinions about the movie and TV shows. Recently, the SolarMovie website is operated from solarmovie.fm. Although, this quickly changes as anti-piracy groups and always looks out for stopping such streaming websites.

#3 PrimeWire


Another great alternative to Alluc is PrimeWire; it is a free online index of hosted files. This website is used for streaming entertainment media with a full range of movies from comedy to horror to television series. Each film that is on this site is linked to many video hosting websites more than 15 different ones. PrimeWire’s domain address has changed multiple times in its history. The most recent domain seizure is the URL SPrimeWire.ag, which was rejected and transferred ownership under EuroDNS, with the order of a Luxembourg court. The PrimeWire website is operated from PrimeWire.ac.

#4 MovieWatcher


MovieWatcher is an excellent Alluc alternative, which has a very straightforward main interface. This website is updated regularly with all the latest movie releases and outstanding user experience. If you want to watch the newest movie, this is the best place you can find the film.

The users can select a specific genre of the film that they are planning to watch because the website has all the movies sorted according to the genre and are accessible on a click. As an alternative to Alluc, it works pretty well and has updates at high speed. All the movies and TV shows have trusted ratings. It requires registration before you can access the website to watch the film online.

#5 SnagFilms

Best Free Movie Websites of 2017

SnagFilms is a destination to many films which are not released in cinemas. This does not at all means that the movies are of low quality. The site has some award-winning films that only a few people have heard about. Additionally, this site has different TV shows that are added to the vast collection of the videos. The films are sorted according to the genre, which is shown on the home page. For the ones who are looking for acclaimed cinema then this is a must-try. The video library is well organized here. Each video has all the details and information. The high-resolution videos are buffered in them. SnagFilm consists of numerous documentaries that other video streaming websites do not support.

#6 Moviesfoundonline

Moviesfoundonline is a famous movie hosting site, but there are other things that you can watch here. The one exceptional thing about this website is that this website has a vast collection of movies, short films and even animated films and documentaries. This site has almost everything that you need to watch. This site also has ads and pop-ups that can start anytime while watching your movie or television show.  Ads appear, but they are sporadic. There are a lot of documentaries that you can choose and watch from. Sometimes it stops updating movies due to unknown reasons.

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#7 Movieninja


Movieninja is one of the most notable websites. This is true because there are about seventy-five thousand visitors on this site. The reason why people prefer this site is because they know the movies are of high quality. Movieninja updates the library unless the film is of high quality. The website does not only have movies but TV shows as well that you can binge-watch any time of the day.

#8 Yidio

Yidio Online Sereis Streaming 2018

Yidio supports movies from different years in order to provide users with a wide range of choices. This site offers films and Tv shows and has separate sections for both of them.  The movie section has almost all the movies that are released and that too in HD quality. This site has a sorting option for the film based on the source of the film. This loads off the burden from you to locate and search for the movie you want to watch. There is a search tool present in this. The videos are easy to find on this website. But you have to buy the movie first on this website.

#9 Bmovies


Bmovies is a website that streams HD quality videos with very few ads. It offers a wide variety of content with HD quality and also supports recently released films. This website also has TV shows. The major good thing about this website is that it does not require any registration to watch any high definition videos. It allows the user to download their favorite movies or tv shows. People can optimize their search for a year that will show them all the film released in that year. The interface of this website is easily navigated. The quality of the videos is outstanding. Video ads appear when you tap the play button.

#10 123movies


123movies is familiar and yet is different from all the sites bearing the same name. The thing that they have TV series on their library makes it soo different from others. The movies are updated regularly which provide you with the latest of all the time. You can search for the film by applying the country filter option. By this, you can discover a variety of extraordinary foreign films. This feature has gained popularity for 123movies. The videos are listed in alphabetic order. The most-watched section shows the famous TV shows to watch. Pop up ads appear every time something is clicked on the site.

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#11 ClassicCinema

BigStar Movies
BigStar Movies

If you are a classics fan, then ClassicCinema is the best choice you could ever make. This site is dedicated to hosting movies that were made in the ’20s and later on. It is the perfect site for the people who want some nostalgia in their lives. You can sort the films by the actor list on this website. Users can have all the movies that a particular actor has acted in, which is an entertaining feature.

The thing that sets it apart is that these films are remastered in their print that means they have an HD quality to them and are all clear. Top 500 movies are listed so that you can make a choice quickly. Videos from 2000 are not on this website.

#12 MyDownloadTube


If you have the constant urge to collect movies to your local storage area for watching them whenever you feel like, then this site is perfect for you. You need to register to download the HD movies online but that fulfils your need to enjoy movies offline. It takes some time to pull off films, especially the HD ones. But the time spent is worthy of the downloaded video as there is no buffering at all. MyDownloadTube is a delightful spot for fans to download and view Hollywood animation, fantasy, science movies and more. It also provides free game downloads. It is recommended for you if you do not have enough storage or time to download the film that you wish to watch.

You can always opt for the online streaming interface by setting up an account for the same. Sometimes the website keeps stopping and it can not be figured out why. But worth the time and space that it requires.

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#13 Vumoo Life

Vumoo Life
Vumoo Life

One of the best alternatives of Alluc movie in comparisons to the online streaming competitors providing content for free is Vumoo. It has a clean interface and provides a beautiful slideshow of all the upcoming film. When you explore this website, you can encounter a lot of free online streaming options while scrolling down. Vumoo does not require any payment and registration to watch the best quality of movies. New aired videos are also available here. There are lots of options that are available that you can choose from.

#14 Xmovies08


Xmovies08 is a popular website as an alternative to Alluc movie. Xmovies8 offers you extensive media access from animations to the most popular movies now. The streaming website Xmovies8 is top-rated because of its high-quality videos, series, movies, animations, tv shows and much more for absolutely free HD quality videos.  People consider this website as one of the best websites and amongst the best to watch online. There are search buttons incorporated in this website so that you can quickly look for contents that you wish to view. It has a detailed description of the movies and tv shows like the year of release, quality, ratings, genre, and so on. Ads also appear when you play the video.

#15 Tea TV

Tea TV
Tea TV

The last alternative of the Alluc movie list is no doubt, the most famous Tea TV. It is an app and not a website as the others mentioned above. It has a wide range of movies and Tv shows. It has almost every genre covered, and you can select and watch old videos, and yes, they have a high definition. It has got you all covered up when it comes to binge-watching. This app provides you with the streaming links for every movie or tv series that you choose.

These download links provide you with different pixels like 1080p, 720p and 480p. You can choose anyone according to your data plan and phone space. There is a download manager where you can check your download progress. There are all the classic movies from the era when you were not even born. Thousands of movies and tv series are present with excellent quality. This app can be used on Television sets via Chromecast. The app is user-friendly and very easy to stream online as well as download offline to your local drive. It is the best, and the most popular alternative of Alluc. People give a lot of love and attention to these apps because of the exceedingly exceptional features it provides to the users.

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Final Words

Though Alluc.ee lost its existence 18 years ago since then, there have been a lot of alternatives that are developed by third-party app developers. These alternatives may not be as efficient as Alluc.ee was, but they do enough justice to it. They are in a wide range, and these websites have some fantastic features for its users. Because of these features, these websites are loved and have gained the epitome of attention from the users. They provide many downloading and streaming links to movies and tv series. These websites and apps have made binge-watching possible and very practical. You can download any movie or tv show and watch it anywhere anytime. You can also use the online interface feature for watching your favorites. These websites provide you with a lot of content from animation to adventure, movies to tv shows that are available in all genre.

All in all, losing Alluc Alternatives was a big deal for people. But they needed a replacement, and the third-party developers have worked hard to fulfill the desires of the users that were abandoned by Alluc.ee mainly. At last, these websites are trustworthy and worth your time.

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